Rose, The - California Lyrics

Driving through the clouds
Swimming like a humming bird
I don't wanna say goodbye
I just wanna stay all night

Inside the crashing waves
Sleeping like grizzly bear
I don't wanna take it slow
I just wanna dance all night

Take me back in time
When I listened to sublime
Missing everything
I'm coming home

To California
Our worries make no sense
Colors are sky blue
Singing in my view
Young and wild

To California
Where people make freedom
Colors are sky blue
Singing in my view
Young and wild

Peaceful melody
Take it in as destiny yeah
Maybe we won't make it far
So enjoy it while we last

Living in the moment
Life is more than
Small little things
You know
Starting bonfires on the beach
With the sun going down
Chilling with the friends
That always got my back

To California
Our worries make no sense
Colors are sky blue
Singing of my view
Young and wild

To California
Where people make no fence
Colors are sky blue
Singing in my view
Young and wild

You know
Happiness is easy to achieve
Sleeping all day
Eating all night
Oh love is something
Good for us to share
Oh yes the joy it brings

To California
Our worries make no sense
Colors are sky blue
Singing of my view
Young and wild

To California
Where people make no fence
Colors are sky blue
Singing in my view
Young and wild

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Rose, The California Comments
  1. Paola Barillas

    “Sleeping all day, eating all night”
    Ah to be a nocturnal creature with such freedoms

  2. Black Rose

    Woosung's voice
    Hajoon's lips
    Jaehyeong' adam apples ididkdkdkddj

  3. -Felixverse-

    You guys will enjoy N.flying! Their songs are so good like them Day6 and the Rose should collaborate PErioDt 😌💅🏼 Stan N.flying 🥺🤙🏼

  4. Maimuna Zaman

    At first I thought Dojoon said 'to California where people make no friends' in 1:46 😅😅😅

  5. brinaaa

    i just love the fact the rose songs are fresh and easy to listen to :D

  6. Lucia Grillo

    “Swimming like a hummingbird”

  7. A Syrdal

    I really love them all but Dojoon's voice is special to me. Not sure why. :')

  8. Joon MyDude

    My mother and I are currently sharing earbuds so I played this song 😎😎

  9. Nurani Dianayu

    I love itttt omggggg they deserve more loveeeeeeeee!!!!! World don't sleeping at this talent! 😭😭

  10. Billairise Lopez

    No one:

    Me: Living in California while listening to "California"

  11. Anne Wheadon

    The Rose going to be my second best band BTS is my first ,

  12. bobbi

    California is worse than you think lmao but I definitely love the song

  13. Mauro Catania

    i just realized this song is in full English djsvdbsb

    Lucia Reiter

    oh wait
    i didn't even realize this until i read your comment
    thanks haha 😂

  14. taevangoth

    Woosung is FCKING MY EARS




    i'm sorry if i'm a awful english-speaker. i'm kartoffli-doffli-German

  15. Amatullah Alibhai

    Most relatable lyrics: "happiness is achieved sleeping all day, eating all night"

  16. Amanda Pandinha

    Mano eu estou louca de amores por esse grupo

  17. Toast Army

    The rose song just make me dance unconsciously hhahahah I love them🌹

  18. toughsoftieyogi

    I'm a Blackrose. I love The Rose. I love Woosung.
    But.... I'm not a fan of how the lyrics were written. I love the meaning of the song. But the choice of words and how these words were put together just seem weird to me. I don't know. Is this how they write lyrics in Korean? I'm honestly curious. Don't worry, I still love them and I will definitely continue supporting them.

  19. violeyn gates

    Love your song The Rose!

  20. kara

    where my california babbiesss attttt?! 🥺💗

  21. Die hard Kpop stan

    Once you hear them in concert, you can't go back.

  22. Vanessa Li

    Oh Did I forget to mention this song is just perfect for a road trip. Imagine driving along the coastline of Big Sur California in an open convertible, letting your hair down while singing along with your friends, with the sunset being the backdrop and enjoying the moment of being young and wild and free!

  23. Vanessa Li

    The way how woosung wrote the lyrics aptly describe how he feels right now. It’s simple yet meaningful

  24. Tablet 1515

    Can someone make an hour version of this song please

  25. Anna Ann

    this does not apply if you live in California >_<

  26. Shairra Tinio

    bruh this songs so good i didn't know they released an english songs wtf im loving them now

  27. MNAR

    Ommmgggggggggg i fall in loovvveeeee smmmmmmmm i likkkelikelikkke iittt

  28. Claire Hadley

    Living in California isn’t necessarily as perfect and lit as they make it out to be, but i can’t say that it’s not cool. I also like how grizzly bears were mentioned lmao. I’m positive that it was absolutely intentional (the California grizzly bear (extinct species) is a state symbol and it’s on the flag)

  29. Lone Note

    Oh, this is in full English yesssssss love it

  30. Brenda Cano

    A mis hijas les encantan estas canciones!!!

