Rose, Lucy - Night Bus Lyrics

When you see trouble in her eyes
And you've noticed but only realized
It's not fading how ever hard you try
'cause it's built in her for her life

I'm not alone
She said I'm not alone

She takes the night bus home
She's not faced by the darkness in her soul
And you barely catch a glimpse of her
'cause she's wrapped tightly hiding in her clothes

I'm not alone
She said I'm not alone

The strangers and they're walking my way
And I'm talking to myself
The strangers and they're walking my way
And I'm talking to myself
The strangers and they're walking my way
And I'm talking to myself

She said I'm not alone

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Rose, Lucy Night Bus Comments
  1. Nightwolf

    Still loving this track after a decade later <3

  2. Leo Oram

    One of the best songs ever.

  3. it's me, Leinie

    The first video that ever brought me to WLT 8 years ago, I miss you guys ❤️

  4. Rita Perry

    So Beautiful, and Peaceful, Thank you!

  5. XwX2-tailed-broken-foxXwX levi

    I think I finally found myself

  6. Leo Oram

    Best song ever.

  7. BadLactose

    hard to believe this was almost a decade ago!

  8. Jonathan Holleb

    I am thinking of a close friend struggling with depression today as I listen to this...Having suffered from severe depression myself, this song is transcendent...It deals with coming to grips with who you truly are & becoming fine with it...I really love it & I know that she would too.

  9. Sergio Jack

    Mi maestra lucy rose 🎸🎧

  10. alex lexton

    hello, I made this version of shiver using a single microphone, the vibratofiz effect without any help, it was natural, I did the melody, the instrumental drumming, the chorus part after a few sentences, sorry the Englishman will improve, was that I did the first without second chance,thanks, if you can make comments, give an opinion, some tips thanks link my video >>

  11. Rayssa Silva

    Eu adoro essa música

  12. Bronwyn Walsh

    My name is Lucy Rose to

  13. Jorge Guillermo Federico Ramírez Álvarez

    Never loose that bus again

  14. Edward Herrera

    When you see trouble in her eyes
    And you've noticed but only realized
    It's not fading how ever hard you try
    'cause it's built in her for her life

    I'm not alone
    She said I'm not alone

    She takes the night bus home
    She's not faced by the darkness in her soul
    And you barely catch a glimpse of her
    'cause she's wrapped tightly hiding in her clothes

    I'm not alone
    She said I'm not alone

    The strangers and they're walking my way
    And I'm talking to myself
    The strangers and they're walking my way
    And I'm talking to myself
    The strangers and they're walking my way
    And I'm talking to myself

    She said I'm not alone

  15. PS paint

    parfois, il faut revenir aux étoiles...

  16. Chris Cox

    That was beautiful ❤😓

  17. Huseyin Duran

    I listened this song , 6 7 years ago. I had bad times. I still have , nothig changed. Whatever, i love myself more. Wait, waiting is always good. Even if it’s not good. Wait, you will be fine ♥️

  18. Judith DaCosta

    Gorgeous voice!!!

  19. Jonathan Raspaut

    But the Man around you is perfect

  20. haziqzaq

    Can't believe this was when she was 21-ish. Time passes so fast... and now, we see such a mature sound to her third album.

  21. Franziska K

    how did they do this video with that good sound quality? I think they didn't record it firstly.. Does anyone know how that works?cause I don't see a mic.

  22. Sihong

    hey guys, I'm not good at Eng, so could u help me? what she says when this film begin. " Hi I'm lucy rose and...?" I can't understand what she said. thanks

    Takeshis Castle 691

    hi im lucy rose, and than something like : im here for watch listen tell at blabla sommer house and im gonna Play night bus :D

    Alex Davies

    It is: "I'm Lucy Rose, I've brought WatchListenTell to the park outside my house and I'm gonna play Night Bus"

  23. Bradley Henry

    Found this artist through finding WLT through finding Laura Marling through finding Cordelia Gartside through finding Alt-J through my ears ... I've journeyed a long way 😂



  25. anik obakk

    this song is so beautiful,i know how you feel.

  26. Travis Petersen

    Love it!

  27. Nadz Thomas

    She's singing about me...

  28. Albe

    So peaceful....

  29. folkfingerstylefreddy

    Beautiful, love the two guitar intro!

