Ross, Diana - Ain't No Mountain High Enough Lyrics

If you need me, call me
No matter where you are
No matter how far
Just call my name
I'll be there in a hurry
On that you can depend and never worry

No wind, (no wind)
No rain, (no rain)
Nor winter's cold
Can stop me, babe
(Oh, babe) baby (baby)
If you're my goal

No wind, (no wind)
No rain, (no rain)
Can stop me, babe
If you wanna go

I know, I know you must follow the sun
Wherever it leads
But remember
If you should fall short of your desires
Remember life holds for you one guarantee
You'll always have me

And if you should miss my lovin
One of these old days
If you should ever miss the arms
That used to hold you so close, or the lips
That used to touch you so tenderly
Just remember what I told you
The day I set you free

Ain't no mountain high enough
Ain't no valley low enough
Ain't no river wild enough
To keep me from you

Ain't no mountain high enough
Ain't no valley low enough
(Say it again)
Ain't no river wild enough
To keep me from you

Ain't no mountain high enough
Nothing can keep me
Keep me from you

Ain't no mountain high enough
Ain't no valley low enough
(Say it again)
Ain't no river wild enough
To keep me from you

Ain't no mountain high enough
Nothing can keep me
To keep me from you

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Ross, Diana Ain't No Mountain High Enough Comments
  1. Brian Caputo

    Lifts my spirit 😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️


    Love so much dianna rooss

  3. Pascal Roche

    Magnifique chanson et la plus belle voix de Diana Ross sur cette chanson ! Beaucoup d'émotions ! Magique

  4. Scott Burton

    This was a top twenty hit in 1967 for Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell-However,I thought Diana's rendition was infinitely superior!

  5. Vilson Alves

    Tempo que a gente era feliz e não sabia sem carro sem dinheiro sem roupa de marca e pegava as muie kkkk

  6. Salem Fathi

    her best

  7. keefebaby

    Who’s listening to this in 14:53?

  8. Kevin Corcoran

    Superior to the single edit, which left a lot of the songs impact out.

  9. slackercapt

    Powerful !!!

  10. Tawanna Brown

    im 16 & love motown jams! my gma plays this music every saturday and wake us up to clean. i love it sm!

  11. Kenneth Morgan

    You write the song I`ll get the thing has always baffle me....putting music with words,that`s a gift.

  12. Tony Pete

    Jesus Christ had to be in this Writers Mind Thank You Jesus

  13. Evelyn D

    Triumph in the skies 2 movie brought me here, but I love this song so much cause itself.

  14. Jeffrey Perry

    Jeffrey inthetopy10oflovesongs

  15. Jim Ortiz

    me  too, Glynis.  Jim, 65 yrs old.

  16. Amanda Gordon

    A masterpiece. One of my favorite songs.

  17. Michael Murphy

    addendum to morning yoga and mediation if you please!!! such lyrics and spiritual music succeeds so well in slience and different grinding here.....allows it be tender and ferocious in the same minute.....if you grew up hearing this as a little cant help but moved to a few tears...oh yes we've been badly spoiled....not have it any other way!!!

  18. manuela mauder


  19. TAC cisco

    If we walk up a a hill and have water in us water just has to go uphill 🇦🇺♥️

  20. Álvaro Gran García

    This song is just one of the greatest songs ever

  21. Tarot Solutions Chi

    My mother was on her death bed 2 tears ago and this song was one if the last songs I sat in a chair by her bed and right when I began singing it her face lit up and when it was done she smiled hooked up to oxygen and told me "that was the best song". She passed the next morning.

  22. Jay McBride

    Goddamn, Ashford and Simpson has got to be literally the best couple in R&B or in all music history (regardless of genre). They wrote music in the 70s - the late 80s and even for my favorite pop band the Jackson 5! My favorite track by Ashford and Simpson is the 80s hit "Street Corner". 😎

  23. Zaidi Ademeit

    She is ETERNAL!!!

  24. Delores Shelton

    I still love it im 58

  25. parislived

    The most successful crackhead in history ... love her haah

  26. Johhanesburg Seerane

    Smooth voice I like perfect

  27. Daniel Nazario

    Motown forever. Thank you Diana Ross. Your lyrics are all I need to believe in myself. Bless you 😇

  28. Jan Johnson

    When music was real music by the masters of soul.

  29. kathryn camicia

    Does anyone know who the backup singers are? They are fabulous.

  30. Clifford Carter

    Omg fantastic

  31. Roya Yassai

    My mom used to play songs like this all the time in the car in the house...Merry Christmas Mom, I miss you XO.


    Oh my darling.....

  33. Karen Saville

    Lost for words...but The Voice of an Angel!! 👼 Beautiful 💕

  34. Judy Sanchez

    Blessed music.

  35. Ana Carolina

    Bridget Jones movie! ❤:D

  36. INDIGO T.V.

    This song is so beautiful. Sounds like it should be played during a wedding

  37. patrizia pagani

    10 dicembre 2019 ancora ascolto questo pezzo da tanto che e' Meraviglioso stupendo
    Love love loveeeeeeeee

  38. Christopher Wright

    Incredible song that is timeless

  39. Swarthy Jake

    her rendition of " my old mans a dustman ", brings new meaning into co-op newism .

  40. Joel Hernandez

    This song takes me to a place I’m not sure is real but damn I don’t want to leave..

  41. Janie Garces

    Grew up loving all her Music, just classic. ✌

  42. Nancy Dagostino

    Love Diana Ross it reminds me of my childhood in the Bronx NY.

  43. Iken 61

    Canción inmortal...🎶🎵💖💜🧡💛💚💙💗❤♾Diciembre 2019

    De zeebra Vishaw

    Zeta xdr hit moo moo xers

  44. Jorge Alegre

    Great song, great version! And of course, always the great bass lines are there...

