Rossum, Emmy - Pretty Paper Lyrics

(Oh, pretty paper, pretty ribbons of blue)

Pretty paper, pretty ribbons of blue
Wrap your presents to your darling from you
Pretty pencils to write I love you
Pretty paper, pretty ribbons of blue

Crowded street, busy feet, hustle by him
Downtown shoppers, Christmas is nigh
There he sits all alone on the sidewalk
Hoping that you won't pass him by

Should you stop? Better not, much too busy
You're in a hurry, my how time does fly
In the distance the ringing of laughter
And in the midst of the laughter he cries

Pretty paper, pretty ribbons of blue
Wrap your presents to your darling from you
Pretty pencils to write I love you
Pretty paper, pretty ribbons of blue

Pretty paper, pretty ribbons of blue
Wrap your presents to your darling from you
Pretty pencils to write I love you
Pretty paper, pretty ribbons of blue

Pretty paper, pretty ribbons of blue

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Rossum, Emmy Pretty Paper Comments
  1. Joe Horizon

    This is friggin beautiful.


    Fiona tho

  3. Stevie Tom

    Girl WTF?!?!?! I did not know. Ayyyye who knew Fiona got pipes!!!! 💋😌❤🌠

  4. vidella Delveen

    so true like why is Taylor swift always on the charts like what about her

  5. Tatiana Arielle

    my eyes filled with tears from this. im just now finding out emmy is a singer.

  6. nicolas dabov

    Grand talant ! jolie , douce ..... si elle n'est pas connue c'est surement à cause de bon impresario! Bonne chance Emmy !

  7. Donald Walbruck

    This song no matter who sings it you dont hear it much on the radio during the holidays

  8. James Miller

    Beautiful voice, I've never heard of her but she renders this song beautifully.

    I wonder how many listen to this song and miss the message. Here in the season where people are celebrating Christ and family this man sits alone crying. "Should I stop, better not..."

    The title of the song could also be "What you do for the least of these my brothers you do also for me". I've just always found it odd that you see this played out in real life everywhere during the season people claim to celebrate Jesus Christ. You aren't too busy, stop.

  9. Benjamin Zhao

    A pretty is as thin as a paper? Yeah, what about 1000 sheet of paper.

  10. Edwin Bartolome

    Can't believe shes got a really nice voice and taste for music. I'm 18 but I prefer listening to these kinds of songs sometimes. She's really beautiful and has a very beautiful voice. I love these classical songs especially if it was sung by modern people.

  11. Sam쌤

    Her voice is really gorgeous. she was really standing out since she has starred in the 'Phantom of opera'. I love her and her voice. It is really awesome. She is perpect. Her voice is like a lullaby from mom in the heaven.

  12. Richie 1138

    It's odd to me why she never gets movie parts much. She could be in musical movies regularly, she's far better than the likes of Amanda Seyfried & Anne Hathaway

  13. 87quantum

    Willie Nelson has written so many great songs, but none prettier than this one. Have heard it done by many artists, none better than this. It's truly special.

    Donald Walbruck

    87quantum its a toss up between this song and blue eyes crying in the rain

  14. MrBigdrewbowski

    No. Just no. Stop.

    Faizal Iqbal


  15. AmyNikita

    Gorgeous as always, Emmy :D

  16. Incrediguy

    What do you call that net sort of thing over her face (sort of like a veil)? I've always wondered.


    yes it is a veil.

  17. weak sauce

    i dont understand why she's not on top of the world and kim kardashian is... emmy is true talent...


    AMEN TO THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^^

    Marie Lasek

    Amen ! What has this world become?

  18. mike klaene

    An attractive girl who is a good actress. And her singing is fantastic.  I just wish she would record more.  She can sing anything better than most anybody else.  I need MORE Emmy, please!

