Rossum, Emmy - Inside Out Lyrics

Unsew my seams
Look inside if you dare
Do you still like
What you're seeing now

Secrets and sins
All exposed spilling out
Am I still safe here
On this fragile ground

Inside out before you now
Bare these bones and lay me down
This suicide feels so alive
Will you take me as I am
Inside out

Moving in silence
Feel the rush hold me down
Is this too real
What you're feeling now

Ecstasy rising
Giving in, no thinking
Love will you save me
Or just turn away

Inside out before you now
Bare these bones and lay me down
This suicide feels so alive
Will you take me
As I am
Inside out

Up on this high wire (Inside out)
Might just come crashing down (Inside Out)
Reach out for me because I am

Inside out before you now
Bare these bones and lay me down (this suicide)
This suicide feels so alive
Will you take me
As I am
Inside (you'll see me)
This suicide (inside out)
Feels so alive (you'll see me)
Bare these bones and lay me down (inside out)
You'll see me
Inside out

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Rossum, Emmy Inside Out Comments
  1. Giuliano Bravin

    She’s gorgeous

  2. Oscar dos Santos

    Su calidad interpretativa es única, muy propio de usted, singular, no hay comparación con otras y menos similitudes... siga cantando por favor...

  3. パンプキン小次郎


  4. brendan james

    Lip syncing joke

  5. Cass Macca

    this is definately not live

  6. Dazion Prosser

    so hardddd

  7. brandi bumblebee

    Remix this, this would be an amazing edm song, like the sounds seven lions uses.

    Tom Jones

    I was thinking the same thing just now!!

  8. AlexIsTired XD

    Sounds like it could be the music track to a video game like Kingdom Hearts

  9. stregagames

    Please change the title, it says "LIVE" this is lip sync, voice track shit.

  10. Andrew Walter

    Essa mulher nem parece de verdade...

  11. EGE Besties

    Emmy is my idol! And my role model to follow my dreams and keep singing!

  12. David p Vandale

    wow! fiona gallagher, you're hot!

  13. James Goad

    I'm not usually too fond of female singers, but this is nice. The only other would be Marina and the Diamonds. Look up her early stuff.

  14. Quensel Lawrence

    I brought this album years ago and fucking love it

  15. Gundam Tech

    damn...Fiona can sing!


    This is nothing. Her singing in Phantom of the Opera is even better than this. Her voice is insane.

  16. Risa Craig

    She wouldve been a great Belle!!
    Shame about the music career... good potential but her song lyrics are a bit elementary and unsophisticated. Its almost there as a package but seriously lacking in parts

    Stewart M

    no kidding eh? I love emma watson but her voice is nothing on rossum's

    Kimberly Machado

    Risa Craig good thing she's an actress and has a booming career 👌

  17. Anjana Adams

    I had no fucking idea Emmy Rossum sings. Damn.
    FIona, you could feed your family with this.

    Rose Petelris

    Anya Koslowski watch phantom of the opera.

  18. Gabriel Only

    Amo, Emmy Rossum.

  19. Padma's Story Corner

    OMG I love Emmy!

  20. Osnan Faria

    Como adoro essa mulher, voz incrível ❤😍

  21. Aiden LF

    Emmy Rossum feat. IMOGENHEAP! c'mon universe!

  22. Angel Schmidt Schmidt

    I love this women


    Probably you mean womAn ;)

  23. Vampx

    Thank you.

  24. Saulo Andrade

    Maravilhosa...Uma voz doce e suave...

  25. guysongirls

    Wtf Emmy?! I'm too cynical to function with someone like you on this planet!

  26. Lexie

    Amazing actress (shameless)....talented singer.....beautiful woman.....congrats you have it all emmy!!! Youre amazing on shameless btw ......i'm only into the first season, 3rd episode and i'm hooked.  WOWWWWWW!!!!  kept texting my friends who already have been watching it .....omg omg omg, and why have you (they) waited so long to turn me onto this show....unreal

  27. Miley Smiley

    I LOVE U!!!!!!!!!! I am a very big fan,do a concert in San Diego or a concert in Los Angels,PLEASE!! :3

  28. bibby42

    It's very reminiscent of Imogen Heap.  Love it!

