Roscoe Dash - Explicitt Lyrics

Can I be explicit
Tell you what I'm feeling
I'm in need of love love
I just want to fuck but
Can I be explicit
Tell you what I'm missing
I'm in need of love love
I Just want to fuck but

Ah hi ma L. O. V. E
She drop it for me down like hello Ki Ki
That is no nasty she fell on me she
Hit a prize for a nigga ain't no freebee
That's me in the time I wanna she will be
On a we be going to the next day
Express saying she will be good the next day
So she will be right back
Nightcap bright her around she can be right back
Come here for the land and I ran and again she
Be throwing hoops like oops birthday too
Come here troops we play Adam and Eve
We trying to get back to our roots
All troops no lie till we lie and she came first
She talks truth no lies she finish first no ties
White lines she kill it every time for a nigga
Pulling every dime for a nigga
One time for my nigga

Can I be explicit
Tell you what I'm feeling
I'm in need of love love
I just want to fuck but
Can I be explicit
Tell you what I'm missing
I'm in need of love love
I just want to fuck but

Oh my oh my
Everytime on time
Public right public right
Cause we been locking right
Knock it down
Man those niggas can't cut me right
Drop it like it's too hot kill a fool now
She run for like two blocks
When I drive in it slide in it
Hard work I put another 5 min in it
All winners I did it getting head
But it is my business so bring your
Friends out of mind bitches out
Of line with it blank I was running out of time
Out of time but it is ever than could have
Medal through the block and put a difference
If we like and we go down down where ever
We were never saw so listen to mama
Where were to white I swear

Can I be explicit
Tell you what I'm feeling
I'm in need of love love
I just want to fuck but
Can I be explicit
Tell you what I'm missing
I'm in need of love love
I just want to fuck but
Be explicit
I just want
I just want to fuck but
I just want
I just want
I just want
Be explicit
I just want
I just want
I'm in need of love love
Can I be explicit

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Roscoe Dash Explicitt Comments
  1. Ghost

    Where are all the 2020 watches at?

  2. Samantha Gxld

    If you lived through the 2009-2012 club days you already know

  3. Jacey Braveheart

    January 2020. I’m on one of those YouTube rabbit holes where I listen to older music

  4. Shacoria Davis

    2020 here🗣🗣

  5. Eric Mogaecho


  6. Mario Meza

    Man brings back memories from a decade ago. young guys word of advice, fuck the bitches and get that green instead, these bitch ass hoes arent loyal, so dont fuck up your life and get a gf. You will ruin your life and you will never be able to enjoy the single life and all that money that you make. I didnt learn my lesson the second time and I'm all fucked up, my life that is.

  7. Ms. Wilson

    Sorry but this is my first time listening to waka haha.

  8. Carol Fleet

    WERE the lady's at

  9. Janessa Gonzales


  10. Jay Marie

    Anyone in 2020

  11. Russell Hunt

    Generation Z kids in 2020 dont have a clue. They to busy watching other kids play minecraft on youtube.

    Mine included!

  12. Elijah Campbell

    Were all the 2020 watchers

  13. Sara Ann Vickers

    I like the porn when the girls deep throat a monster that shit is so fascinating

  14. Sara Ann Vickers

    well I need my hands, I might get choked shallow throat over here

  15. Royal Lilly

    2020 still bang 🥳🥳🥳🥳

  16. G ODE

    2020? flock!!!

  17. sabrina ornelas

    2020 bitches!!!🤘🤙👌

  18. Carolmel ATL Productions

    It's my BIRTHDAY🌍💃😁
    January 5th 2020💯💯💯

    Malik Lions

    Happy birthday

    Carolmel ATL Productions

    @Malik Lions Thanks Malik🤗😁💃

    Malik Lions

    How uk my name lol

  19. Jason Hutson

    This song is always been on 🔥!

  20. Playground Justice

    Rain rain go away
    That’s what all my haters say
    - ouch

  21. chocolate_queen

    Wale in 2011: I sweat no bitches

    Wale in 2019: Many brothers have loved you but this pleasure is mine

  22. Charon Barber and Beauty Supply

    Here for it in 2020 🔥

  23. Johnny b

    2020 baby, who crossed the decade with this greatness?!?

  24. White Clouds & Unicorns

    Here Jan 2020 🔥🔥🔥

  25. Kyler Stephens

    2020 still slaps

  26. YoutubeSnagger

    love this in 2020

  27. Dequin Melton

    Lets Start 2020 right🔥

  28. Toi Shelton

    #2020 💃🏽💪🏽 Rip Dymun 😘💜

  29. Jim Jag

    Look ma NO HANDS!!!

  30. sweetblack985

    In 2020 with it 🥳🥳‼️

  31. Gina Smith

    2020 anyone ?

  32. xSwuZzyx !

    2020 anybody

  33. Redd Dizon

    you guys know this is about a girl giving fellatio without using hands right ?

