Rose, Lucy - Conversation Lyrics

Conversation don't come easy
But I've got a lot to say
If you look at what we once had
Well, it feels many moons away

But I came for you
I've dreamt names for you
It's true
No one makes me high like you do
And I craved for you
I lost sleep with you
Who knew?
No one loves me quite like you do

Read me wrong, you won't be the first
And sure as hell not the last
No one told us this was easy
We felt like it should've been

But I came for you
I've dreamt names for you
It's true
No one lets me down like you do
And I craved for you
I lost sleep with you
Who knew?
No one loves me quite like you do
But no one lets me down like you do

And this is your last chance
To figure it out

That I came for you
And I've dreamt names for you
It's true
No one makes me high like you do
And I craved for you
I lost sleep with you
Who knew?
No one loves me quite like you do
But no one lets me down like you do

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Rose, Lucy Conversation Comments
  1. Just a guy

    Hope seeing them kissing was the first emotional punch of Legacies season 2

  2. Barri Chase

    So gets me right in the heart. No words to say, what I love about this song and performance. Heart piercing.

  3. RefleX RS

    Who came here after legacies s02e01

  4. Srijan Kumar

    Who is after seeing#JANDON KISS FROM LEGACIES 😍😍😍😍

  5. Anna Marie

    Anyone here for Legacies?

  6. Isaac Bobonis

    Who's here for Legacies season 2 premier?


    you dun kno

  7. Tha_ akey

    I finally fond this song thank you it’s amazing ❤️

  8. Nicole Lazo

    I heard this song from Legacies, and I loved it and I had to find it. ❤️❤️

  9. Gomes Ws

    Meuu amigo,que música é essa com essa voz.Incrivel!!

  10. João Miguel


  11. niar mee

    Cozy, My special friend,
    send me this song before we lost in touch. I still wondering if it has some deep meaning. But if he listen to this music anytime, I want to let him know whoever he actually is. I'm glad that I have known him.

  12. Lior Arbel

    Suzanne Vega quality...

  13. Fai Chanokporn

    this song is so amazing!
    love from Thailand

  14. TalkToTheBody

    Unbelievably good. There are some recorded songs in musical history where the producer and artist must think “I think we’ve just created a masterpiece”, songs like The Beatles’ Eleanor Rigby, Johnny Cash’s Hurt, Amy Lee’s Going To California (yes i know it’s a cover version), Kate Bush’s The Man With The Child In His Eye’s, Tori Amos’ Winter etc etc etc., this song of Lucy’s is up their in the premier league it’s that good, staggeringly good. The time frame where the vocal harmony drops in, when the bass slips in and that unexpected middle eight. This song without a doubt would be in my all time top 50.

  15. まゆまゆ

    I am a japanese high school student.
    I have been cheering for you from Japan!

  16. C. Bennett

    Is this a cover? The vocal melody sounds so familiar 🤔


    maybe cos of the song "words don't come easy" ...?

  17. TalkToTheBody

    Lovely voice, great production ... the girls are seriously leading the pack at the moment

  18. Alinani kawala

    Why only a few hundred thousand views, this song is amazing.

  19. Livia Alves

    Love it!!!

  20. David Gibbs

    Saw her - last night - excellent!

  21. Tine Renhorn

    this song is healing me so much right now.. <3 thank you

  22. Jg willow

    You was brilliant live in Manchester 👏👏

  23. Roger Mehta

    I'm spanking new to Lucy Rose. Such a stunningly beautiful voice with music & lyrics full of integrity! Hope you come to Ireland soon Lucy!!!

  24. Nadine López

    I really love this song! My favorite of the year

  25. Taj Midger

    Who keeps coming back for that pang of utterly strange sadness in 2019?

  26. Taj Midger

    Such sadness aren't we having?

  27. Adrian Kingdon

    A powerful song with staccato-like guitar and subtle strings. The opening video shot of Lucy’s silhouette hunched over in a skull shaped ball of light made me immediately feel that this song is completely introspective. Like some kind of emotional X-ray.

  28. Randy Kurniawan

    it moves me.