  29. Beadles Babe

    Do a concert in Chicago pleeaaassee I am seriously your biggest fan!

  30. Daniel Kaplan

    what an amazing talent!  I fell in love with her character on Shameless. But her voice and range add incredible depth to her already great acting chops. I look forward to years of enjoyment listening and seeing her.

  31. Jazmin Castillo

    her voice melts my heart

  32. Ann Bryant

    I think that she sings this better live then the opera. I was pleasantly surprised! :)

  33. djparaense

    Excelent performance! A very talented woman!!

  34. laura dybro

    Everytime she sings I get so teary eyes:')

  35. Donavon Weikel

    maybe your computer's sound isn't synced all the way with the video?

  36. boyinterrupted

    If you know the original, listen to this with headphones. You'll know she's not lip syncing, it varies a lot from the original.

  37. SM10331

    She's like

  38. Ben Cadge

    After much analysis I'm under the impression that it does trail off.

  39. Jenn Esposito

    i really wanted to fall in love. she is good., just not making the cut on my soothe me playlist

  40. Rita .Sassatelli

    She was trained to be an Opera SInger in the New York Metropolitan from a very tender age. It's normal that she must go step by step going out of that style.

  41. Emma-Lee Steer

    you'd think after Phantom Of The Opera she'd be sick of singing next to candles

  42. Esmeralda bright

    Why is she singing such breathy songs. They sound good, but her voice can also sound great clear

  43. Shayane Barbosa

    as patch said she is a true angel <3 you emmy is perfect

  44. Thea Panaguiton


  45. ilovealfieboe11

    resist stalking? do you have any idea how much i stalk her??? haha
    no seriously tho. i swear to god she's fucking perfect.

  46. Gretchen8170

    Does anybody notice that this is LIVE, she is amazing!

  47. Caroline Held

    I love how she dresses so classy and just sings instead of doing really stupid stuff. you just love her for the music. Nothing else :D.

  48. Jennifer Cooley

    O.k. I'll put lullaby on this page, that's better then nothing.. It's my best recording from home anyway! Although the cd sounds pretty good to me for a home made deal, so with that part I am satisfied!

  49. kusjetamaraa_

    de stem past niet bij haar, maar wel mooi!

  50. WaterNymph69

    Is she recording another album?? Because I can't get enough of this beautiful angel and her music.....

  51. 0609kat

    @AngieGGangsterG really.. so excited for that!!

  52. 0609kat

    @AngieGGangsterG really.. so excited for that!!

  53. Chanah Angelica Kamen

    @0609kat I hear she's working on it! :)

  54. 0609kat

    i`m from Japan and i`m a huge fan of Emmy Rossum. i just can`t stop listening to her songs, her voice is so amazing, i wish emmy would make another album..

  55. m11m2000

    People do not know what music is. to hear these songs, they would know what is good music. this singer is very talented and it should be recognized throughout the world!

  56. msjeopardy24

    @Pretoriafly shes an actress?

  57. Stefan Biebl

    @mugge121 yup that's her :D I think she's also in the movie The Day after Tomorrow...

  58. DJPerezMA

    @mugge121 Yes!

  59. KateNTheWoods

    Anyone know how to play this on guitar. I'm interested in learning, but I can't find any guitar chords online for this.

  60. Patricia V.

    My favorite song =)

  61. Taylor Bookout

    @stardusth2o Oh. I forgot that microphones do that sometimes. She still sounds amazing, microphone or not.

  62. Taylor Bookout

    Does she have a slight lisp? I'm just wondering cus I have one and it sounds like she has one.

  63. iamhappy4beinhappy

    Her voice is AMAZING but is not very valued in her songs .. beautiful anyways.

