Rostam - Don't Let It Get To You Lyrics

Please, don't let it get to you
Even if you don't realize it
It's still all up to you
Even if you don't, even if you don't realize it
It's still all up to you

I want to, even when it don't make sense, even when it don't make sense
Actually I want to more when it don't make sense
So please, don't let it get to you
I know that you won't realize it, but it's still all up to you
I know that you won't, I know that you won't realize it
But it's still all up to you

You're not gonna get it exactly how you want it
But that doesn't mean that you shouldn't try
It's not gonna feel the way that you expected
And it's going to hurt to figure it out
But if you're patient
And you're kind
I don't know why
It's no fun
And how come
I think of ya now

Please, don't let it get to you
Even if you don't realize it
It's still all up to you
Even if you don't, even if you don't realize it
It's still all up to you

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Rostam Don't Let It Get To You Comments
  1. chris sarles

    Would’ve been better as an instrumental or with lyrics as an unplugged studio version the music was way too fast for the ballad type lyrics a bad mash up of two songs that we’re good buy them selves but in no way do they fit together

  2. יניב רבי

    im here for those crazy drums :)

  3. T BZ

    Well I'm accustomed to a smooth ride...

  4. Justin FOX

    Dream Corp, LLC

  5. Florian Cherel

    Animal Collective ?

  6. Beatrix FURR

    I love Rostam music

  7. Georges Almond

    Roast Damn Batman Jelly!


    Pretty much.

  8. Kelly

    Also the beat reminds me of the kitchen scene at the end of the Philadelphia @broadcity episode with Tony Danza

  9. Genocide Hero


  10. Monika A

    This young lion looks like Rostam :")

  11. Walter Mitty

    The beginning reminded me of The Obvious Child by Paul Simon! The entire drumming is so similar to that song! Great Rostam! :D

  12. jake farley

    obviously that's obvious child's beat. love it

  13. Trevor Harrison

    you know we want to hear more music from you, Rostam. but take your time, young lion, its all up to you.

  14. Trevor Harrison


  15. zahra12345678910

    whenever I'm down I listen to this song


    pick you right up <3

  16. Joaquin Pino

    rip the skating of josiah gatlyn

  17. Taís V. L. F. L.

    This music reminds me my Brazil, My Bahia, My Olodum


    +Taís Valdes Lindolfo That's because it is Olodum.

    Taís V. L. F. L.

    +baby0babbling0bla LOL. Thanks. I didn't know

  18. Cameron Morton

    Rostam a Paul Simon fan?  The percussion sounds like The Obvious Child to maybe it was directly lifted from the song and slowed down a notch and layered with some other effects.


    +Cameron Morton obviously ovious. i don't see it as a secret!

    Brian Elkins

    +Cameron Morton Vampire Weekend as a whole are HUGE Paul Simon fans. As everyone should be :) .

  19. DrNo0

    I remember listening to this the first time I want to listen to some more of Rostams stuff

  20. mellymutton

    Always wonderful!

  21. Mateus Machado Luna

    Love this song. Btw, anyone can tell me which font is that used in the lyrics?

  22. Mariana Fernández

    So pretty and full of wisdom! You are a musical genius, Rostam(:

  23. Samuel Richardson

    the background vocals.

  24. Helen Foster

    This is so pretty and perfect

  25. Corey O

    those drums couldn't sound more paul simon

    Zachary Norton

    paul simons' drums couldn't sound more.....(a variety of ethnic influences)

    David Winchester

    I heard this song way before Rhythm of the Saints and when I heard that song I immediately thought of this song.

    Cameron Morton

    @Corey O Hehe, I just made the same comment before scrolling down. Sounds like he ripped of The Obvious Child to me.

    Collin Clayton

    @Corey O It's called sampling for fucks sake

    Daniel Valdes

    He actually sampled Obvious Child and cleared it with Paul and apparently he gave Rostam his blessings on the track. How sick is that?

  26. Ruba Badwan (Visual Artist)

    please do more songs like this plzzzzzzzz

  27. Ruba Badwan (Visual Artist)

    love it love it

  28. nonbeanery

    these lyrics look really cool

  29. Corey O

    paul simon meets edm and moves to dubui

  30. Teddy Breihan

    i hear it

  31. *****

    don't think that's an influence, i think that's a sample from the drum track off of "Obvious Child"... great song... great sample

  32. juliancisthebest

    I'm in love with this :)

  33. Samuel Richardson


  34. Mirlimisme

    great song !! I can feel some animal collective's colors when I ear that sound.

  35. britbeat11

    NO ONE TOLD ME ROSTAM MAKES HIS OWN SONGS!!!! This is an...interesting song?

  36. roadpancake

    It's like Summer and Winter and pain and beauty all in one blustery, cosy song. It's beautiful.

