Rossum, Emmy - Falling Lyrics

What's coming over me I've no control
I hear a voice saying get a hold
Of yourself you seem like
Someone else I don't know
Where have my senses gone, I lost my way
With every touch you intoxicate
Pull me in, stop making
My head spin, I'm losing it
Upside down my feet can't find the ground
My mixed up mind's a blur
I trip on every word

Cause I'm falling, falling fast
Like I always do
Tell me it won't pass
I've everything to lose
Stop me before I go too far
Go on go on keep me falling
Hold my tongue before I say too much
Please don't run I need to know because
I'm gonna let go c'mon catch me
Go on go on keep me falling

You are everywhere inside my head
And I'm all tangled up in your web
So surreal but I like how it feels
In this reverie
Just a look and I'm not thinking straight
I'm addicted I don't wanna wait
I'm letting go
Of everything that I know, I'm losing it
Up and down my spine go shock waves now
Tumbling heels over head
Lost in this maze again

Cause I'm falling, falling fast
Like I always do
Tell me it won't pass
I've everything to lose
Stop me before I go too far
Go on go on keep me falling
Hold my tongue before I say too much
Please don't run I need to know because
I'm gonna let go c'mon catch me
Go on go on keep me falling

Falling (For you)
Falling (Catch me I'm)
Falling (Falling for you)
Cause I'm falling, falling fast
Like I always do
Tell me it won't pass
I've everything to lose
Stop me before I go too far
Go on go on keep me falling
Hold my tongue before I say too much
Please don't run I need to know because
I'm gonna let go c'mon catch me
Go on go on keep me falling

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Rossum, Emmy Falling Comments
  1. Jason Canter

    Absolutely love Emmy Rossum!

  2. Marcos Costa Lima

    Brazil... Jaguariúna SP...amoooo

  3. Chrissy Luginbill


  4. Sydnie Loves_Disney_Titanic

    Your dog is so cute!

  5. Ian Cunningham

    What’s with the metronome click at the beginning?

  6. The Black Knight

    I love your sick beauty.

  7. Diamante Dea

    This screams late 2000s

  8. G Wayne

    Wow, so looks like you worked with her.


    This is great Emmy! <3

  10. Michael R Kemp

    Amazing voice, I think you need a decent producer. This is the best song Ive listened to from you, so far.

  11. Treyvon Morrow

    she’s soo pretty

  12. Pierre de Cine

    I love your voice & personality - and your 1-100 beauty is about 573... or perhaps more.

  13. iburntmycereal

    Emmyogen Heap

  14. Benjamin Zhao

    She's on wine, obviously drank. Look how great she is!

  15. Stranger Things

    I love her in phantom of the Opera

    J Andrade

    Me too 💕 She was the best Christine 🎵
    Greetings from #Ecuador🇪🇨🙋🏻‍♂️🎄

  16. Lance Lansdale

    did she just film this in front her fucking curtains with a Webcam? 😂

    Xavier G

    Lance Lansdale Read the description.

    Lance Lansdale

    +Xavier Gonzalez lmao totally called it. Yet another reason to love this woman 😂😂

  17. FD PowerLifter

    Me Like.

  18. ratiug75

    Emmy your too sweet and talented for words :)

  19. Jariya James

    omg .. she look like Whitney Milam (youtuber) and Maika Manore (Actress) mixtra

  20. M. Nicole

    Love your music, Emmy! Especially this song!!!

  21. Alex WM

    This song is amazing.  I could listen to it for forever. I love the long golden dress. :)

  22. Melissa Ngai

    I really liked and kinda disliked your music when I first heard it. I thought your voice sounded beautiful and the style reminded me of Imogen Heap, whom I love. And I loved how deeply you cared about these songs and how during their promotion you discussed the meaning behind the lyrics. But I just didn't like it because I know you have so much more potential. I was so looking forward to your opera voice. Slow Me Down was also a bit of a let down for me. The production seemed to kinda put your voice behind the music and I wished so badly to hear more of your high range. But nevertheless, you did show off your beautiful voice and make some beautiful videos. <3
    I wish you kept singing!

  23. Janne_

    love the song and your hair! <3

  24. mike klaene

    Emmy, you ARE so much better than the Swift person.  I have bought all of your records from iTunes.  Also, my wife and I both think that you carry Shameless.
    Please - do more recording - even if you do not make much money off of it.

  25. Nel Rodriguez

    OMG she's cute in the mv

  26. whitney clayton

    i wish emmy would add some recent videos to her channel. :/

  27. AmyNikita

    Some beautiful dresses in this :) I love you Emmy 

    wildkratts16 AJ

    Please sing Can you feel the Love Tonight from The Lion King

  28. Coco Loco

    Her hair I love it <3 

  29. locutus94

    Stunning and talented! 

  30. uyemut

    Nice songs , performance and editing.  You're so talented !  Bravo Emmy . :)

  31. Luisfilipe Novoas

    realy you is very good

  32. Talia al Ghul

    This never gets old... :)

  33. Shari Sanchez

    Good job Emmy! I just found this! I hope you showcase your voice more.

  34. Michael Versant

    nice panties shot 2:10 :)

  35. PhantomsAngel07

    I love this song Emmy. I also have your semi-recent movie Beautiful Creatures. Before I even read the books I wanted to see it because of you. When I first read the book, I knew which character you played: Ridley Duchannes. :)

  36. Cee Bee

    simply stunning!

  37. Vincent mora

    I have never seen a women so beautiful that it would make me cry until i seen Emmy Rossum Flawless beauty beyond words u just can't describe how good she looks

  38. Michael Devers

    I think your amazing and i can't wait for season 4 of shameless!!