  31. Rachel Rodriguez

    We started of right!!
    If your replay button broke then here you are!
    00:00 , your welcome!

  32. Lee Hajoon’s Water bottle

    When you realize its all in *english*

  33. Husky_V

    For some odd reason this kinda sounds like "Beautiful Life" by Union J. (Don't worry I like The Rose more)

    Just me? Ok.

  34. Sarah Khan

    Literally no one:
    the rose:

    woosung: *sings in cursive*

    idk nan molla

    what does it mean?

    hoseok's sprite

    @idk nan molla
    idk nam molla

    A Syrdal

    So true though?!

  35. Kuin A

    I hope they sing this song in the concert. I WILL CRACK MY VOICE SINGING OUT LOUD WITH THEM.

  36. Elmo Yes

    Wait new song?! Where?! When!!? And how?!?!

  37. 에밀리

    Suddenly I’m very pleased to have always lived in California

  38. Dxxx

    Why they're son Underrated... I don't know but They're are best.

  39. Kikifeisty


  40. Kieran Shae

    I think many people probably forget or dont realize that Woosung is a native of California and so it is very nice for him to sing this song :))

  41. Jecca Pulley

    Just saying but I hate the angle of the pic for Woosung for this lol it doesn't look like him.

  42. BTS Legends

    I prefer california BY FAR, they should have made it the title track :'(((l

  43. Lee Jyuna

    1:56 Is he talking about me ?
    Sleeping all day eating all night

  44. Mariette Mayisa

    I'm lost, wasn't expecting it to be in english😅

  45. Jiyashi

    Miss dojoon voice on red

  46. Brianna Dau

    I can't wait to hear them sing this in LA when they come for their tour 😭😭

  47. deisuhh

    it took me a few minutes to realize that this was in full english wow i love them ✨

  48. Acron Nody

    no offence? instead of no fence?


    No fence means that they won't barricade themselves

  49. Amazing_P

    ❤️ missing home for sure! #California

  50. N O

    Dojoon's voice ❤️❤️

  51. Kukutuktuk Paradise

    Day6 Jae can relate

  52. _GLXTCH_

    omg theyre coming on September 11,2019 IM LIKE PANICKING and then KARD is coming on the 23rd of October


    omo, finally a song i CAN sing, yaaaaaaaaaassss

  54. Katherine K

    It remembered me breakeven at the beginning.

  55. Slyyy.Taehyung

    soo....when do we get florida?

  56. -Kit Sune-

    This song reminds me of the time i went to their concert and I stood right in front of Dojoon. This song just made me so happy that i was smiling to myself and then suddenly I made eye contact with Dojoon and we both smiled even harder. It was the happiest moment of my life. Just enjoying the best music together with the best band in the world. <3

  57. Natalia Tarakanova

    This release is so positive and energetic. It just brings you joy and happiness. Right before the summer ends let's all enjoy our sunny happy moments with The Rose ❤️

  58. Mia Elise Skov-Petersen


  59. TheyCallMeLiz

    As a californian... It's not that great lmao, but this song is

  60. Joon MyDude

    My friend and I were listening to this song (she doesn't stan the rose) and she said woosung's voice was unique but a good unique 😂

  61. Black Daisy

    I am in love!!! ⚘⚘⚘

  62. R N

    The lyrics are so lame

  63. • lalalove •

    This makes me glad I’m a Californian

  64. Ellas

    oh my god. i remember when they sang this at the consert in stockholm.
    i love it so much!
    The Rose fighting! Black Rose fighting!

  65. bayan .v23


  66. Q B

    They are so talented. *Stan Talent , Stan The Rose*

  67. Caramel Macchiato

    YESSS COMEBACK TO CALIFORNIA SAN FRANCISCO TO BE SPECIFIC😭😭 I didn’t know them when they came here last year ㅠㅡㅠ

  68. give sam the ham already

    I’ve been waiting for California to be released studio version

    Gizem _ kookie

    give sam the ham already same

  69. My Vibes

    Love from Pakistan

  70. It's Felix

    Good job for the Lyrics!!! It's hard.. Me as a german girl can't spell a normal word without a mistake and i am 12!😂😅😅

  71. Sven Chevrolet

    Why does America always get the attention? I’d like to see them do a song called “Greater-Manchester” or some other British county or “state”.