  29. Leo Oram

    No one lets down like you do?
    Lucy Rose is like eternal or something.

  30. Leo Oram

    She never left in my mind.
    This is so great, she is always so great.

  31. Zylphiaa

    This is so emotional, im crying 😂

  32. loveme567

    TOMMOROW💕 HER NEW ALBUM!!!💗💕💕 currently 6:23pm March 21 2019.

  33. Strapper's Girl

    When you thought you had everything and it turns out you had nothing at all :'(

  34. Vicki Thomas

    Beautiful and sad....

  35. Bidushi Roy Chowdhury

    This song made me cry instantly as I started to think about Us <3

  36. Fufana

    I'm crying so much rn, this is a masterpiece

  37. Dylan Kwok

    nope. Not the one I was looking for.

  38. pontepolentepontepi


  39. Flávio Luz

    amo - te

  40. Nicolas Alejandro Roma

    Does anyone else notice that aprox on the min 2:40, the voice is splitted in two tones on each side of the speaker, like a "conversation"... Dreamlike

  41. jojojuan20

    She’s amazing

  42. Trevor Vigors-Evans

    I'm new to this artist, and became aware of this song through fairly heavy rotation on BBC6 Music. Utterly gorgeous and very haunting. Right now I can't stop playing it.

  43. Jason Hepworth

    It's becoming a cliche, BUT, how can there be dislikes to this song. It's timeless and full of harmony. Why are the people that dislike it even bothering to click on it? Same people that want to be the first comment on RATE MY PLATE.

  44. Rosie

    Absolutely Magical

  45. Joyce

    God, I love her.

  46. Enzo Zaqueu

    Loved it, my my, Lucy just gets better every single time she make a new music

  47. Enzo Zaqueu

    Now I'm really, really, reeeeaaaally sad

  48. Rikki Turner

    No words. Heartbreaking

  49. Talisson Jiu Jitsu ريال

    She's my confessions in youtube !❤

  50. Damián Antonio Rojas

    fakinhel, she's finally back !!!

  51. Da Fish

    T h a n k s for the beautiful song

  52. 10:11 PM - The power of music

    shared this on Facebook! / heeft dit gedeeld op Facebook!

  53. Tehillah Henry

    Omgosh this song is so heartfelt. Lyrics so rich. Lucy dear it's beautiful. <3 Thanks for sharing your heart. ^_^

  54. Jolly Infidel

    Her music always sounds best after I get home after drinking far too much beer with my idiot friends.
    So calming honest and relaxing.

  55. Kajii Demarco

    I'm really excited for this new album 😍

  56. butterfly 14


  57. Susan Hollander

    What a beautiful song! Please come to Toronto (Canada) on Tour!

  58. natsume

    Aconteceu alguma coisa com ela? Achei o instrumental tão melancólico. Senti vontade de chorar quando vi a Lucy cabisbaixa pq é exatamente o que eu tenho feito, jogo meu cabelo pra frente do rosto pra evitar que as pessoas me olhem. Blé. Sinto que esse álbum novo será bem profundo.


    Talvez, ela nunca se pronuncia quando acontece algo, alem do mais ela tinha dito a muito tempo que o proximo album dela seria outra vibe..

  59. Nor Amin

    why I cry?

  60. VeeBiscuit

    You are so fucking amazing

  61. John Smith

    Voice and music beautiful as ever. Love this can't wait for the gigs! (Goose)

  62. Denise

    💖🎶🎧🎶💖 Absolutely Beautiful!

  63. allan Walker

    Love the song Lucy! I think they should promote all of her material through Youtube. I first heard her music through an anime called Mushishi! I prefer her music compared to today's music. Pop songs these days lack originality, and they're less pleasant/soothing to listen to. Lucy's music is so relaxing! Really like "I tried" as well! So good!!!

  64. Silvana Leiva

    You voice is awesome, I love all your songs!

  65. Mon Navarro

    La conversación no es fácil

    Pero tengo mucho que decir

    Si nos fijamos en lo que una vez tuvimos

    Bueno, se siente a muchas lunas de distancia.

