Ross, Diana - Home Lyrics

Think of home

When I think of home
I think of a place where there's love overflowing
I wish I was home
I wish I was back there with the things I been knowing

Wind that makes the tall trees bend into leaning
Suddenly the snowflakes that fall have a meaning
Sprinklin' the scene, makes it all clean

Maybe there's a chance for me to go back
Now that I have some direction
It would sure be nice to be back home
Where there's love and affection
And just maybe I can convince time to slow up
Giving me enough time in my life to grow up
Time be my friend, let me start again

Suddenly my world's gone and changed it's face
But I still know where I'm going
I have had my mind spun around in space
And yet I've watched it growing

Oh, If you're list'ning God
Please don't make it hard to know
If we should believe in things that we see
Tell us, should we run away
Should we try and stay
Or would it be better just to let things be?

Living here, in this brand new world
Might be a fantasy
But it taught me to love
So it's real, real to me

And I've learned
That we must look inside our hearts to find
A world full of love
Like yours
Like mine

Like home...

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Ross, Diana Home Comments
  1. PrinceGotSoul 01

    Pray for Australia 😢

  2. K Flowers

    When I compare this to Stephanie Mills' version of this song, it blows Ms.Ross out of the water. But no matter who sings it, the sadness and hope this song evokes is still there.


    Diana doesn't yell she interprets the lyrics...thats why she is considered to be a top of the line performer...can't beat her...sing all riffs and roller coaster screaming like you in a gospel choir and you still can't beat her as a performer and a great vocalist...the woman is versatile love Stephanie but she isn't and neither are the other big voiced singers...slay Diana slay

    K Flowers

    @Mic I'll kindly disagree and take Mills heartfelt rendition over a singer whose voice cracks trying to reach the note. Respect to Ross, but she is not the better singer but she is a good performer.

  3. why you mad

    Whitney did it better ....

  4. Yunichiro x

    This deserves an oscar

  5. Anthony Yusef

    And to think there are some folks out there who thinks she can't sing. This is not the Supremes Diana whose voice high pitched and nasally by the mid seventies
    Her voice was like fine crystal. Her phrasing of the lyrics in this sing can't be touched by anyone.

  6. Do it Dex

    To me Diana’s version sounds more wishful. She’s in a desperate situation and wishes to get back home.
    Stephanie Mills version sounds reminiscent. She’s telling you.


    As much as I LOVE Stephanie Mills' and arguably she IS the better vocalist: Diana SANG with so much PASSION and EMOTION! THIS VERSION TOO MUST BE RESPECTED!! ✌❤

  8. Heather Walker

    Sing Diana

  9. Verdell Council

    If I ever was away from home this it ( homesick ) song

  10. Serenity Balajadia

    Love Diana Ross ♥️

  11. ryan thang

    Who else is here after watching the cover on POSE???

  12. Tru Cxte

    It's 2019 I still love this woman

  13. Ariana Rivera

    This song is just amazing and it always makes me cry and happy at the same time ❤️❤️

  14. Meko Blu

    I was really hoping she'd sing this at MJs funeral...

  15. 순후추

    다이애나 로스의 이 노래를 처음 들었을때를 아직 기억해. 수년이 지난 지금도 그 감동은 줄어들지 않은듯.

  16. C Nope

    Come onnn Ms. Ross!!!

  17. Annie W

    One of my top 5 songs, ever

  18. Mark Mina

    She brought it home....❤

  19. Tim Abbott

    Homophobic they cut the ending short 😭 I wanted that triple heel tap

  20. Isaac Urrutia

    No idea why but this song makes me really sad for sum reason. Who knows maybe I’ll understand when I’m older (I’m a Freshmen in High School)

  21. Terena S. House

    Diana Ross has the sweetest smooth ♥️ soulful voice that anyone will stop to listen. To me, when she sang this song "Home" she makes (home) worth missing by crying. Thanks Diana, for singing & crying for both of us. I miss my hometown by the good memories that drags me backwards. 😢♥️♥️♥️❤️👍

  22. Kamari Lee

    She was supposed to be portraying a 24 year old in this film. I can’t.


    then don't

  23. Create fun with me

    I'm crying now..i miss michael so much..a lot💔

  24. Basket Of Kisses

    The tears won't stop can't stop 😭💜

  25. Kaitlyn Jazmine

    Stepanie mills was better

  26. Mic

    I have to admit it...I am obsessed with Diana Ross and have been since I was twelve and I won''t say how old I am now....but you can pretty much imagine. I am fascinated by her for different reasons then when I was younger. She proved that she was who she said she was all along....a legend....she carried herself like she was one all these years and god damn it it turned out that's exactly what she was and is a legend everywhere on the globe.

