Rossum, Emmy - The Great Divide Lyrics

Reach across the great divide
See the war behind your eyes
Finally slow, the racing clock
Try so hard to make it stop

Are you listening
Are you listening
Are you listening
Don't look away
Hear me say
I need you now
I need you now
I need you now

No more throwing stones tonight
This glass house can take the fight
Help me calm this hurricane
Before this moment slips away

Are you listening
Are you listening
Are you listening
Don't look away
Hear me say
I need you now
I need you now
I need you now

Are you listening
Are you listening
Are you listening
Hear me say
I need you now

Don't look away
Hear me say

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Rossum, Emmy The Great Divide Comments
  1. silvia cano

    Hermosa voz de Emmy ,su rostro como un ángel .

  2. Dylan Sandoval

    I prefer you like actris...
    But your voice on opera it's beautifully ❤️return to shameless pleeasee. Of Spain :)

  3. Irma Gonzàlez


  4. Warrior of Radness


  5. Daniel Kelley

    Those eyes though

  6. JoeBree

    Someone LISTEN to Emmy!
    Pleaaaase ahahah 💕💕💕💕

  7. Wallace Hendeson

    She needs to get on an Imogene heep album

  8. josu egurrola

    Help! A heart has been broken over here!

  9. julian cooper

    love your voice pretty young lady

  10. Grace Giberson

    I love this song and I ❤️ Emmy Rossum!

  11. Kevin Andrews

    Wow Wow Wow once again. Hauntingly beautiful just like Emmy.

  12. DMKano87

    Better than the studio version.

  13. The phantom the opera

    I BET you her voice can hit ANY note

  14. Sky Santana

    what a fucking artist.
    i love it

  15. Dellrsy Canion

    Imogen heap vibe!

  16. Diana Pandolfo


  17. Cami Francesmith

    This is my fav song

  18. Michael

    Emmy ❤️

  19. chandrakant geology

    She is very much underrated for her telents...

    vidella Delveen

    completely true



  20. Brandon Rhodes

    I need this to be 15 minutes long, slightly slower, bass boosted, maybe throw a soft thunderstorm in the middle, and I'll have the best out of body experience ever.

  21. RedDawg

    82 People don't know what good music is.

  22. 08oldgeezer2

    This is still one of the most amazing songs ever!

  23. Benjamin Zhao

    Great music with long notes! I'm with happy shorter beats rhythm, thus not my business. I'm "Dude Perfect".

  24. manuela redding


  25. Irene CM

    Te adoro desde la primera vez que vi el fantasma de la opera, eres mi ídolo desde que tenía cinco años 💜💜💜💜

  26. manuela redding

    unreal voice!!

  27. Karolista Tinista

    Who is here for Shameless?

    Laquinton Wagner

    im here because of PHANTOM OF THE OPERA...

  28. Nebi Karateke

    Cok duru.:)

  29. Pizza

    Absolutly beautiful <3 <3

  30. Juliette Veronica

    "I need you now!"
    I'm just gonna pretend that's Christine singing to Erik

  31. Emon Ahmed

    she have a beautiful voice why she didn't realise her New music video

  32. Andrew Stephens

    she's amazing

  33. gregkrazanski

    should listen to this on spotify, the audio quality is horrible in this video, makes it sound like fuzzy trash. love the song!

  34. robert r

    lol chistine when she is naked on shaemlesss tv show lo she cool

  35. Krasova Valentina

    Фиона привет!!

  36. GirlsLikeFairies

    She could've been a really great singer if she practiced more.. and managed her voice a little well.
    What an amazing feeling to watch such a beautiful woman sing so well.

  37. Megan Jane Taylor

    This is one of my fav songs of hers used to play it on repeat

  38. TheCr0wned

    Absolutely phenomenal. This isn't my style of music, but this is great!

  39. Lila Angelique

    I do applause her for writing and releasing original music. She does sound great, and gave me goosebumps. I know how hard it is to do what you want, instead of what others want.

  40. Infamous Kalen

    Shame. If she had been out 15 years earlier than 2007 she would of been a world wide star musician. This type of music was big when Enya did it. But it's not the type for many nowadays unfortunately so she won't get the credit she deserves as a vocal artist. Like R&B, it's a dead breed for the current generation.

    Jayden B

    Problem is 15 years earlier should would be like 4

  41. occupied1111

    This song is weirdly genius.

  42. Samantha Cerasoli

    beautiful Emmy💋💜👍

  43. Karon Smith

    Real Talent JFC

  44. Gerardo Ceballos


  45. JoeBree

    Zamn Zemmy, Zow Zyou Zoo Zat!?!?!



  46. Donna Toler

    Heard you from a movie,beautiful voice, love it ,awesome, Thanks Donna

  47. Rafael Henrique

    this made my way through a relationship ending in 09. love her first album to bits! Can never understand why people didn't buy her as this soft musician she is! what a lovely instrument she has... love her as an actress but that voice shouldn't be silenced

  48. James Newman

    This song just takes me away, it's so beautiful, raw, and intimate.

  49. France Magadia

    For me, she's the best Christine. I just don't like the other Christines. Sorry!

    Dario Testino

    +France Magadia I agree! She songs beautiful and soulful

    Juliette Veronica

    Check out Kaley Ann Vorhees. She's my favorite Christine.

    Rose Petelris

    France Magadia I feel the same. She is amazing.

    Sunflowers and Roses

    Daniel Jakob sarah sucks , to much vibrato .

  50. matt beshears

    And the song literally never changes. Makes my dick itch.

  51. matt beshears

    When you chirp, it's terrible... Then where you sing like your pretending to have an accent.

  52. matt beshears

    Very different for me.