  64. That One Girl

    ugh the beginning of this song reminds me of something but I can't think of it.

    Love her voice though...especially in Phantom of the Opera. She was great.

  65. JoyeuseXI

    @SoaringTrumpet Ever heard of someone singing over background vocals/music?

    Guess not.

  66. Vivian T

    Love the candles. Very Phantom-ish. Her voice is so beautiful...

  67. Michelle Czarnecki aka Boogawes

    @rustinonthevine Not having a full band with her probably limited her a lot. Good work, Emmy. Keep going, love. :)

  68. Georgia Easterly

    She should do a duet with Imogen Heap. :3

  69. SoaringTrumpet

    Where's this chorus I hear singing with her? Live? Sounds ridiculously overproduced for a so called "live" performance. I will admit that lip syncing can produce an impressive effect, as evidenced here.

  70. davincent98

    lips.. so.. kissable... must... resist... stalking. j/k

  71. LiquidPhotos

    @landynhoicm hey do you know spanish? or english now? I can teach you if you'd like

  72. voicetube

    This is one of my favorite songs of ALL time!! I have the album and when this cut comes on, the world transforms. Bravo!!!!!

  73. ava2hot19

    @rustinonthevine thank you. it sounds like 10 people are singing

  74. rustinonthevine

    Song is over produced. She needs to strip it down and get rid of those vocal harmonics.

  75. Paweł Pawlak

    She must be an angel <3

  76. Nikhil Sinha


  77. coolbeauty09

    happy 24th birthday !!! Keep up the beautiful music.

  78. Emily L

    this song kinda reminds me of imogen heap, with all the chorus behind her real singing

  79. Chanel Monroe

    This is amazing performance! This is one of her most powerful songs on her CD other than anymore. Emmy Rossum is a breath of fresh air with actually talent. It's hard to find talent like this nowadays. GO EMMY!!!!!!

  80. Sarah Conroy

    shes in camp rock 2

  81. animedrizzt

    that is one lucky microphone.

  82. mijamacoravav

    There is no words... Simply beautifull...! peace from Serbia - Sabac

  83. AmaiAi

    No sé exactamente lo que "inside out" significa en español and It's killing meee!!! Dx!! but this song is gorgeous anywas and she have a gorgeous voice. I'm inlove with this song ;n;~ ♥

    Mia T

    AmaiAi Esto es algo de la letra: descose mis entrañas , mira hacia dentro, todavia te gusta lo que vez frente a ti? Secretos y pecados expuestos...estoy a salvo en este lugar tan fragil. inside out before you now (De adentro hacia afuera frente a ti) o del interior hacia afuera es lo que significa 'inside out'.

  84. chernaskeyfun

    reminds of Sanctuary by Utada Hikaru from Kingdom Hearts.

  85. Moontheala

    @artsydude8900 I'm actually a mostly New Age/Electronic/Ambient fan. HUGE fan of Enya and I feel Emmy might be as well since every now and then I get a hint of that in her voice. I hope Emmy comes out with a new album eventually. I'm like dying over here for more xD

  86. Moontheala

    @artsydude8900 To tell you truth I wasn't that impress with her in the beginning when Just Dance came out. She didn't capture my attention until poker face. That's when I realized she had real vocal pipes unlike Britney which makes a BIG difference in my book.Then I decided to really listen to her lyrics of her songs and was blown away and realized she isn't a vapid pop star at all. After recently watching a 2hr interview of her from ShowStudio, I want to be a fly on the inside of her brain haha

  87. chernaskeyfun

    @Moontheala which isn't exactly a step up at all. Hopefully Lady Gaga will move on away from pop music into something more...developed, but in terms of pop music, I prefer the new age like Emmy.