  72. yallneedjisoos

    Afahxudkajabjaoz dojoon’s voice

  73. ali


  74. dawn florr


  75. NCTismyAesthetic WinWin

    Stan talent, Stan The Rose~ 🌹❤️

  76. Jess C.L


  77. Assmix is crazy

    The first song of the rose that I’ll be able to sing without calling a demon 😂😂

  78. Alicia Alvarez

    I love Dojoon’s accent so much the way he says “California” compared to Woosung is so cute 🥰

  79. Call Me Captain

    Song’s lyrics are so good uh

  80. Malorie

    Waiting for new releases feels terrible, but in the end I always get prouder and prouder of them every time a new song is shared with us. I'm so glad to have been part of their journey for two years now. Happy anniversary my loves! SEE YOU ON TOUR!

  81. 선샤인

    I’m impressed by woosung’s and dojoon’s high notes in this song 🥰😍 I had goosebumps
    Greetings from BLACK ROSE 🖤🌹🥀

  82. Hédia M

    The beginning is so similar with the beginning of ''falling'', by Day6 !

    Leslie Alamirra

    To me it has a chilled down "stop the rain" vibes

    Hédia M

    @Leslie Alamirra Yeah you're right ! Even more than ''falling'' ! (To be honest it reminded me of something but I wasn't sure of which song, and I thought it was ''falling'' but in fact it was ''stop the rain'' ! Thank you for finding out ! 😊)

  83. Saim Tron

    " maybe we wont make it far ,so enjoy it while we last " no no no The rose will last forever :((((

  84. Roki Tuulensola

    Fight me but dojoon has awesome high notes

  85. C_lia the fanatic

    just listening to the intro makes my heart skip a beat.

  86. Its jirio B

    I LOVE MY BOIZ😔❤️❤️

  87. Rest in Peaceminusone

    Gosh I missed Dojoons voice together with Sammy's it sounds so perfect. And this song ugh, I love this band so much ***-***

  88. Putri YP

    dat yeaah from woosung tho😍 blessed my ears

  89. LIZA

    Dojoon's voice it's just P E R F E C T!!!!

  90. Kezia Joy London

    Welcome me to your fandom, fans of The Rose

    Felix's freckles

    Me too😍


    What helped me get introduced to them was Feiis video of her doing the whisper challenge with them. The title doesnt mention the rose but its something like "doing the whisper challenge with kpop stars (we Stan a mess)"

    Kezia Joy London

    @Kass Thank you for that. I just watched it. And I can proudly say that we do Stan a mess.

    Felix's freckles

    @Kass dude i love feii, she's great

    The Alien x Bunny

    Black Roses!! :D (fandom name)

  91. Ana Clara

    Finally California studio version <3

  92. Gabrielle Lewis

    I almost forgot how much I needed Dojoon's voice

  93. Alicia Abdullah

    i was born and raised in california and i may or may not be crying because i miss it sm

  94. Cami Li

    Finally, a song that can explain to my mom the happiness of sleeping all day and eating all night.


    Haha! Right?

    kurama llama

    love the profile pic🙂

  95. Ama Herdittri

    Finally we got the studio ver y'all

  96. Michelle Moa

    The fact that I’m going to California tomorrow. I’m going to play all the time!! 😂🖤🌹❤️

    The Alien x Bunny

    The fact that I live in California
    This is gonna be played everyday of my life

  97. BlackHeart71

    "... eating all night"

    I´m sitting here with chips and Mango coke and listen to *The Rose* 🌹
    That´s all what I needed this evening. 💖


    @kiki -kiki
    😃 In my country we have a Coca Cola flavored with Mango. It´s delicious. That´s all.

    Julie Guilbert

    @BlackHeart71 where are you living ? i'm going to move haha


    MANGO COOKIE!!?? Wow thats what summer is in a cookie!!!


    @Sum it says mango Coke not cookie lmao


    hUh mAnGo cOkE?! ExCuSe mE wHuT.
    tElL wHeRe yOuRe fRoM I hAvE tO tRy dAt-

  98. Jennifer Patterson

    Im new to this group, so I think my bias is Dojoon.

    kurama llama

    he is a goof and adorable 🙂

    Jennifer Patterson

    kurama llama lol ik by looking at the videos of them, Lmaoooo


    Welcome! :D

    Nikolai Quack

    @kurama llama Not to forget that he can be very flirty with the audience, lol.

  99. brooke

    @ 1:44 it should be new friends instead of 'no fence' lol, they sang it on asc and he definitely said new friends +no fence doesnt make sense lol

    My Day

    Really? I watched ASC, too, and I definitely heard no fence, and it does make perfectly sense to me

    Nicole V

    I was about to say, as a Californian I would like to let it be known that there are fences in California, especially around cattle. ;)

    Sila Potuk

    In the album (RED) the lyrics is " no fence"




    It is fence, and does make sense what they're saying is in California people have no boundaries