  19. Madison Lipka

    She is so perfect in every single way❤️ I love her so much. Her and Gerard Butler made the best phantom and Christine, by far. I love them both so much. She is so perfect and her voice is amazing ❤️

  20. Lichie Pink

    oh wow...she has a gorgeous voice..i want to hear everything and anything she's ever done...i subscribed immediately....amazing job Emmy

  21. Mary Burke

    Beautifully done!!!!! =)

  22. Franciscote García

    No recuerdo cómo conocí el disco Sentimental Journey, pero fue antes de saber que Emmy actuaba. Tenía un rato sin escuchar estas canciones... 

  23. Donald Loughrey

    l 've heard a lot of people sing this song, this is the best one. Emmy your voice is perfect.

  24. Miguel A. Garcia

    didn't elvis rerecord this too

    Bris Stoanes

    Roy Orbison, I believe.

    Multi Nothing

    +realblackhart They are all covers, dude!


    realblackhart Well, Willie Nelson sang that song, too.

    Miguel A. Garcia

    +rocknrollkid90 ok. it was a question. I wasn't criticizing


    Willie wrote it.

  25. MsPandaRosa

    The song puts me in mind of a lost lonely dog, sitting, shivering, pleading only with innocent eyes, asking for but a kind gesture. In the end, it's a homeless tramp who welcomes his new friend, sharing his meager soup-kitchen meal.

  26. kingbushwickthe33rd

    Very pretty version of my favorite Christmas song.

  27. Silver54ful

    The first time I heard this. I cried! Such a gentle and soothing voice she has. :)

  28. Kayle P

    I totally agree with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  29. Pat Post

    Love her voice. Cannot wait for her next CD.

  30. Morgan Howard

    She is so underrated. What a fabulous voice.

  31. nino parsadanishvili

    emmy you have angelic voice

  32. caatcher

    Absolutely awesome. More, please.

  33. Charlie Strom

    Awesome voice!!!

  34. Matty Couming

    emmy keep bringing this kinda music back in the world. the think the 1920's to 1940's are some of the country best moments. an i love that your totally into this stuff. you rock! shameless rocks!!

  35. Brooklyn8513

    she is best !

  36. docdave15

    Now I want to hear her cover In Dreams.

  37. maria rodriguez ruso

    Bellisima canción, maravillosa cantante, preciosa actriz. Me gusta,

  38. Jackie Saturno

    You obviously don't know she played Christine Daae in the film version of Phantom of the Opera...

  39. Charles Alan Ratliff

    I didn't know she sang! She's really good.

  40. Rachel

    She is SO pretty.

  41. JAMMY

    I have never heard of her before now,WOW her voice is addictive,i am liking it so far.

  42. Gumer Bueno

    Yes, I love your voice. I love this woman!!!

  43. kitty bunny

    Why take a album out that isn't going to be big on the market place? I'm sayin be like lady gaga or Taylor swift. But the reality is this wont make the charts

  44. Hafa Ball

    I'd love a Emmy Rossum Regina Spektor duet :3

  45. Kayleigh Young

    For real! She is amazing!

  46. amongbeyo

    can't stop listening to this either

  47. nettlecider

    I love this, but I soooo wanted to hear more new age and especially because that were songs she wrote. Howether, love this. Cannot really believe that she will be playing that badass Ridley :D But one thing is for sure - this WILL be her year.

  48. Meg Koleszar

    Love you Emmy, you're an inspiration 3

  49. nino parsadanishvili

    it is very beautiful song and emmy has wonderful voice. i think, it's shame that this video has only 16992 view.

  50. mohammed Shobaky

    lovely voice nd merry christmas

  51. Christie King

    I love that she has another album, i've been waiting since the first one came out!!

  52. Stevenson Demegillo

    Golden Voice

  53. Louise1563

    I have been waiting for her to do another album. I was disappointed in her first album which did not capture her beautiful voice as in Phantom. Hopefully in the future she also does an album of Broadway musicals including Phantom.

