Rossum, Emmy - I'll Be With You In Apple Blossom Time Lyrics

I'll be with you in apple blossom time
I'll be with you to change your name to mine
One day in May, I'll come and say
Happy the bride that the sun shines on today
What a wonderful wedding there will be
What a wonderful day for you and me
Church bells will chime
You will be mine
In apple blossom time

I'll be with you
In apple blossom time
(Then what will you do?)
Oh, I'll be with you to change your name to mine
(When will that be?)
One day maybe in May
(Then what will you do?)
Oh I'll come to you and say dear
Happy the bride that the sun shines on today

Then what a wonderful wedding there will be
(One day in May)
What a very, very wonderful day for you and me dear
Church bells will chime
You will be mine
In apple, in apple blossom time

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Rossum, Emmy I'll Be With You In Apple Blossom Time Comments
  1. Citizen x

    Thank you for keeping this song real

  2. Spirit flame777

    💓💓 stunningly exquisite!!

  3. Edwin Bartolome

    Glad there's still people preserving these styles of music.

  4. Kegan Mahon

    I'll be damned... I heard her sing BARBARA ALLEN in Songcatcher, but never knew she recorded other vintage material.

  5. Riaz Mahadeo

    Wow. She needs to make more music.

  6. Ben Pritchett

    Who knew "Shameless" star has pipes!

  7. Thomasina Clark

    lovely song my mum passed away 1987 this was her song...lovely memories

  8. Wolfsky9

    Gorgeous version, Emmy ! --------------Wolfsky9, 69 y/o

  9. LGranthamsHeir

    Probably the best rendition of this WWII love song. Even better than the Andrews Sisters version IMHO.


    +LGranthamsHeir Have you heard Barry Manilow sing this on his CD : " Singin with the Big Bands"??  for me, it's THE best version ever--even better than The Andrews Sisters, & this gorgeous version by Emmy.

  10. Nodrog Awson

    Very very nice,loved it.Thank you for sharing.

  11. epicwriter96

    Emmy, I love listening to you sing, of course I loved you in Phantom too

  12. Lucy medievalC

    this gave me the chills ...

  13. christian wood

    Got married under a blooming apple tree. My step daughter sang this. Beautiful.

  14. Desiree Bryan

    This reminds me of my uncle who is five years older than I am.  We used to play outside around a pear tree.  I guess I relate the pear with an apple.

  15. 151disc

    Awesome version!

  16. Cara Bancroft

    Emmy Rossum- you are amazing! Never ever top making music xx

  17. Desoto875

    Can I have a two week vacation in that time period?. Women's fashions are not too shabby. No TV, but plenty of radio, and movies if I need them. Live Music Brass instruments will keep me fed. I do enjoy the music from the War Era a great deal.

  18. cricketbat08

    she is brilliant. :)

  19. Emily Popovich

    I love this song I know that this song wasn't around until the 1930's I think but just thinking about it I bet things were a lot different 100 years ago then they are now. I wish that not only on TV shows you could go back in time but also in reality too.


    Em - I've too have had those same thoughts. It would be awesome to be able to pick a time and go to that date for just a day. If I find a "time machine" I'll let you know. But, you have to promise  to reciprocate. Mike

  20. Lauren Pereira

    This brings back fond memories of my grandpa.

  21. Kitty le Fay

    I am loving her new vintage style!

  22. dcreech420

    I would cry when I heard this song as a child bring back sweet memories thank emmy!

  23. fanofthings

    I need this song at MY wedding!!! Love love loooove it! <3 you Emmy :-)

  24. Emily Wells

    She's so flawless.

  25. ConArtistsFilms

    Yea, sad that Patty Andrew died today.

  26. ConArtistsFilms

    It's out now.

  27. Rachel

    This one is my favourite out of all the songs I've heard so far from this album. I simply can't wait for it!!! (:

  28. princepeterwolf

    love her so much, and these recordings have been incredible so far

  29. Brianna Nicole

    Gorgeous as usual! Emmy your voice is made for this kind of music. I love how you are making an album souly because you love this kind of music. Its an album for yourself and that is so great!