Roscoe Dash - My Own Step Lyrics

I got my own steps
I got my own style
[repeat 4x]

I can get this party started
Watch how.
We can do it

[Verse 1 - Roscoe Dash]
Step it up step it up step it up step it up
Break the knob off right now
Crumpin or stuntin do what ya wanna
Imma crank the party up right now (right now)
Roscoe be so flexxed up
And I make it look so effortless
I show out show out everwhere I go out
Ten bad models watch me when I go out
Oh how know I go so hard
Imma big dog stick out my yard
Press record cuz you gon wanna take this spaceship
Takin off on a one way to mars
And you turn up regardeless
Show out and go the hardest
Go dumb go dumb go dumb lose control and go retarded
See I got my own steps and I got my own style
Overseas money honey me turn up a long time
R.O.S.C.O.E. I done blew up like a landmine
And I'm winnin by a land slide

I got my own steps
I got my own style
[repeat 4x]

I can get this party started
Watch how.
We can do it

[Verse 2 - T-Pain]
Nappy boy boy boy boy [x2]
I got my own steps I got my own style
If everybody keeps stealin it from me
Then Imma have to go wild
Yeah better back up boy
When the dj turn the track up boy
Cuz all these haters in the club
Must wanna really wanna see the teddy pizzle act up boy
Calp clap clap clap boy on the nude dance floor
And I take your girl to the show and tell
And if I perform well thats gonna give her more to tell
Doin just what we doin girl don't even know what she doin
Homie if she take this trip again you will never fit again
Steppin in and out I got my own step my own clique
Lovin on that chick I left her in that club like oh sh*t
Oh its just another one of them classic t-pain antics
Got her makin up brand new dances
She get low to the ground like antz'
Everytime I put on anteris
All she think about is marriage
Homie you cant pull no girls
You're like a horse with out a carriage
Damn I don't even know how many karats in my chain chain
Buddy do I have to explain splain
Nobody on the corner got swagger like us
You got yours from t-pain

I got my own steps
I got my own style
[repeat 4x]

I can get this party started
Watch how.
We can do it

[Bridge - Roscoe Dash]
Umm now that partys turned up whatchu gon do?
Errbody wit me boppin like a hippy
Id be mad if I was you...
Because I party party party hardy
Shorty go retarded
Gon and do yo dance and...
Just go stupid do it do it
Show em you're the man
Or woman and cant nobody else do it like you can
Gon and break it down break it down break it down break it down
Do it wit no hands
Aint no copy cats around here boy we settin trends

I got my own steps
I got my own style
[repeat 4x]

I can get this party started
Watch how.
We can do it

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Roscoe Dash My Own Step Comments
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    Awesome song
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    i've just acknowledged frames from step up 3d and the other frames are from what movie(s)?

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    what ever happend to roscoe dash did he die?

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    i heard he works for Lyft now

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