Ross, Diana - Telephone Lyrics

When you feel like you need someone there
Feel like no one really cares
Call me on the telephone
I'll be there

When you feel like you really need love
I'll always be by your side
Call me on the telephone
I'll be there

Everyone needs someone to love
Call me, I'll give you love

When you feel like you need someone there
Feel like no one really cares
Call me on the telephone
I'll be there

We'll share a love that will never end
Lean on me and I'll be your friend
In your darkest hour I'll be your light
Like a star shining in the night

Call me on the telephone
I'll be there

Everyone needs someone to love
Call me, and I'll give you love
In my heart, you'd have a home
But I'll never leave you alone

When you feel like you need someone there
Feel like no one really cares
Call me on the telephone
I'll be there

When you feel like you really need love
I'll always be by your side
Call me on the telephone
I'll be there

When you feel like you need someone there
Feel like no one really cares
Call me on the telephone
I'll be there

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Ross, Diana Telephone Comments
  1. Landi Smith

    LL killed this sample.

  2. Andrew McMeekin

    It's the album version on 12'', I thought.
    This isn't.....

  3. Tony Also

    This song reminds me of my childhood ,growing up in marlboro projects and Coneyisland in brooklyn newyork! I wrote a song where i sing on the Chorus and rap on the verses for this track but i wont use the sample of this track because i dont have rights to it and my producer will create a similar vibe but different arrangement.Stay tuned the song is about a homie and friend who passed away whos nolonger here.when i heard about him and his brother passing away I felt i had to honor them in a song.My artist Name Is (Tony Also) my music is available on pandora spotify utube and all major platforms.Check me out.

  4. abdulrahim2540

    I'm remember hearing this pumping in Jamaica Queens like crazy.

  5. Jamal Mcmillio

    Everyone needs someone to love

  6. Danwise

    play at 1.25 speed and thank me later.

    Robin koutakis

    Danwise thank you❤️❤️❤️❤️

  7. NanJacks 913

    2019 and still listening to this jam, Diana jamming her ass off!!!

  8. Juan A


  9. Kim R.

    Singing this tonite at open mic!☺

  10. Gwendolyn Marlowe

    Yes she is (BAD)!!!

  11. Major Tom

    I need To hear your voice my tender Aurelia!❤

  12. star child

    Lol cool j did a great job on that sample with ''hello'' (2000) from his G.O.A.T album


    star child I forgot he sampled this

  13. Kim Register

    Still have this album!☺. Man that best & that bass tho.

    Kim R.

    Meant to say that beat & that bass tho!☺

  14. Lasar Brent

    Pure sex on wax, this shit was fly

  15. Tanisha C

    To My Keon, My King

  16. Trevor Laing

    Miss Ross this is one of my favorite songs

  17. Ellmatic09

    LL Cool J sample this.....Hello!

  18. EFP


  19. MsTexas73

    This was a badass album cut. Loved it back then and still do. Also love the excellent cover George Howard did of it on the Dancing in the Sun album.

  20. Dead Homie Orchestra

    Never Knows Best...

    XK Clearly

    Dead Homie Orchestra Vestige Vapor <3

  21. Andrew McMeekin

    tHE 'buy the album' track !
    I know it sorta limped out as A Single but such a great groove & no 12'', madness ?


    I don't know, the instrumental of this song makes me feel weird but a good weird. I mean, it makes me wanna fuck lol

  23. Doowopper45

    Love her performance and great baseline.

  24. SongCreator71


    Toi Jiles

    Courtesy of the late Bernard Edwards from the group Chic.


    Toi Jiles ⚘Indeed⚘

  25. Robert Lukas

    pure gold
    there is only one diana ross

  26. Dedrick Randolph


  27. derrick holmes

    People forget how good Diana Ross was before Whitney, Mariah, Janet, Beyonce and a whole lot more

    Ron Rossmore

    Ah, no.

    Shatima Moses

    You right

  28. Garnet K

    the intro would be a great sample for a loop


    Vestige Vapor - Never Knows Best

    Garnet K

    I like the use of that, they did a nice job.

    star child

    Ll cool j sampled the whole track in 2000. Song ''hello''

  29. jorgoshki

    Can hear Bernard Edwards from miles away, simply amazing touch on bass :))

  30. ike turna

    She went off on this one 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  31. ilj274

    I've notice Anita Baker sampled this sound from this song with her "Mystery" song. I'm good with music.

  32. ilj274

    This song to my knowledge is about Michael Jackson. "Just call me and I'll be there". Oh, and this is from 1984, not 1985.


    +ilj274 I think it was released as a single in 1985, though the album was released in the fall of the summer of 1984.


    You are correct - it was the final single released from the album in the spring of 1985.

  33. Ben W

    Anyone have the chords for this?

  34. Tammy Toon

    Call Me On the Telephone! Go Ahead Diana Sing!

