Ross, Diana - Where Did We Go Wrong Lyrics

Where did we go wrong
I thought that we were supposed to make it
Where did we go wrong
How could life give us love, then take it away

Alone again today
Remembering when

We were a brand new morning
We weren't afraid to feel
All that we asked was somewhere to hide

We were like happy children
Reaching out to touch everything that's real
We believed in love 'cause our lives were touching inside

And baby, remember the things we needed
The summers and the winters and springs we needed
The feeling we would fly and on wings we needed to share

Remember the people how few we needed
We always had the me and the you we needed
If every little thing that we knew we needed to care was there

Then where did we go wrong
And isn't time supposed to heal me?
Where did we go wrong
And can a part of you still feel me
As much as yesterday
A touch a world away
We were the time of Crystal
Shining for love to see
Both of us gave the things we receive

We were like hungry people
As I gave to you so you gave to me
Believing in our love 'cause we love the things we believe

Baby, remember the dreams we needed
The nights we couldn't sleep and these dreams we needed
So we could find the time for what it seems we needed to say

Remember the touches to show we needed
To keep our love and keep our love the glow we needed
And being here without you I know we needed to stay
That way

But where did we go wrong
I thought that we were supposed to make it
Where did we go wrong
How could life give us love, then take it away

Where did we go wrong
I thought that we were supposed to make it
Where did we go wrong
Where did we go wrong
Where did we go wrong
Where did we go wrong

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Ross, Diana Where Did We Go Wrong Comments
  1. Rita Shaw

    I just found out now (Jan '20), that Diana Ross sang this!
    I remember Marcia Hines singing it!!

  2. Mic

    Diana is a unique vocalist...her tone is everything..she can express so many different emotions without over singing....she sticks to the melody and tenderly caresses the lyric....I've always been fascinated by her voice.

  3. Guy Will

    the photo at 3:55 is incredible of her


    Paris Vogue 1990s

  4. Guy Will

    back when she was still a black woman she was INCREDIBLE. then she became some other snobby ass bitch and she started to SUCK


    You sound like you are disappointed and angry with's never cool to attack someone's blackness except for people who actively work against their own people like Clarence Thomas....Diana is nothing like that and has done more to improve the image of black people around the world MORE than YOU

  5. Dennis Tokay

    Diana's version on to love again it's much better than this one

  6. Phyllis Lee

    The camera loves Diana.and Diana loves the Gorgeous

  7. bstnd3

    This song is like a sequel to Touch Me in the Morning. Should have been a big hit.

  8. Brian Woods

    I love the different sounds and styles that comes out of this woman mouth the different techniques ,and textures her verbroto is gorgeous gentle and exquisite beautiful delivery no screaming just plain singing , love it .

  9. Brian Woods

    Beautifully exicuted I here people talking about someone's version was better because bit was more powerful I am going out on a limb because I don't know this other artist but I bet if it was more powerful than Diana's that other artist probably was screaming and or hollering to get her point across and if someone like that type of singing ok but if someone just straight sings without yelling, or screaming or hollering I personally believe it would quite a challenge for someone to take a song from Ross because that's the types not singer Ross is and sang that song hands down now when you have two good singers it becomes who's style you like it's not about who's better because they both are good or better , remember. What makes a good singer is one who stays on note and you can always tell a good singer or a real singer is when you see and hear them live ,so then if you got two good singers singing the same song if they are both hitting their notes then it becomes a matter of taste and style . A good singer is a person who stays on note and after that it becomes a matter your individual taste of style and phrasing .

  10. Lia Summers

    I love the imperfections

  11. Micaï. Claude.

    Magnificent Diana Ross.

  12. AzzedineAliaFan

    i like the other version better, this is too slow and melancholy for my taste. . . .

  13. Jeremy Buddle

    Oh this is great! A fine song from her classic period that until today I did not realise was a Diana Ross original. I had only heard the cover versions by Maureen McGovern (1974) and Marcia Hines (1980).

  14. Ron Rossmore

    No comparison. That is a nice cover, and I give her (Marcia Hines) credit for acknowledging the power of the song. However, although she does a blow-by-blow copy musically, lyrically, and almost vocally, the 1978 version, from 'ROSS, by Diana Ross is untouchable.


  15. TheReturnofStephan1

    Beautiful track!
    I love the backing singers' arrangement in the other version, but, this one is definitely more plaintive and I love that they don't change the tempo for the "hey, baby" sections.
    Thanks for posting.:)

  16. dav1237

    i had this album on 8 track. always wondered why she had more than one album called Diana Ross and more than one called Ross.

    Ron Rossmore

    Cause she be crazy.

  17. tysona23

    I never understood why this was not a single. It has HIT written all over it !!

  18. frankie hunter

    A masterpiece by Diana.

  19. whatigot2say

    who the hell is marcia hines? diane's version is better hands down. props to the writer of the song. 


    So you have to know a person to like a song? that's not saying much !


    What are you talking about, Marcia gives the song the oomph it needs, listen to Diana carefully and you will note her voice fades and comes back after she takes a breath all the way along, it's a hard song to sing but Marcia has perfect pitch and balance and gives this song what it deserved.