  53. JZ Murdock

    This woman is an industry unto herself. Talented! Excellent work and love Shameless. Cheers!

  54. Jyotiba Roby

    I saw yesterday a movie you're not you where she plays a role of Bec, and she was stunning in her performance. But now I see she has also music talent. This is beautiful.

    Emz Ketolife

    That movie is so sad but loved it

  55. bonnie bianco

    it would be gr8 to divide her legs.

  56. M. Nicole

    I've liked Emmy Rossum since "Phantom of the Opera"! Love her character on "Shameless"! And love her singing voice; so beautiful! Very multi-talented!

    The phantom the opera


  57. thander xerbatopoulo

    emmy you have beatiful voice

  58. Gabri Rigotti

    My goodness ... how had I never heard of this actress/singer/song writer before ... !

    Max Smax

    Andrew Lloyd Webber's phantom of the opera was her best natural work. you may like sarah brightman also

  59. Enrique Lambrano

    Damn Emmy, I had no idea. This is talent, she deserves all the fame she gets.

    Laquinton Wagner

    damn u must be hella young

    Caramama 1

    @Laquinton Wagner I didn't know myself 😆🤷🏾🤷🏾

  60. emagneticfield

    I am glad to hear Emmy still singing. A wonderful voice. She shouldn't waste her time making trashy movies.

  61. John McElroy

    She is AMAZING.

  62. Destiny Lacasse

    i love your voice and all your songs

  63. AmyNikita

    A beautiful angel of music :) I loved her in Phantom and her voice is lovely 

  64. Vishal Toshiwal

    Wow, she got the soulful voice. 

  65. Sophie Evans

    Emmy may not be my favourite Christine from Phantom of the Opera, but I love her singing. It's much softer than other singers nowadays.

  66. Richard Rico

    only 350+K views? Would figure a lot more than that. I guess you have to be a Bieber or Gaga to get 543,053,643,536 views

  67. AnduPLAYS

    Fiona #Shameless  <33

  68. Blondfox Records

    Wow, crappy engineering to be on a VEVO video.

  69. Padge Vounder

    She looks great naked too

    Padge Vounder

    @kalina popivanova
    oh I think they care about it. Some refuse to for decades like Halle Berry, others have clauses in their contracts limiting how much they'll show or how often. I still haven't seen the show, is it up on Netflix?


    Padge Vounder I like your sex-positive style. Indeed the show is on Netflix. It's quality stuff.

    Jay Sto.Tomas

    Leo Dragonheart Showtime show called "Shameless"

    CeeCee Spangler

    Leo Dragonheart the show she was nude is it still going. It's very widely popular. She's the lead actress and great.

    RoadRambler 1900

    Padge Vounder 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  70. HipsterPandaDanda

    Chills and tears every time.

  71. Abigail Vittone

    Best voice ever. No argument. Like so much talent and skill here >.<

  72. Suresh Kumar

    her voice is tooo soft :)

  73. WondersOfTheUniverse

    I liked her in Phantom of the Opera. Angel of Music was a beautiful song. But, I agree, this piece isn't anything special.

  74. Art by Atlas

    Well, that's just your opinion man :)

  75. Lord Mossi

    that has to be some spectacular pussy..closet thing to fucking a fairy..

  76. Lord Mossi

    she's gorgeous folks, but her voice is bland..i get that she is going for a more classic sound, but something is missing...makes me sleepy

    Heather Cook

    Lord Mossi I agree

  77. Ilias Salhi

    I knew she looked familiar, she's from Phantom of the Opera.
    Well, I think I've heard about 2 songs of hers now.
    Stay earlier today and this one right now.
    There's something very real yet peculiar about her, there's no analyzing this girl, she just IS.
    This is amazing.
    The elements, that's wh I don't wanna analyze it/ put it into a box.
    I just wanna hear her album.
    This is really good!

  78. Art by Atlas

    Damn, her voice is powerful!

  79. Taylor McClain

    The weight of her voice in this song (and the song itself) reminds me of Lisa Gerrard... It's so beautiful!

  80. Elaina Paradissis

    true shes an angel and a beautiful women

  81. Leslie Kain

    I don't like that high note she adds on to the end of some of her other powerful notes.

  82. zewerw

    I was one melted lump of shivering goosebumps all thru this.. until that electric guitar chord was struck at the end for that center staging advert...

  83. Zorro3740

    What a gluten free dream girl!!! She is a real talent and natural beauty.

  84. snoopy

    I'm impressed!! God, what a beautiful voice!

  85. Kayle P

    I love this song. it's so beautiful!!!!! it's so unfair that she is so perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. Liliane Ennes

    her voice is very beautiful
    i love her voice since i've heard Phantom of the Opera

  87. Dajana Matovic

    If this was Rihanna's song it would be Super-Popular.Rough truth.

  88. Jim Bo

    Selena Gomez "Come & Get It" ad beside this vid. For shame youtube. For shame. Emmy is divine.

  89. Margaret Sheedy


  90. Sara Elizabeth Lay

    now is PSY gentleman... even worse :S

  91. Andrew Johnston

    She has an absolutely voice somewhat like Enya!

  92. Zé Lu

    if i were she, i'd be my wife lol this woman is pure perfection.

  93. wlee52hawaii

    wow! :)

  94. Renegadesarrow

    ME TOO. Literally took the words out of my mouth.

  95. NellyRéon

    My favorite by her so far

  96. Littlefrancy Dici

    OMG She got an amazing voiceee *W* It's really similar to Enya's O.o

  97. Lilmiss Sunshine


  98. Nqoba Ngubeni

    Awesome pitching. Wow.

  99. Lizandro Reforme Trelles

    Fiona Gallagher has a great voice *_*