  54. Emily Popovich

    Since people are saying this song is old and she didn't write it, well you're right. She didn't write it Willie Nelson did. Roy Orbison re-recorded it and she also re-corded it too. So, yes it's an old song and she didn't write it. The song is 49 years old.

  55. Daramore123

    Brava, brava, bravisima...

  56. EBfourside

    I can now die happy, I've been waiting forever for her to get a new CLASSICAL album. :') Oh joy.

  57. Edward Gonzalez

    Since I listened to Emmy Rossum's voice in the Phantom of the opera movie, I was wishing that she was interpreting an album as soloist.

  58. MEga MArth

    Me neither, i'm a big fan, love her last cd big time.. this. this isn't working :( she's talented but this doesn't call to me i understand. i'm dissapointed

  59. RImAPhan just get everything PERFECTLY done, don't you?! I LOVE YOU & can't wait to listen times and times again to your upcoming album.

  60. javidsuleymanli

    This is just perfect.

  61. mahaliah angel

    If u dont like it dont watch it! She amazing kne of the best pretty paper rendition yet

  62. omar

    I don't enjoy it.

  63. omar

    Yeah. I don't like it

  64. Moneymakingpants1

    I believe the Metropolitan Opera would disagree with you, seeing as that's where she was TRAINED. Idiot.

  65. ProfWhoo

    I adore her voice!

  66. Emily Popovich

    She can sing. What the hell are you talking about? She actually is a triple threat she can sing, dance, and act. Unlike some people who are in this industry she is someone with talent and isn't even noticed because she doesn't do ridicoulus acting like skits like Miley Cyrus and that's just sad. She has a beautiful voice and anyone who has heard it before now agrees.

  67. Elicia Maria

    Every one is saying "it's an old song" or "hate it" just because its a different style. Her voice is classically trained which is why she was so phenomenal in phantom. Although I loved her first album it didn't do her voice any justice. This is her style or closer to it and she is an amazing singer so please keep your hate to yourself :)

  68. warecb

    Pretty nice. I was very worried at first, but this is something I can relax too.

  69. xSoReckless

    This is real talent,

  70. Mia Cienfuegos

    It sounds so different! I like it.

  71. Paul Borges

    She sings. She is Fiona. And still so young. Must have started her career right after birth.

  72. meluzyvega

    why isn't it available on iphone? :(

  73. Yasmin Chamberlain

    Christine continued! Just perfect.

  74. nipplerusty

    Well done Emmy! something between Disney and Christmas

  75. FoxSpookyMulder

    Very pretty Em. Can't wait for the new album. (Now all we need is for Fiona to get a man and a job worthy of her and all will be right in the world)

  76. Chanah Angelica Kamen

    Stunning voice, as always! Can't wait to hear the rest!

  77. Jordan Carlson

    I loved her first album... but if the songs on this album are going to be like this i may not get it

  78. Brianna Korte

    hate it.

  79. megashtyr

    The first album was magical. Songs like "Slow me down" and "High" are absolute favourites.
    I'm not sure I'll be able to listen to the upcoming album if all the songs are covers of some old nonsence. It's a shame.

  80. Natalie Kais

    Phenomenal. Never been so excited for an album. It puts me in a holiday mood!

  81. omar

    ... Stick to the acting.

  82. Brianna Nicole

    I've murdered the poor repeat button

  83. dkgameplay

    Oh my goodness, she sounds gorgeous! Sounds like she did in Phantom. Just wonderful. This is the Emmy I was hoping for! Can't wait for the album in January!

  84. Tracey Nguyen

    Love the song and can't wait to hear the whole album! This track definitely gets me in the December mood!

  85. Airnae Air

    You always have amazing voice , I love every song you sing!
    Big support to you Emmy <3

  86. panobar2010

    Yeah, this is really kinda boring though.

  87. oneshortkat

    Gorgeous song, gorgeous voice, gorgeous lady. <3

  88. toinou164

    What a voice !