  30. Paula Minaya

    love you music <3

  31. MsXpert01

    what a gift to the world you are Lucy Rose

  32. Ria Trinidad

    Lucy gives me a reason to smile every day.

  33. Soljurn Stonner

    hey wonderful singer just letting u know i love your music

  34. I Am GQ

    Catfish: The TV Show brought me here

    Kazuki Katsuhito

    i liked her ever since watching mushi-shi ''shiver''

    I Slayed The Jabberwock

    Mushishi also brought her to me. xD

  35. Austin Ellis

    this song is so beautiful it makes me want to lay down in the woods, cry, and just think

  36. Jolly Infidel

    Lucy is my escape.

  37. กร เก้าตุลา


  38. Robert Sebree

    Robert Sebree
    Indie Artist Review.

    Send us your music for review.

  39. Dave Nehls

    Absolutely love it... Beautiful voice. Beautiful song.


    If you like Lucy Rose you may also enjoy Jasmine Lamport.

  40. Glimmer Shins

    its so sad but beautiful ah

  41. Aaron Scott

    Makes me think of my first girlfriend(my first kiss also) we were together 4 years than i moved away. I ran into her 1 time 4 years later and we listened to this song together, now its been 4 years since that day... Makes me wonder where and what shes doing right now.

    Mauro Renato

    soo nice to read it idk why

    Austin Ellis

    i know how you feel. i hope you find her.

    Victor Mahlangu

    At least you got the opportunity to run into her :(


    4 years were together, see her 4 years later, and now its been 4 years since you bumped into her... yh real convincing mate.

    Lucas D

    DrumtotheBass Woop *S A V A G E 😂😂*

  42. DrumtotheBass Woop

    taking me 20 mins to track how she was playing this -.-. Very talented though.

  43. Monique Williams

    I love this song!!! Always makes me emotional but I love her voice so beautiful mashallah

  44. Fake Tales

    i think she should go on a tour with ed sheeran

    Zolboo D

    She's with Bombay Bicycle Club


    Don’t insult her

  45. JenLevins

    Love this

  46. Robin Storr

    god l so want to die this day


    Are you still here? :D

  47. Magenta Maldita

    I love this song, there's just something so sad about it.

  48. donnydanko

    This summer I did a solo roadtrip across the country. On a lot of those nights alone on the bus, this song is what I fell asleep to. :)

    hans tonra

    +El Kohler Sounds so awesome.

    hans tonra

    +El Kohler I cried while listening to the song and thinking about this comment. Life is so precious.


    @Hans Nova It's pretty amazing how a little video like this can bridge the distance across the world...I posted this comment not thinking anyone would reply to it, so thanks for noticing :)

    Lifted Bodhisattva

    +eliz zz today you are being noticed just as and light 2/19/2016

    hans tonra

    @lala campbell :)

  49. Andy Hughes

    she can sing, lyrics are not bad, but pretty much i can turn up at 100 open mics and see a girl do this, nothing new here, move along...


    JASMINE her...stunning vox.

    The Ancient Spirits of Evil

    +crazy muffin read the comments, i made a retraction


    @crazy muffin

    He explained that at the time he wrote that he wasn't in the best place at the time, retracted his comment, & said it was actually quite good.
    While I agree with most of your argument, the second half in which you insult him, I must dub an over-reaction & unnecessarily insulting.
    Please refrain from saying such things as a reply to a comment that doesn't need a reaction that size.

    Jeremy Seinfeld

    ^^ I only red the top so I'm sorry

  50. greatworkouttips

    hey falsettos <3

  51. luanaggomez

    eu amo essa musica demais caraaa!

  52. Renee Koenig

    Great performance by Lucy Rose. Amazing song and artist!
    I have recently covered Night Bus, please check it out :)

  53. Dev Subrahmanian

    Definitely one of my favourites! 

  54. Martin Hayfield

    dieing to know what microphone the watchlistentell guy uses. my guess is a h4n?


    @Martin Hayfield I think it is.

  55. Brian Estes

    Yeaaa the whole Alanis moresette era is over mkay thanks

  56. Bailey Smith

    everything on this channel is amazing

  57. Josy Jack

    One of the songs that touched me the most.

