Rosenstock, Jeff - Rainbow Lyrics

Progress reaches down from the sky
Dropping bins and couches on the curb outside
Please don't take my love away!
My home from me today!

We'll spend the weekend filling the holes
And caulking the cracks that stretch across the ceiling
While the economic disaster destroys all the color and life
As it slowly moves southeast and I'm like a magnet pulling the storm

Oh, where can I move when it always finds me?
Where else can I stay?

There's a storm cloud pissing rainbows
On the cubes that blossomed on our old street
As the vultures walk the power lines
They're looking for something to eat
They wanna hear us scream
"We ain't got no money, we ain't got no money!
You got me!
Please don't take my love away!
My home from me today!"

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Rosenstock, Jeff Rainbow Comments
  1. Jack Gillespie

    I'm getting some serious operation Ivy vibes here.


    Right I thought of sound system by operation ivy

  2. Karlski

    Bomb the Music Industry lives on

  3. easytwospell

    Jeff Rosenstock is AMAZING live i saw them open for Andrew Jackson Jihad

    Meagan Pilliard

    he puts in a show...the coke helps.

  4. Ed Bate