Rose, Lucy - Don't You Worry Lyrics

You'll take me home tonight
We both know that
You hold my arm firmly
And say oh please, don't leave

Don't you worry
I'm staying here
Don't you worry
Cause I'm not leaving
Don't you worry
Cause I'll stay here with you, with you
And I'll stay here with you, with you

You say it's time to leave
Cause it's getting dark
Feet moving on their own
We trust they'll take us home

Don't you worry
Cause I'm staying here
Don't you worry
Cause I'm not leaving
Don't you worry
Cause I'll stay here with you, with you

And so, won't you save me now [x4]
Save me now

Don't you worry
Cause I'm staying here
Don't you worry
Cause I'm not leaving
Don't you worry
Cause I'll stay here with you, with you
I'll stay here with you, with you
And I'll stay here with you, with you
And I'll stay here with you

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Rose, Lucy Don't You Worry Comments
  1. jupa

    rich e grace são meus dois nenes af

  2. jupa

    eu queria tanto essa versao no spotify :c

  3. Bianca Tăchiță

    dude i just feel like crying rn...

  4. SOLDADO 01

    Rip Grace

  5. YornalysLife Vlog

    keep listening at 2019

  6. Pedro jardel oliveira

    Essa música me remete a despedidas sem um "eu volto" no final.
    Tenho pensado muito em você.

  7. Jeremy Buenaventura

    songs few people like: 12 thousand likes

  8. Ligdjum Vidja

    I worry actually

  9. Bextt b

    Grace :c

  10. yeri

    *SPOILER IF YOU DIDNT GET TO SEASON 6 EPISODE 2* grace and rich were my favorite couple out of all of the couples/ships in skins. makes me so sad that she died :( but what REALLY confused me about that episode is when rich had sex with her and talked to her over the phone.. like was that just in his mind (well obviously) but like... i dont know how to explain it.. it just really confused me

  11. Dreamjohn Borces

    im gonna miss you grace 😢😭😭

  12. Fernanda haru


  13. Chin ChillaTV

    That episode was just and grace were the strongest characters in generation 3.

  14. v a n e s s a

    i just saw the episode and i'm dying rn.

  15. Selin Güler

    When ı was 12 ı listened this music , and ı met u lucy . How ı forget away days ?

  16. Sohane 66

    I started watching skins 3 months ago, and I fell in love with this show. I am watching gen 3 at this moment, and I finished the episode 2 of series 6, and I'm in tears. I loved Rich from the start, and then I began to love Grace. They are so pure and unproblematic, the most beautiful relationship of skins. The death of grace killed me so so much. It's amazing how much they love each other. I glad they made Rich " dream " about her, so we had a couple more scenes with her.

  17. Zoey Thompson

    Hi liked one of my videos added a comment

  18. Michelle Andersen

    IM fucking balling i miss grace

  19. Montserrat Alfaro

    i'm the only one who comes here because have a good taste of the music?


    Well they like the song as well or they wouldn't listen it in the first place, but most people did known the song with Skins and there's nothing bad about it, so don't feel better because you did known the song first or in a diferent way.

  20. Fri HG

    rich and grace 😢😢❤

  21. Keiza Roide

    Gracey... <3

  22. Ângela Duarte

    rich and Grace💕💕

  23. Janissa Lopez

    amazing song

  24. Jolly Infidel

    Some people gave this thumbs down...
    I feel sorry for them.
    they must have some sort of social issue or something.?

  25. Matilda Eleanor

    Gacey... 😰

  26. Javiera Canelo

    recuerdos mode on (rich and grace forever)

  27. Sheih Flores

    my gawd this makes me cry😢 rich and grace<\3

  28. O_ bsession

    I just cried and crap

  29. Certifiably Elitist

    I hope she has more success in in the uk than she does in the states

  30. Alyssa Lane

    Who the fuck are Richie and Grace?


    They're fictional characters of U.K. Based teen-age drama called Skins!

    Matilda Eleanor

    One of the best couples from Skins, and the one of the only reasons to watch seasons 5 and 6.


    Alyssa Lane the best couple from Skins gen 3. This song plays when she's dying in the hospital, and he refuses to leave her.

  31. Abi Alv

    No se porqué me hago esto, y me pongo a pensar en Grace y Rich, que merecían mucho más.

  32. Quinn N.

    Skins just ruined me #shewasonlyseventeen

  33. Rosanna Rivero

    best song ever!

  34. Kaegan Jones

    This will always and forever make me think of Rich and Grace😢 I never thought a fake couple on a Netflix series would have such an impact on me. They truly suck ass for not making more that show is amazing.. really sad but fucking AMAZING! 💖💖

    Redmiles Productions

    I completely agree!

    Mohit Keswani

    Keagan Jones it's not a Netflix series, the fact that it's there's doesn't mean it's from there

  35. Gustavo T.

    ...En sus pensamientos y corazón, jamas abandono a Rich. A ninguno de sus amigos!! :(

  36. Janeth Aldana Martines

    Grace 😭💙

  37. catalina soledad muñoz lopez

    Este tema siempre me hace llorar para vaciar la pena que siento con su ritmo, talves la letra no tenga que ver con los sentimientos encontrados que tengo al escucharla, solo quiero contar que siempre que la escucho me recuerda mucho a una persona muy especial para mi, no ah sido ni la primera ni la ultima en mi vida pero una persona que me marco y siempre recordare, lo mejor es que el tema me hace pensar en los mejores momentos, aun extraño sus abrazos, Saludos.