    Luqman Nazery

    Josy Jack besides your uncle

    Franziska K

    Luqman Nazery Not funny

  58. Fanny

    oh, at first i thought "it sounds like lisa mitchell", but this is so good! <3

  59. Althea Tiao

    always perfect

  60. MsJoey

    What a wonderful, soft voice! <3 

  61. Pen and Paper

    why do i keep coming back to listen to her music?...oh yeah i forgot she's amazing that's why

  62. twetowncity

    This is great!

  63. Yamedo

    Lucy's cuter than I thought..
    Also had no idea there was another person with her in her music? Who's that guy?
    Imo the singers are just 30% of today's music.

  64. WhiteRiot681

    There is nothing in the world quite as attractive as a female guitarist with a gorgeous voice.

  65. dave parsons

    When you've listened to the delightful Lucy Rose...please google the following future classic...

    JASMINE "littlebird" LAMPORT'S "" BREATHE ""....a comment left behind...


  66. MrEnvisioner

    Found this artist through Mushishi Zoku Shou. Style is the perfect fit (both for the other). Great music!


    MrEnvisioner same!

  67. Queeshmael Mella

    Oh my gosh british singer and their accent... <3

    dave parsons

    Google JASMINE "littlebird" LAMPORT'S "" BREATHE ""....if you like it..please tell some friends.

    Евгений Нестеренко


  68. Kleyton Hunter

    great singer,love her and leigh nash too much

  69. ak2dogei

    Shes beautiful and so is the song haha

  70. Erick Sandoya

    Lucy message me.. tell me something!.. I like you and your songs too :D hello from Panamá City

  71. @DarrelsDiamonds

    In reply to Dominic A: Pretentious! Be quiet!

  72. 홍소람

    How adorable voice she have

  73. Hame Matem

    marry me


    which one? :D

  74. Shannon Jones

    Love your style, very calming: )

  75. Mizzvanity

    omg ive gone months looking  for this song herd it on catfish and stupid shazzam wouldnt recognize it glad i found it now i can rest

    Michael Tindale

    Shazzam can never find anything

    Type Talks

    @Michael Tindale anything good*

  76. karla cano lopez

    i love this song <3

    dave parsons

    Try this one..

    JASMINE LAMPORT'S BREATHE....."a voice which could easily crumple pavements"...kinda should be on a few million "views" list one fine day...Joe Public will know.

    Michael Raimondi

    @dave parsons so cliché, so meh

    dave parsons

    OK.....WHY by Jasmine Lamport or STRONG by Jasmine Lamport or "ORIGINAL THE CHILD by URBAN SEASCAPE(Sonic Foxx UK)"

  77. Dilashma Thapa

    So beautiful =]


    beautiful ... 

  79. Alex mta

    divine and heavenly!


    Alex..try this song..may also be tagged as divine and BREATHE by JASMINE LAMPORT...enjoy...ohhh..she's better "live"...

    "'s a little bit great isn't it?:) " of numerous comments left behind.

  80. david marrufo

    marry me

  81. Lauren Rycroft

    Lucy! i saw and talked to you when you did a gig in Lincoln, you're so genuine! I have just covered this, its my favorite of yours. keep singing lovely! xxxxxx

  82. kara gratton

    Wtf is catfish my friend told me to watch this haha

  83. Batuhan Tüylü

    What kind of idiots pushed the dislike button ?

  84. Andrew Joseff

    Beautiful song.

  85. The Jack of All Trades

    A friend of mine brought me here more than a year after catfish. Doesn't make me less of a fan.

  86. Rielly Lane

    What the fuck are you talking about?

  87. AntiKaese

    Thank you, Lucy!

  88. TheAndromeda1111

    love it!

  89. Kieran Dacey


  90. Shanieboy

    What Camera is this filmed on?
    Its Beautiful!!!

  91. Love


  92. LovetoAmused

    Thanks to catfish, love it :)

  93. commentor5

    I hate fucking wanna be hipsters who are like oooh I knew about this way before it was cool or way before anyone else did. Who gives a slice of a fuck! there are millions of great artists out there how the hell are we suppose to know about all of them without someone telling us. You can ride your fucking Triangle wearing, made up personality having, private coffee shop drinking, fake reading glasses wearing ass to hell for all I care.... That's been inside for a long time.. Im sorry


    thanks catfish