  37. dp1911

    If I could draw a lion, it would look like that. Oh, and play every instrument and sing. Great music Sir!

  38. GamletOvi4

    it's quite hard to read the lyrics, but the song is amazing

  39. francis ablablab

    Afarin rostam, you make us all proud :D

  40. Robert Ohman

    its similar, yeah. but it works so differently in this song

  41. Ashley Perks

    there is nothing anyone can say to excuse the fact that this is great music

  42. garfreeek

    rostam of vampire weekend ^_^
    you can hear it in a lot of things, the flute, the bridge and his voice of course!
    definately a more experimental track which was worked out to a few other songs on contra!

    (I never realised how influential rostam was on vw!)

  43. boncalmar

    It's Batman! :)

  44. Veronica Walton

    @sam0branson Rostam Batmanglij :)

  45. SunnySusie

    Totally agree with you. A little bit too much alike

  46. MissingT ime

    The drumming beat sounds way too much like Paul Simons "Obvious Child" ... but I can tell the difference. Still .. bleh

  47. Sanchia Bewlay

    truly amazing. so beautiful!!!

  48. Sam Branson

    was this just some guy, or was this made by Rostam Batmanglij, of vampire weekend and das racist?

  49. murreyhaze

    @planetahead marky mark is ice cold. vanilla ice not so hot.

  50. murreyhaze

    @planetahead you are scum. you have no idea what originality is, or what it takes to make it. you never know how some thing will sound, until all ~~harmonious~ pieces come together.

  51. David Fooks

    I'm F&*%#%g obsessed with this. Would you guys call that a samba-ish beat?

  52. David Fooks

    @murreyhaze Now now. No hatin' while Rostam is playin.'

  53. murreyhaze

    @dreamsincolor09 i am glad that you can afford it but mommy and daddy dont pay for my school... i am taking out loans to go to college... and i live in NEAR poverty. good for you though.

  54. Elizabeth R

    @murreyhaze Nah, bought it on iTunes to support fellow Rostam! :)

  55. jockadoobee

    "Actually I want it more when it don't make sense." Truer words have never been spoken.

    Justin Simmons

    jockadoobee my favorite line


    @Justin Simmons Even after about seven years I still love that line.

  56. murreyhaze

    @dannyhardacre mediafire. hulkshare. soundcloud

  57. murreyhaze

    @JOYFULghost no one knows what a band will sound like until they get together.. he appreciates all kinds of musical styles and he incorporates them beautifully. run and tell that.

  58. michael armstrong


  59. greenfrod

    Quite simply... amazing... I know it's early doors but it's the best thing I've heard in 2012 thus far!

  60. B Tarrrrr

    ????...jus sayin

  61. Danny Hardacre

    youtube to mp3 converter ;)

    vineet negi


  62. duhvid

    Thank you CLOSE TO HOME

  63. Adam Prunty

    @JonUkutube cmon bro that's not fair

  64. JOYFULghost

    @JonUkutube That's like saying The Beach Boys ripped off the Beatles, or The Supremes ripped off the Vandellas. It's part of that genre, that's why it's similar.

  65. jockadoobee

    I woke up to this on BBC 6 Music yesterday morning. It made my day.

  66. Obvious Bambi

    No wonder I love Vampire Weekend - they've so many great side projects, so many good songs to choose from between the four of them.

  67. Kitificationable

    Half decent this. Most enjoy.

  68. speranza91986

    This is really beautiful, Rostam. Well done. I just bought the single on Irish iTunes. Looking forward to (or hoping for) your album.

  69. Woodrow.

    A new Discovery Lp request please?

  70. andy estadelujo

    ohhh yeahhh

  71. Alyson Bloop

    This is perfect.

  72. Vitalcure

    My new favorite song.

  73. Winston Smith

    Make and Album!!!! or put a extra bonus disc in with Vampire Weekend's New album [Deluxe Edition] I'd amazon pre-order that shit right now!

  74. D Barnes

    thanks batman. you've helped me with my christianity.

  75. Elizabeth Grace

    This is beyond amazing. Rostam, you are a genius.

  76. Kristina K.

    @bboorrnnaa why wouldn't they if it's good for you?

  77. DJ dj career

    @GirlCalledLatte why would anyone put honey in their ears?

  78. DeadManProp

    Thank you Zane Lowe!

  79. Beach House

    Love this along with "Wood." So whimsical and magical. :)

  80. bugoygoygoy

    WOW. The words speak so much to me. Thank you for this Rostam. : )

  81. Kristina K.

    pure perfection. honey to my ears. i love your music, Rostam. thank you!

  82. Elizabeth R

    Where can we download this? I need it in my iPod!! Such a fantastic track, Rostam.

  83. 92balthazar

    I adore this song. I can't stop listening. Please release a solo album. x

  84. heyjanicehey

    Rostam, thank you