    Pawla Encinas

    +catalina soledad muñoz lopez Te comprendo completamente... <3

  38. des dulaa

    Rich & Grace were the best thing about gen 3. Why must tv characters hurt me so much.

    Kaegan Jones

    I feel the same way I legitimately cried when grace died.. im pissed they ended it they need to make more

    Marissol Villa

    des dulaa totally

    Dreamjohn Borces

    des dulaa i agree with you so much

  39. Lucy Diaas

    I love it... 😍🙊

  40. Sofii Zenobi

    this reminds me of kelly x nathan from misfits and that's nOT OKAY

  41. Emily Wallwin

    She is sooooooo good

  42. Lexie Calderon

    dude the seen in skins with this song is so fucking sad.

  43. Discrety Exo

    love this song so much ToT

  44. Lucas Henrique da Silva

    O casal mais fofo de Skins

  45. Jilly

    "Don’t grow up, Gracie, it’s shit." Rich

  46. Molly Hastings


  47. Selma Lise

    Grace Violet Blood ...

  48. Ashezs

    I swear the background is moving

    Lexie Calderon

    youre trippin

    Abby Brown

    Ashezs you're high. Go home

  49. Allena Atene

    Skins is why I'm here

  50. ParisSymone1

    i love this song so much but every time i listen to it it just reminds me of the episode Grace died, and it was such a sad moment :(

  51. Victoria Oliveira

    this song is so sad i cant even heard without cry a lot of skins memories

  52. Allyne Maciel

    Quando o Rich chora vendo os vídeos da Grace  e essa música toca ~é pra chorar!

    joyce paz

    ai bate aquela vontade chora com ele :'( 

  53. Fabi Turo

    Grace <3 

  54. Eva Gallego

    Everytime I hear it, only one word is in my mind "Grace".

  55. Stacy Dozier

    No grace no

  56. Melissa Tellez

    love this song

    Sophia Joyce

    Its awsome

  57. *sad clown noises*

    my heart hurts so much

    Bryan Oneill

    *hugs* It gets better

  58. iFuu cck


  59. Carlos Henrique


  60. Ryan Guzmán

    Whinderson me trouxe aqui!

  61. Michaela Mcknight

    Did florence+the machine and daughter have a kid? This girl is a perfect mix of the two...

  62. angelicwrath032

    Did anyone notice how the uploader's name is "songsfewpeoplelike" and this has almost a million views? Haha, it's a good song :)

  63. Joshua Best

    Skins Series 6 episode 2.  :)

    Victoria Vazquez

    what a beautiful episode

    Maryuri ZDsanchez

    Joshua Best justo lo estoy viendo y vine directo para aca!

    Marissol Villa

    Joshua Best if you didn't cry throughout this episode you didn't watch it right .. why does my heart feel broken wow 😭😩 totally love skins

  64. Londonn

    Rich and Grace was the best couple of Seasons 5 & 6. :'(


    So were Mini and Alo. :)

  65. Beth P

    what a beautiful noise

  66. Melody

    Skinsss <3

  67. YagmanX

    This lady is the reason why I desperately want to learn guitar!

    Bryan Oneill

    It's been 5 months. I sure hope you picked one up! When everything else fails, your guitar will be right there waiting. Don't let it down :)

  68. Andrew King & The Band Of King

    I never get sick of hearing this song <3

  69. ok trash

    skins is perfect and brought me here

    Lexi White

    Aliza Kunis love your profile picture so much

  70. Chiara Furfari

    Skins brought me here <3

  71. Isabelle Mohamad

    I loved the Song from the first second on 3

  72. David Aguirre Aguado


  73. Murder Of Crows

    Why was this on a fucking lamb of god video!

  74. daisha langelid

    I accually cried when this song played

  75. Dusty Starz

    God she is hot

  76. Vinícius

    Lucy Rose - Don't You Worry + Rainy Mood = awesome !

  77. serhatifunun

    Melis Danışmend lan bu

    fatima's bondage fetish


  78. sara jones

    I've never seen skins before but I love this song so much.

  79. Dairitian

    she was my fav... :(

  80. Jordan Thompson

    Rae Morris- don't go... Another brilliant skins tune

  81. Brooke Woltman

    For grace<3

  82. DjoubaDjouba

    Awesome song . Sincere thanks to Skins for broughting me here .

  83. beatrice shelby

    grace :'(

  84. Beste Öyekçin

    Was this song in Skins!? Wow never realized. I'm proud that I found this song by myself, cuz I love Skins :)

  85. Jasemine B.

    Grace and richh !!

  86. Karoline-Amalie Dalgaard

    Grace and Rich forever!<3

  87. Andromeda Hadouken

    Oh lawd. You're right!

    Both beautiful songs. :3

  88. Lauren Lapping

    I fucking love this song

  89. Amnesia Creations

    She has a great voice

  90. Victor bragança paiva

    muito bom .

  91. Victoria Oliveira

    I'm Crying because i remember Rich and Grace

  92. InesLemosRibeiro

    Simple but beutifull song :)

  93. The Outlook Productions

    Ok Lucy Rose's eyes, I won't worry if you say so.

  94. Julisanru

    I'm in love <3 Lucy is so beautiful *-*

  95. Mirzana Mujanovic

    ******* "songsthatfewpeoplelike"

  96. Jocelin Mel

    right <3
    so perfect

  97. Antdant4435

    2:00 is fucking amazing

  98. FRED

    Wow this girl is so beautiful