  27. Mic

    I just watched this movie for the first time in many years. I loved it.

  28. Mrs. Shenea Watson

    IDC how many times that I watch this movie, I ALWAYS look forward to Diana Ross singing "Home".. and she was envious of Barbara Streisand... Man listen.. This Woman kilt this song, her vocal range, gave me chills.


    I doubt she was envious of Barbara. Hell Barbara may have been envious of her. Diana is and was a much more versatile then her.

  29. Krystal LeNoir

    I get as emotional as she is when I hear this. Everytime. Most of the movie. I'm 33. 😊🥰😥🤭🙇🏾‍♀️❤🧡💛💚💙💜

  30. Punkanelly Lovejoy

    They are so wrong for this. This old bug-eyed long handled gardening tool should be playing the wicked witch instead of Dorothy, probably the biggest reason the movie flopped


    oh here is the ghost of Halloween past again spewing hate

  31. BlueRayTV

    Stunning performance, wow

  32. Kathuryn Carter

    1:10 When you're in school

  33. Fest Smith

    The" yellow brick "road is your journey to your cosmic conciouseness self awareness as Lena Horn Explained . The wizod represents false prophets. Always Home!! thank you DIANA.

  34. kraXoom

    This song always makes me miss my home town so much

  35. Linda Hines

    that's her real hair someone said thats the only time she showed it she looks
    better with it! she was 34 here.


    they lied

  36. msseptember

    😭😭😭😭😭..... speechless

  37. Black Phoenix

    This song man 😭

  38. John Capozzo

    to all the doubters, critics, i think at this point in her life, that has all been put to rest. Dians Is. The greatest. I will have this version played as the last song, maybe the only song, at my funeral. The soundtrack and movie were underratted for sure. Funny how some critics have blasted her on some of her work and , like this, she prevails, on top. Now, over the years, it comes to light how worthy the soundtrack and the movie was and HER performance and singing. This song is all i played during a difficult time, had my world spun around in space and i still k now wher i am going. Mills is good no doubt BUT it is not this. One take , come on, she should have got more recognition for that alone, but you see all lthe new girls get quick recongnition Bee and all them. Diana made that possible. she worked hard as a woman in her time and a black women at that. We will never see the likes of this woman again, I don't think the creator even knows how he created this woman and her talent. She is 75. Lets continue to honor her, love her and send her blessing for all she has given us and the world...while she is still with us.....i can't bear to think of her leaving.

  39. Tyra Livingston

    Diana Ross sound like hot mess on this song.Stephanie Mills

  40. Sparkle Taurus

    Still listening in 2019

  41. Mark Ignacio Razo

    *_Here because of Miss Blanca Evangelista's rendition._* ❤

  42. Sandra H.

    I needed this now


    2019 Like here

  44. Manu Ginobilis Bald Spot

    And they said Diana didn't have a powerful voice...

  45. Ed Reid


  46. PaulMichaels2010

    POSE did an amazing homage to this song.

  47. Cesar Erwin Magnaye

    Oh. My. Goddess.

  48. Alexis Mondragón

    Beautiful 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  49. Chris Gloade

    I remember the Wiz! I was around 7 years old when it came out. 😊😊

  50. General Tso's

    I get goosebumps listening to this.

  51. Sapphire Sapphire

    Wow. So genuine with emotions.
    Meanwhile.. I wish i can sing like that when I'm crying.

  52. And Now Ladies & Gentlemen Mister Carlton

    I Love The meaningful meaning behind this song

  53. CAM Banks

    Still here in 2019! THE POWER OF THIS SONG. Play this at my homegoing

  54. Pendragon Love

    I both LOVE and HATE this hurts and pleases me in so many conflicting ways...🤦🏿‍♀️🤦🏿‍♀️🤦🏿‍♀️😢

  55. taylortottaylor animallover

    I actually cried watching this, I rlly didn't want her to leave them

  56. Valsly

    Every movie she played in was excellent and all classics...

  57. fortniteking jordan

    Yes this made me cry

  58. Alexis Rose


  59. Tenika Watson

    One helluvan ugly woman eww.