  35. Thien Phu

    Whoever said Miss Ross' range is mediocre?  Just listen to how she hits the high notes here so effortlessly.... She's bad-ass!

  36. Harmean Johnson

    Thhis is very nice

  37. whatigot2say

    with the exception of "Missing You" at this point in DR's career she was releasing pure garbage like this song.. Diane was lost and floundering in her song choices. Diane was desperately trying to distance herself from the type of music and sound that brought her to the pinnacle of success. Her career went into a tailspin and never recovered. 


    whatigot2say shut the hell up this was top 10 hit in 1985 people always think they know what talking about

    Kim R.

    Honey this is the shit!

  38. shawn joseph

    this was my shit back in the days, i luv it..cant find this on iTunes...i have to go back to my wax to play it or youtube....vintage diana

    Shawn Brown

    +shawn joseph Its now on itunes bro.

  39. Jasonh

    My favorite track from Swept Away. Sublime.

  40. starkid77

    This song is as hot as that Mohawk she's rockin' on that album cover, very sexy, jammin' and yet relaxed with a soulful haunting mix. Diana was gettin' it on this album, for real!!!


    @whatigot2say Diana is a legend and she really didn't have to 'wanna be' Tina or anybody else. She's a magnificent singer, and an accomplished actress, so we can just agree to disagree on her look or her frame of reference for her look at the time; it was just one album cover. 

  41. Whilamenia Sims

    This is one if my favorite Diana Ross songs. 85 was definitely a great year for music (R&B).

    Kim R.


  42. Kam Lifestyles

    Diana for sure rocked this, '85 was a special year for music: Loose Ends, SOS Band, SADE, etc., why is song never mentioned with her greatest hits, and why is it not on ITunes?


    @Kam Lifestyles even diane is ashamed of this garbage she never includes it in any of her shows.


    But, we like it. You're begrudging us -- why?


    The song is not listed with her greatest hits because it did not even reach the national Billboard top 100 pop/rock sales and airplay chart when it was released.  It did reach #13 on the national R&B chart however that in itself does not translate into any significant records sales or national airplay popularity.  Apparently people were not running to the record stores (we had records stores then) to purchase this single nor were they requesting that radio programmers play this song.  That's the way it works least back then.

    Ron Rossmore

    Oh gee. I'm so glad that you were born! You magically and single-handedly took me right back to 1985 and helped me understand there are retards everywhere! Like when you look in a mirror or go home.

    Kim R.

    I'll take this track over any others she made. That being said to me sometimes the underrated song is the best one even though it didn't reach higher on the chart!☺

  43. Janko Krnač

    prod by Bernard Edwards

  44. classanddignity

    Listen to the runs and chord changes! Brilliant! Effortless! Especially for being so high & yet she doesn’t have that yelling effect. Her voice is smooth and pitch-perfect. Yes, pure soul with a beautifully strong & clean sound. 

  45. carlos mccoy

    This song gives me positive energy that brings out, creativeness, uniqueness, a reinventing person of visual ideas  that can only define my trues self.

  46. pahriz

    Amazingly slow, sexy and yet so sad...


    pahriz that chord progression

  47. Tasty Love53

    I Truly a Agree  This Is One Of my Favorite. 11/7/13.

  48. KarenwiseAC

    I played this to death

  49. Carlton Saunders

    Ooooh Diana sounds like liquid gold on this track!!! How in the world can ANYONE say Diana Ross can't sing???? You don't always have to hit the rafters when you sing for someone to say you can sing! Listen to Ross tell a story with perfect diction and warmth that keeps you holding on to every note. Diana Ross voice is totally making love to this track!!! I hope somebody slapped Nile Rodgers & Bernard Edwards HARD for making this slammin' track!!! Should've been the 3rd single after "Missing You"


    Hey Carlton, this song did hit #12 on the R&B charts. This should have been highly promoted and it would have done a lot better on the R&B charts. As for the Pop charts, it may have gone to the top 20., maybe top 15. One of my favorites as well! Edwards layed it down on this Groove.

    Kim R.

    YES it should have!☺

  50. TORILUV Mari H

    On the swept away album she did a beautiful tribute to Marvin Gaye Missing you.

  51. Sandra Rice

    Wow that's all I can say, 85 was that year

  52. C Flow

    I agree!!!!! The bass line got me too!

  53. David McInnis Jr

    Shout out to my 80's babies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. Envy Red

    I love rollerskating to this joint! Yes!!

  55. quazie1214

    da bomb.....this sh.t rocks

  56. MegaJackmack

    detroit rocked this too hommie.....

  57. trkk01

    yes everyone remembers their time in their hometown but being in NYC was the place at that time.

  58. trkk01

    wow i forgot about this song of hers

  59. MegaHegira

    wbls new york city and 98.7 kiss

  60. Greg/Tracey50

    This woman made awesome hits. She ruled the 80's