Rosenstock, Jeff - Mornin'! Lyrics

Hello, best friend
It's me
Hope this makes it on your new record

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Rosenstock, Jeff Mornin'! Comments
  1. Maybe

    This is pretty good!

  2. Tim Mcnemar

    and again Jeff Rosenstock hit it out of the park, great album see you in Santa Ana Friday !!!!!

  3. CupofTLC

    Seeing him this month in Phoenix!!!

    Katherine McIntyre

    I was there too! Up at the front was wild lmao.


    My original POST- video got deleted thanks to copyright, so I'm very glad that you uploaded this! Thank you!

  5. James Rhoads

    Heart jeff

  6. André Bonsanto Dias

    great album! listening "let them win" in looping....

  7. AgnesMF


  8. James Lamont

    I like this album quite a lot. I wrote a full review that you can read here if you're interested: Thanks!

    "Another persistent theme is longing for childhood. It goes well with the sleep centrepiece. When you’re a kid, you hate bedtime because it means the fun is over for a while, but now all we want is to sleep like babies. In the opening minutes of the epic USA, Rosenstock bounces through emotions akin to the five stages of grief regarding some obvious subject matter. Overwhelmed, he huddles into a mantra, “we’re tired, we’re bored,” searching for comfort. In come soft, colourful keys of a calming, womblike retreat. Soon the repetition of “tired and bored” becomes a childish, celebratory tantrum, a “Here We Are Now Entertain Us” for the dragging-on capitalist age. Even the cheerleaders from the Smells Like Teen Spirit video are here, chanting “Et tu USA!” Clearly Jeff feels that we need to reach out to some punk heavyweights in our current landscape, with allusions to The Clash as well (“I fought the law, but the law was cheating,” I’m So Bored With The U.S.A.). "

  9. Harley

    This is perfect <3

  10. Stephen864

    00:00 - Mornin'!
    00:05 - USA
    07:38 - Yr Throat
    10:20 - All This Useless Energy
    13:40 - Powerlessness
    16:25 - TV Stars
    20:44 - Melba
    23:49 - Beating My Head Against A Wall
    25:30 - 9​/​10
    29:00 - Let Them Win

  11. The Barry



    The Barry yisssssss!!!!!!