    Boy Just Gaming

    Why you mad fo


    @Tenika Watson looking at your pic you have the nerve to talk? LOL...

  60. Punkanelly Lovejoy

    Damn that's one ugly woman


    Oh here is the devil's spawn a loser a quitter a human trash can full of envy for something he or she or it will never have....and that is what Diana Ross has.

  61. Ole sKool

    One of the top 5 prettiest women i have ever seen. Her talent is too obvious to speak of...

  62. Danait Solomon

    Stephanie Mills is better.

  63. Carlina Randall

    yesss everytime i see this clip.i get emotional..and the part when they sing to the lion on the roof top

  64. Cas82958

    Makes me cry everytime..her greatest vocal performance if you ask me!

  65. I Am Brit

    3:00 to 3:11 was just beautiful.

  66. Nicolene McBean

    All you guys obviously haven't heard the best version of this song.
    The young lady at the time who sang it on broadway!
    Miss 4'9 dynamite Stephanie Mills
    That my dear ones is the quintessential version!!!!!!


    MJ Rodriguez did it better than both.


    @Vee Come on let's not get carried away....I love the woman on Pose but to say her version of anything is better than the living legend that is Diana Ross is laughable...

  67. The Supremes Archive

    Those emotions were *OVERFLOWING!*

  68. Concerned Customer

    She was amazing

  69. Pam Williams

    “Living here in this brand new world, might be a fantasy. But it taught me to it’s real, real to me.” I love that part.

  70. Jaylen Williams

    It's hard to believe that she was 41 in this movie

  71. Shamarie

    I remember signing this in a talent show growing up. Lol

  72. William Craig

    I don't buy this for one second. Even if you make Dorothy an adult, she still has to seem childlike, innocent and vulnerable like Judy Garland and Stephanie Mills did. When Ross tries to be childlike she just seems hysterical, and I don't believe she had an innocent or vulnerable bone anywhere in her body.


    It's a cruel world huh?

  73. Aquarius Creates

    Favorite part of the whole movie!! Makes you cry! Love and forever will cherish this movie💗💗💗

  74. mylongstoryshortned

    Oooo, she can sing flat live but no one else can 👀

  75. Shame on You :3

    This is the only song that can make me come close to crying

  76. Jalen Mcpherson

    I love this movie 🎶🔥👍

  77. David Gaveston

    This was written by a jewish writer who at that time were driven away from their land and exiled during the holocaust.


    Why would you make up such a lie?

  78. Dora Britt

    This movie is especially painful and deep if your in a place in your life when you don't know what your doing with your self , and trying to move on and be positive in your direction , amen .

  79. busterfriendly27

    what just happened?! this performance is beyond words 😭

  80. Scratch Kanawatch

    Blown away...this seems powerful....

  81. Lauren Kaskey

    Every time I try to sing along I just get really sad cuz I can't do it lol

  82. Sherese James-Grow

    MJ was still a little normal back then. It's sad and scary how Hollywood made him end his life.

  83. Danny Lopez

    Terrible movie but great song! it reminds me of my youth ,my first love who shattered my heart, my family and friends time goes by quickly

  84. Nixxi

    Though I have to say this show wasnt as good as I hoped and some parts where I felt there was miscasts, you can't say they had a blast doing this.

  85. AnnRenee1

    My Goodness, Ms. Ross. Still a stellar performance. She is in full voice, yet control voice. I believe that is called singing! Sha-tah!!

  86. Otaku girl6785

    Dang it! It gets me everytime.😭😭😭😭

  87. Eric Avila

    Ms. Ross's face looks exactly like my teacher from middle school!

  88. Kendrah Terrell


  89. sterling kennedy

    Team Stephanie Mills over here.

  90. Ms Tee

    Diane crying to when she hears her angelic voice. Still Listening 2019 ❤️🍷

  91. Ronnie houston

    I see they manage to add in subtitles

  92. Rigel Russell

    What is the wiz what is the type what is the place can you beleive that god dont care cause they see and it gose on to found something we had all along 💘

  93. Sparkle Taurus

    Still listening her music this song in 2019 ..

  94. Rigel Russell

    Glass ,rosess glem glam it really is like a fist in the face cause if chilli life is just twins to be alife while quilaty is just the way

  95. Feather Star

    The wiz is soon very bios ros