  39. Danielle Bruno

    i finally get this video. when i was younger i didn't understand. i now realize that she is getting ready for a date so she is trying on everything cute she owns and trying to pick an outfit that it perfect.i only realize this because i have done this and so has every girl who has ever gone on a date or seen a teen romance movie.

  40. Mario Alberto Tibanta Garcia


  41. Jack Stay

    BTW, this is way way better than porn.

  42. Jack Stay

    This is fun :)

  43. Kayle P

    I absolutely loved every outfit she wore in this video.

  44. MsTheSniff

    she's so beautiful

  45. Amy Glass

    she was on phantom of the opera

  46. bhjgfuWA Hgywrt

    Does she not not pull anything off? She's amazing!

  47. Isaac

    I love every single dress she has on <3

  48. moester46

    You are so beautiful Emmy!!!!

  49. Bryce Balingit

    i feel like she just tortures people like me god such a tease just by looking at her

  50. Magdiel Garcia

    Hey Mad Props to Emmy had I not read the explanation for the vid I would've never known it wasn't professionally done. Emmy you are truly FABULOUS! :)

  51. Kaye Kangas

    looks like you had a lot of fun making this! I love your voice! you are an amazing actress and singer! I listen to your CD's nonstop!

  52. skydiverbabe

    cannot stop your talent.

  53. skydiverbabe

    Really love your music!

  54. timmie dyar

    I Can Watch Her With My Eyes Closed And She Is No Less Beautiful

  55. wasabiesince2002


  56. imwei10

    great song. great editing. great dresses. great emmy! :)

  57. idolopasion

    Hermosos ojos. Saludos desde Ecuador. More videos please

  58. Richard Kwon

    i really enjoy your work.. both acting and singing.. you definitely have amazing talent for both arts.. and it shines thru your beauty.. :) keep it going and i truly hope it goes on...

  59. Dinocrap1101

    Hate to sound redundant but, why does long hair on guys creep you out? Theres always a reason for something.

  60. Dinocrap1101

    Tall skinny dude with long black hair and glasses.

  61. Dinocrap1101

    Wonder what she looks like without all that makeup on.

  62. Yesenia Ramos

    I think she is so pretty, I always wished to be like her, sadly I have this natrual tan going on and I don't think the whole looking clear and white thing will work for me.

  63. Rebecca Haley

    I wish she had a new album out

  64. TheBrendanzn

    Just for fun? Haha and its still better than all of Gaga, Manaj and Rihannas music put together!

  65. Ronald Ruisinger Jr you do house concerts???

  66. Seetha Govindaraju

    I love all those cute dresses!

  67. eugene sarigumba

    ....and you also have video editing skills! :)

  68. Ecem Şenlik

    you're so cute.

  69. ZuluHD94

    totally agree bro

  70. meowza3k

    hmm, what should i wear today? jk
    crap, why did it take me 4 years to see this video?

  71. Raphaela Antônia

    Emmy I have only 4 things to say n#1 God stop beeing so gorgeous, n#2 Good to know I have something that you do to, I also do those stuff in my room, but I don't look so good haha ;D, n#3 Wish you knew you're one of my biggest inspirations, 4th I do except a closet and room exchange <3

  72. jalebiben

    omg I wish I had all those dresses.
    All of them are SOOOOO pretty!

  73. Corey Wilson

    This is my favorite song!! it reminds me of happiness

  74. CinoAkaDjCino NewPage


  75. priestessmikokikyo77

    emmy is the most stunning girl ever. im a big fan of her!

  76. roarodon

    Her singing is amazing, not to mention her editting seriously~~~~

  77. Papa Grim

    that was beautiful love ur voice

  78. Mina Monet

    Then watch Shameless :P

  79. marilaki mich

    Despite the beauty,the amazing voice and all the other things that make me feel quite a loser,is it possible to have a closet like yours??not for long,just for one day??I like mine too,but this is pretty cool!

  80. carl benz

    u got to be kidding me!?!! this is not professional!?!? its good really good nice voice pretty face :D


    very good and multifaceted voice and this pop background is wonderful ... keep up singing! Very pro and cool voice.. well you was in Conan eating hot dog :D

  82. Vivian Han

    She is so talented !!! when is she going to come out with another CD !

  83. Nathalie Forsell

    personally, I think that she must be like the most beautiful girl in the world. She is simply amazing.

  84. fionalina

    She's so pretty.. gosh I wish I looked like her..!

  85. Nicole Styles

    such a playful music video:) love it and love her!<33

  86. kwistenn

    random puppy necessary

  87. Carlos Hs

    change your composer ... is the same...

  88. Bela Bessenyei

    I laughed a lot thanks! :-)

  89. DamienScott1

    Dog cameo at the end. Nice Job. Why pay money for a video, just do what she did.

  90. jcheng6

    ;D Cool, you actually made the video to this! I like it. It's cute.

  91. moffin25

    over a year since i first saw this... and i still look at it often. I cant seem to get enough of Emmy

  92. Terry McKellar

    Will U marry me??

  93. kliv1975

    Очень красиво!

  94. Morgan White

    she is very obsessed with her hair :P but i LOVE it and her music! she is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo pretty!! <3

  95. Mina Monet


    aww... well that makes sense..

  96. Mina Monet

    and it is kind of funny how the visuals are saying you're being silly and happy but the song you're singing says you're 'falling'.

    Though after listening to 'Slow Me Down' it makes sense.

  97. Mina Monet

    I couldn't stop giggling while watching this.