    Pero vine por ti

    He soñado nombres para ti

    Es verdad

    Nadie me hace alto como tú

    Y anhelé por ti

    Perdi el sueño contigo

    ¿Quien sabe?

    Nadie me ama como tú

    Léeme mal, no serás el primero

    Y seguro que no es el último.

    Nadie nos dijo que esto era fácil.

    Sentimos que debería haber sido

    Pero vine por ti

    He soñado nombres para ti

    Es verdad

    Nadie me decepciona como tú

    Y anhelé por ti

    Perdi el sueño contigo

    ¿Quien sabe?

    Nadie me ama como tú

    Pero nadie me decepciona como tú.

    Y esta es tu última oportunidad.

    Para averiguarlo

    Que vine por ti

    Y he soñado nombres para ti

    Es verdad

    Nadie me hace alto como tú

    Y anhelé por ti

    Perdi el sueño contigo

    ¿Quien sabe?

    Nadie me ama como tú

    Pero nadie me decepciona como tú.

  66. Julia Halligan

    I saw her at Royal Festival hall in October. She's anazing. Her live vocals are something else.

  67. Sonsuz Design

    We Really Missed You !! 💜

  68. cocteautwinned

    Love this

  69. pino san

    Hope you are doing okay

  70. hopeless_name

    I'm in love <3

  71. Yara Bastos

    Like always, you make me cry with your AMAZING job! Thank you for put so much emotion into your song <3

  72. christian pomrenski

    Really good song. I love the lyrics. Most of all I'm in love with your voice. I love the texture. I could forever listen to it.

  73. Ja'Brea Bennett

    What a wonderful love it must have been
    To have a body alive and breathing enough
    To live in a song like matter if it's no longer here
    How lovely it is
    To have a song that keeps it here

  74. ARD416

    🤗...A fan from India

  75. broga65

    I love the way you give us new, interesting sounding songs but you still sound like you and sing with such expression. Thank you!

  76. Fabian Van Der Elst

    This is just straight up great! She has very much potential to become famous in my opinion! She makes music that pop listeners today might find okay, while retaining enormous originality and authenticity, emotion, and having profound lyrics. You know what? She's too good to actually get to the top charts, because nowadays real talent is not really needed there! This was one fine recommendation from YouTube! Gorgeous song! :)

  77. Mathieu Norry


  78. Juan Carlos Domínguez

    Amo tu músic, Lucy. No pares!

  79. HotCoffee & Good Music

    Her voice is the definition of remedy.

  80. Alyssa Serrano

    Anyone know the finger picking pattern and chords??

  81. Francisco 18


    Indie Playlist

    Curte folk Brasil? Dá uma passada no nosso canal de playlists... tem muita folk nacional por lá!

  82. Frank Birtwistle

    Welcome back - missed you. Can't wait for the postman to bring your CD :)

  83. 나너

    I hope that one day, she will have a tour in Korea.

  84. Katie Stait

    💕 This 🎶 💕

  85. Alicja Solska

    I was here when it was 13 hours after releasing this song and I was sad that it had not even 150 likes. But I''m listening to this song again, everyday, couple of times, becouse it is soo good.

    Lucy, I just wanted to tell you that your voice is amazing. It is like warmth of fireplace during white christmas, like laying down on a grass and watching nightsky in summer or like fog in the mountains.. So mesmerizing, that you want to catch this moment and make it last forever.

    Thank you very much for your hard work <3

  86. Matheus Nunes

    This song makes me want to cry... you voice... your essence... you are perfect Lucy, a complete artist

  87. Staci Koutsis

    Just discovered her today. This is liquid gold.

  88. Judglz

    I love this and I absolutely can't wait for the new release!

  89. Raven Mackenzie

    this has been on repeat since it came out <3

  90. Gahii Ja

    It's been 6 years since I knew your amazing voice
    and I remembered your songs so I looked for you on Youtube.
    It really made my day to see you still shining with that beautiful voice❤️


    come to turkey please

  92. Long-Hin SHUM [13R07S]

    Lucy is back!!