  34. Rico Roberts


  35. Rico Roberts

    🌈Rey Mysterio & Maria chat thoughts👁👁Hey princessa THE ROCK IS GOING to take a Juilliard Venture🤴🏾👌🏾🙇🏾‍♂️👨🏾‍🚀👨🏾‍✈️🌟☀🎑🎈🎫🎃🎀

    Rico Roberts


    Rico Roberts


  36. B1ind B1ake

    This song makes me want to grab my crotch and say the"n" word...

  37. rodrigo Silva

    2019 Brazil 🇧🇷

  38. Blaçk Moön

    Damn back then the highest quality was 480p sheesh😬

  39. Tonii Curtis Smith

    I listening this til 2020

  40. Lashinda Henry

    i remember jamming to this song when I was little and having the windows down and standing out of them

    The memories 😔🥺

  41. Alicia Gentry

    Love you my best friend in the red truck

  42. Raej Jerkins

    Almost 2020 and still here❤️

  43. MrDubAccord

    That motherfuckin’ Purple and White Chevelle though😍

  44. Latrice Wright

    Still here the end of 2019 ❤️

  45. David Gregory Dobson

    Let me get some money.

  46. epic gamer

    Damn all these guys are damn near irrelevant now they need to collaborate again and make a comeback song

  47. Elijah Chavez

    Boutta be 2020

  48. Ariel Charles

    I remember when Wacka was in Chicago on my block deep as fuck, they got food from the famous Uncle Remus restaurant

  49. Frederick Walker

    Many party nights on this MF.

  50. Joaquin Pelufo

    Who still listening to this heat? 2020

  51. Cyrillx

    Where roscoe now?

  52. D'Anthony Shipps

    9 years wow

  53. killa ja

    freshman year of high school anyone ? lol

  54. TBlackOutDaBoot ___


  55. Latricia Blue

    This my song

  56. Elizabeth White

    Twearking right now😫

  57. Life as Ni'Yunna

    I was 3 now 11

  58. wwechick523

    Back when I was a ratchet hoe in college... lol

  59. leyxus warren

    Love this song

  60. Jalin Smith

    Who can press that like button with no hands 😂😂

  61. wordsandphotos60

    Look ma , no hands 💙

  62. Lee-Lee

    Was that girl with the blonde patch Masika Kaleesha/Fetty Baby mama

  63. My Warrior Essence

    Wow so he was not always a mumble rapper...waka wow

  64. Shaun Ervin

    Wale killed this

  65. Rafael Rivera

    Party anthem

  66. Jerome Schulze

    Song went hard in the club

  67. britt hester


  68. Diego OG

    who came here after trying to listen to the "clean" version just before?

    can't listen to a "clean" version of some Artists, doesn't make any sense.

  69. Mikos Monroe

    This song here go. Lol

  70. 02supertoxic

    Damn man, shit takes me down memory lane. Bumping to this shit with my realest nigga in the strip club in Albany. My boy now out working in Vietnam, i fucking miss you bro. Lets tear this shit up on our next reunion #TheyShouldKnow

  71. VikkyRozay

    Flagrant 2 boys rapping Wale's verse brought me here

  72. DeathsInverse

    Wale smoked this, classic 🔥🔥🔥

  73. 707tgreen Norcal

    Roscoe fell off

  74. Kevin Hernandez

    I’m favorite song

  75. Heather

    Look mom no hands

  76. Wooskie Don't Shoot em 400EastK

    Take me Back to 2009 -2012


    Gooody gone bad but ser thisnjointncranks look 👀 like it smell of loud cheap fume hot ass arms but still that beast Nov 2019! Crankficcial

  78. Ricky Saunders

    2019 what’s good

  79. Miss Nae

    Still here
    Love #myASU

  80. Carmise Fede

    Yerrr 2019

  81. Bray Zap

    2011 one of the last few years of amazing music

  82. DswureTheSwaggnificent

    When I tell you I use the scream Roscoe's verse to the top of my lungs when it came on, like I would get beyond hype, as if my 13 year old broke didn't know nun about life ass could actually relate to anything he was saying, LOL.....But regardless, for that 52 seconds of that verse, I thought I was that nigga, you couldn't tell me shit, I would go tf off.

  83. kamoi chapman

    This a CD house party by meek mill Was the hottest song in my high school

  84. Jamiyah Thomas


    Comments: wHoS wAtChIng tHiS iN....

  85. G10 g. 1.0

    This song is part of the playlist of my childhood

  86. Michael098

    if your late 90s kids we got the last good era of rap before the bullshit started we still have a select few from this time still popping so we good for now.

    OTL 6

    Im a whole ass 2001

  87. Mark Hill

    Whatever happened to roscoe dash and wake flocka? I hate it when rappers make a few hits and disappear ughh

  88. Charles williams


  89. Douglas Ashley

    Waka will always go hard in the mutha fuckin paint with every song. Plus going Ham is a straight upgrade from bologna, bitch!