    @myfeelings4you This is a very hard song to sing, especially if SUNG CORRECTLY. Diana is singing it perfectly. Maybe you don't care for the writers interpretation, but if Marcia stuck to the music religiously, she would not be so loud and out of control as you are denoting as power. Yet, it is a lack of power.

    Anybody can blurt out a song, even Diana Ross, but she know it is not called for in this piece. That's why Masser and other A list writers gravitated towards Ross, because she is ONE OF THE FEW BLACK WOMEN WHO CAN SING MUSIC LIKE THIS in the love song adult contemporary genre, without adding that deviation that changes the music. What you describe as weak about Diana is the intricacies and subtleties of the song. Diana's voice is not weak; it's well controlled.


    I stand corrected, obviously you know more than anyone else judging by your name !!!

    something for the people Israel shslom

    myfeeling4you what you are listening to is emotions and not just singing and before you get self-righteous I like Marcie version but love dianas it the way she sings each phrase with her can hear the heartbreak in her voice

  20. osvaldoe

    Oh boy! Here we go again. Why can't people stop comparing one singer to another pitting them against each other? Can't we appreciate what each artist brings to it with their individual interpretation instead of always making it into some sort of contest?


    people are always saying someone anyone sounds better than diane.. jealous bitches.

  21. john mcdonald

    Thanks for this. Brings me back to my old stereo in the early 80's

  22. Azzedine AliaFan

    wow, this is different, never heard this version . . .

  23. 2Steps Productions

    I remember this song as a kid. Wow!! Memories. My mom would make my brothers and I take naps during the summer and this song would come on the radio.


    Oh a rare treasure for a true fan, THANKS for post, plus the photos are priceless to me!

  25. wonderboyjoy

    ok. the humble, soft yearning of Diana sounds slightly better to me...and the backup is way better IMO. we like what we like. have a good one.

  26. PeeCee

    I said that in my humble opinion Marcia's version is better. I think it is more powerful, and that's what makes it better. I don't think Marcia recorded it because she liked Diana - I think she recorded it because she liked the song. To be clear I doubt that at any stage was Marcia trying to imitate Diana. If she had her hair pulled back and wore flowers it's probably because that was fashionable at the time. All the best.

  27. wonderboyjoy

    ok. you initially said Marcia's version is better. more powerful does not mean better. Marcia's is more powerful, yes. better....not so sure. anyway both are great...and I was happy when Marcia recorded and released it because it thrilled me that Marcia liked Diana enough to record her song. cheers.

  28. PeeCee

    Way. Like I said, my opinion. Marcia's version is the more powerful.

    Johnny MFan

    I never knew there was another version. Who is Marcia?

  29. wonderboyjoy

    Marcia is great too. love Diana too much to give this one over to Marcia.

  30. wonderboyjoy

    no way! I love Marcia and she loved Diana. even pulled her hair back with flowers at one stage just like Diana...but diana's version is beautifully executed. soft, lilting and so vulnerable.

  31. Tony Fukushima

    Wow thanks for posting this track! One of my all time faves of the Boss!

  32. PeeCee

    IMHO, Marcia Hines version is better!

  33. momofkiki

    Love this song Diana is simply amazing.

  34. sja

    This is one of those songs that automatically puts me on the verge of a tear. After the delivery of it's sweet, emotional, innocent and delicate beginning; the ending explodes to heart wrenching shreds because the question goes unanswered: Where Did We Go Wrong? This is a great azz song. DANG!!!

  35. wonderboyjoy

    i always thought this would have been a great movie theme.

  36. Opinions Animation Studios

    The Much Regretted RON MILLER & The Equally Regretted TOM BAIRD (Composers & Producers of this gem) contributed much to MOTOWN, for CHARLENE, RIOT, The ORIGINALS, MICHAEL DENTON, XIT, STEVIE WONDER, RARE EARTH, etc. But they OUTDID themselves with THIS gem!

    Thanks fer this, m8...


    As soon as I heard it, on the B-side of "My old piano" in 1981, I just do loved this song !!!.. I was looking for it since then, but never found it, except another song with the same title, but THIS ONE is just HUUUGE !!!.. Thanx so very much for sharing !!!..

  38. wonderboyjoy

    its like a beautiful theme song from a movie. i have always loved this song.

  39. anthony savarese

    If I were to put together some cuts that best represent what Diana Ross is about and what makes her special. I think this song might make the cut.


    anthony savarese , I can agree with you on that one. Diana's voice is tailored for songs and music like this. It could be included in the bundles of hits from the To Love Again CD, with One More Chance, Do You Know, Stay With Me, It took a Little Time to Learn about Loving, and I'm Crying My Heart Out To You. Yes, it has that same flair, and how could I forget It's My Turn. Yes, it has that classic flavor.

  40. AzzedineAliaFan

    thnnx never heard this version before, it's nice . . .

  41. blackie

    For the people who say that she can't sing: Eat your heart out! She took us inside that story.


    This is great. Couldn't find this song anywhere but HERE it is at last. Remember it from 1978.

  43. Daniel Majer

    this is special

  44. Christopher Kreidel

    Thank you for posting! One of my favorite of favorites by Diana Ross; Been waiting for this version on CD for far too long.

  45. John Fun

    your very welcome. its hard to find.

  46. blk66

    This is my favorite version as well. Thanks for uploading!