  45. yvan kindt

    love this one, legendary

  46. Randy Hancock


  47. Neil Van Steemburg

    I still blast this wonderful song. I turned up the volume only now not on a radio but on the internet. At 67 I still love this singer and her songs. So grand!

  48. Paul Kane

    This song makes me cry because 1) it's beautiful, and 2) it reminds me of my late wife.

  49. Regine Delperie

    extraordinaire chanteuse quand on l'entend et la voit c'est comme un miracle qui vient sur vous

  50. Sonia Matos

    Ça me rappelle quelqu'un et j'adore Diane Ross

  51. Husain


  52. mark watkins

    A pizza brought me here x

  53. Tommy Moore

    Still listening to this. Have my original LP snap crackle and pop. Makes me feel good any time I play it. Thank you Miss Ross. 😊

  54. Charlie M

    All ---- please dont reply to "who's listening in 2019 or 2020. This is a Russian bug.

  55. James Carter

    I am listing to 1970's classic. The song have emotional lyric and a exciting beat.

  56. J. Alamouti

    Best music!!!❤️❤️❤️

  57. jannell _

    Why she look like a starving little kid

  58. Tomasvicente Rivas

    The best song un this times

  59. FNKOK 51214

    so geht das

  60. Marquesa de coco Yuval

    Es perfecta para el gran amor de mi vida, que está con alguien más y ahora tengo un nuevo amor, más fiel, más leal, más conmigo.

  61. Jeff Long

    Do you KNOW how many black people in DETROIT CANNOT STAND Diana Ross??? I KNOW, 'cause I live there NOW, in LATE 2019.. When she comes on the jukebox at the bar in West Detroit, the black people at the bar talk about the various ways and reasonns that they "can't stand that bitch.."... That's LATE 2019... I grew up in Detroit and live there now, I hear it all the time...

  62. Teofilo

    Maravillosa canción de Diana Ross y también la que, cantó a dúo con JULIO IGLESIAS.

  63. WizenedVariations1

    Gave me hope the first time I heard it. I was in love with Diana Ross: I mean who back then wasn't? And the music is glorious!

  64. Bobby Danzie

    This song touches me on so many levels

  65. G J

    Who else came here after watching Titans? Anyone ??

  66. Liz Pitula

    Yes It is one of the best.

  67. George Vreeland Hill

    When music was great.

  68. Eric Stewart

    thanks diana ross. i lost fifty lbs for future compitition. i won in senior olympics in swimming. i want to sing the rodeo tour. hope to meet your family tree. all for now. dad and i have electric ideas for billion year future. hopefully. if they work. you are great. i am an american trucker kareoke singer swimmer daydreamer. eric stewart monroe city indiana happy trails yeeha

  69. kev woodward

    That voice. That production. Sheer gorgeousness.

  70. Onondaga Sardino

    I love you dougie

  71. Rick Montgomery

    The incomparable James jamerson on bass!! :)

  72. Antonio H Pereira

    Grandes recordações com essa linda música.

  73. tiffany branton

    let's see we had the bee gees and Tony manero in Saturday night fever n the beautiful diana Ross in the 1970s a beautiful time to be if only a time machine was built I'd go back to the 1970s in a heartbeat bet ya hat on it all in all a beautiful era to be in peace n love to all

  74. Jay Brown


  75. Jay Brown

    Diana Ross no mountain high enough.

  76. Mark Leisten

    2019 and still the best music of all time golly bring back this kind of music my opinion best of all time and yes Ashley Simpson incredible

  77. jane swift

    am i going crazy but my heart in righ place i a

  78. jane swift

    i ask god for help to help people and heard some guy outside my window singing this, is this a sign from angels aor am i going crazt

  79. Noelle

    Changed speed to 1.25

  80. Pamela Caven

    Great Song

  81. Ray Ramos

    I Love You song brings back good memories that I cherish I never forget beautiful song

  82. exotic 4-16 mrs Henderson

    Such a beautiful woman

  83. Henri Cianferra


  84. René Campbell Zardain

    Amo profundamente esta hermosa y triste canción que me trae recuerdos de mi juventud. Cuando estuve enamorado de aquella primera novia y no me pelaba, entonces, yo le dedicaba esta canción en soledad y lloraba. Hoy que han pasado tantos años, ya no lloro, solo recuerdo aquellos viejos días, pero esta canción con Diana Ross me sigue encantando. ¡Qué música, que letra y que voz! Eres inolvidable Diana Ross, te amo ❤️

  85. Tina Raman Abdullah

    ❤️this🎼. Dedicated to my3👩‍👩‍👦❤️ALL grownUp now😘🙏

  86. Christopher Woods

    brothers the code

    Christopher Woods

    the brothers 50 family

  87. Christopher Woods

    family the bothers sons of time a brother our tour

  88. Angie 64


  89. Laura Pacheco

    I luvv this song...this is queen..Ms..Dianna case u dnt no her..look her up n educate urself with real music...

  90. DackRambo

    who doesn't like this songs ??? Aliens?

  91. moises cedeño orozco

    i'm seventy years old,and enjoy it yet.excusme my english is very short.

  92. Stephen Craig

    So glad I saw her live ...Up there with seeing Simon and Garfunkel and meeting Audrey Hepburn !

  93. Kathy Arancio


  94. Kathy Arancio

    My favorite singer female😎😂😁

  95. glenhugh73

    To my siblings....I love you. I'll see you on the other side.

  96. Cosmo The Courageous

    Chicken liiiiiiittttttle🐓

  97. Mario Bussotti

    ooooodiana da piombino italia silvia ti ricordo tantissimo

  98. Grace Bussey

    I needed this today