Rose, Maggie - Right On Lyrics

World Keeps Turning, Keep On Rolling
Right On

Keep On Grooving, Don't Stop Moving
Right On

Thank You Father, Thank You Sister, Thank you Mother
And All My Brothers
Right On, Right On

Keep On, Keep On, Keep On, Keep On, Keep On, Keep On
Keep On, Keep On, Keep On, Keep On, Keep On, Keep On
Keep On, Keep On Movin', Keep On, Keep On Groovin', Keep On, Keep On

World Is Burning, Smoke Is Rising
Fight The Fire, Take You Higher
Right On

Come On People, Gotta Get Together
World Keeps Turning, Make It Better
Right On, Right On

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Rose, Maggie Right On Comments
  1. T Missing Link Videos

    Brotherly love this is a awesome video love the music

  2. Rachel Dickson

    Hi to Them Vibes and Maggie Rose, just found about you guys from listening to Maggie and absolutely love your music! So groovy and fun! Have subscribed as well! Sending lots of love from Melbourne, Australia

  3. james kesting

    this song is great!!! Love that Maggie Rose!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Don Manuszewski

    Right on is right on! Where the hell did you find the vintage mics?!?! Too cool!

  5. WOV


  6. Jaime Peele

    RIGHT ON!!!!!!!! 💃🏼🤘🏼❤️

  7. TheWsb2011

    The best groovy funky rock band ever. Keep movin' and groovin' #themvibes #shootoutmaggierose #righton

  8. Emily Holman

    You guys are amazing!! Love you guys!! 💗❤️💖

  9. Kelly McCall

    Come to Harrisburg! #RightOn

  10. TheCryptoGold

    Fun stuff. Even my daughter likes this one. I love the vocal harmonies.

  11. Danny Cuevas

    Rawk on, BrotherLove and Maggie Rose.......!!!!!! OOOOWWWWWWW!!

  12. Amy Dodson

    Keep on grooving!

  13. Tina Walker

    Right on baby! Love this song and video!

  14. Bev Washington

    This really brings me back to the '70's. It's SOOO much better!!!!!

  15. Glenn Dodson

    DJ pop cat is so freaking cool.
    Them Vibes and Maggie Rose rock #RightOn

  16. Frank Ducey

    Soooooooul Traiiiiiiiiin🎶🎶

  17. Frank Ducey

    I’m already subscribed. Guys. Come back to the Roasting Room.

  18. David Sheppard

    Awesome groove! 👌🤩🕺

  19. classixdrummer

    Groovy !

  20. tamara clark

    This video is one awesome video . Love it 💫💓💫💓💫💓💫

  21. Chakal

    Just heard you guys are playing Rockville Memorial Day weekend. #RightOn !

  22. Chester Braswell

    Sarah Tomek Drums just stands out. Best drummer

  23. Silverbirdmusic1

    I like! (no. 72) :-) !

  24. Allison

    They are even better in person!!!

  25. AMPlified Photos Music City Network

    THIS IS HAWT!! Jealous I wasn't at this dance party. Check out Brother Jimmy's moves! 😆❤

  26. Marie-Claude Caron

    WOW hot hot hot !!! Yep !!!

  27. Kristina Sullivan

    Love this soooo much

  28. Mike Talmadge

    See you guys in Bluffton!

  29. Terry Thomas

    Love this video!!! Always loved Them Vibes but have recently become a huge fan of Maggie Rose!!!!!

  30. Maggie Rose

    Right On!!

    Them Vibes

    Love you Maggie!

  31. kimberley1161

    I DIG IT!! #RightOn

    Them Vibes

    Right on!

  32. Glenn Dodson

    Band in the State of Romantic Ecstasy #RightOn I love it rock on my friends.

    Them Vibes

    Right on, Glenn!