  88. chernaskeyfun

    @Moontheala Good thing you put it that way because not that many people would say an intelligent thing about Lady Gaga, and I doubt that anyone knows her back story at all behind Bad Romance, but I agree that Gaga has a loooonng way to go since this is only baby steps now since the real test is how long it will last and if she tries another genre of music instead of being a Britney Spears and trying to pimp out the same pop sound as she was 17 to the now 28/29 year old Britney.

  89. Moontheala

    @artsydude8900 Her music is deep. Yes it is pop music, which really throws people off, but what she's doing is putting a "happy" beat to her "monsters" which are equal to her fears. It's why her album is the The Fame Monster. An artist who is certainly what I consider the master of this is Bjork. She proved so many wrong that believed electronic music has no soul & Gaga is trying to do the same, but still has a loooong way. I'm a fan of hers and of course Emmy ^_^ My tastes varies widely haha.

  90. Moontheala

    @artsydude8900 Drugs are definitely not always bad b/c how else do get over certain sicknesses? Fan crazy can be passion and she has nothing but passion and she sees them as part of her family just as the rest of her friends in the Haus of GG. She wants to inspire something in those who have been told they were "freaks" and worth nothing. I'm one of those "freaks" whose a geek, a not so "black girl" still scared of the thunder has a fetish with rainbows and glitter all about when I'm 20 this yr.

  91. chernaskeyfun

    @Moontheala oh yeah, of course all three are negative (maybe not sex on some degree) because they all can be abusive. And feel free to disagree if you want, I don't know if you're a fan or not, but I prefer music artists who are not so "fan crazy" that they, the music artists become less desirable as an artist. You know what I mean?

  92. chernaskeyfun

    @Moontheala it doesn't necessarily come to my mind fear of drugs, alcohol, and sex , it's very contradictory to what she is promoting, even though in a grey area. I'm sure she'll be great once she drops the act of "being different". Fashion is an art, yes, but like every other art form out there, it relies more on the style that can be considerable high or low art since no matter what, art has to have standards to determine the good or bad, but of course there are grays too. Overall, she's ok.

  93. chernaskeyfun

    @Moontheala I just don't understand her correlation of her music with her persona which scream all three of those things so overtly, and no offense, but I think you're reading a little too deep for a pop song that people take little seriousness for when observing popular music. That's why I personally do not think she's being real because Madonna did and still doing the same exact thing as Lady Gaga is doing or portraying the "real" self. I'm not dumb, I've heard of her songs before, and...

  94. Moontheala

    @artsydude8900 She also fears sex, drugs, and alcohol even though she does drink. She knows the light and the darkness of them all. She's not just one sided on them. In society most people still fear these three things and all because they do not understand them and they're all seen as negative. It's because of that fear people do so many stupid things with these three and sometimes in conjunction. She's about showing the grey and not just dark vs. light. But btw, fashion is art too :D.

  95. Moontheala

    @artsydude8900 Well she really doesn't care about money (she doesn't a house, a car; just a tour bus and wigs xD). Every penny goes into her shoes unless for charity. She doesn't believe fame is real, just an illusion. As for the power part that's showing the power of the female and changing what people thinks women ought to do and to be. Even though she's definitely comfortable in her underwear in front of the camera doesn't alway mean sex and further more sex isn't a bad thing.

  96. chernaskeyfun

    @Moontheala but drugs, alcohol, and sex in a distasteful manner or not is so overrated. Lady Gaga could be less of a pop culture commodity if she was more deep with her music. I find it to be a little cold and too direct that her music screams "FASHION, WORK IT BITCH, SEXUAL, FABULOUS, FAME, MONEY, POWER" as if we didn't get it the first time around. I like the back story, but it's not convincing artistically.

  97. chernaskeyfun

    Wow....TALENT! IT EXISTS :-D..........and she's not a Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, or DEFINITELY NOT a Britney Spears.

  98. Lynn Black

    she's such an amazing good singer, she's much beter then rihana or lady gaga and all the orther they are fake!
    I love emmy rossum

  99. PtoArchAngel93

    this song has such a calming just slows down everything