Roscoe Dash - Elevator Love Lyrics

What Happened To You Callin Me Last Night?
-You Know I, I, I Had A...
What The Hell Was You Doin That Was So Important?
-I Had, I Had Somethin...
You Know What I Don't Even Wanna Know
-What You Mean?
I Don't Think I Can Do This Anymore

Elevator Love
Your Love Is Was Up
I Know We Have Our Ups And Downs
We Go From Kissin, Huggin, Lovin
To Screamin, Fightin, Fussin
Now Your Talkin Bout Your Kickin Me Out
But When You Go Up Down
Up Down
Those Quickly Turn To Love Sounds
Everytime I Call She Pick Me Up
Just Like A Bus Route
Trade The Love For Nothin Girl
Your Love Is Irreplaceable
Cuz You Are My Everything

[Verse 1]
Our Elevator Love Is Full Of Ups And Downs
But Then Agrivated Accusations When I Come Around
You Say You Know Whats Goin On
When I'm Out There On The Road
What Do You Think I'm Kickin It With Hoes
When I Don't Call After My Show
But Little Do You Know That Your Love Is Irreplaceable
Your Love Is Number One
Because You Do Your Best To Make It So
Wifey Status
You The Badest
Sexual Professional
N I Be Out My Mind
If I Ever Thought To Let You Go


[Verse 2]
You Got My Mind Goin Up And Down Like An Elevator
The Things You Do Got Me Wonderin Why I Even Bother
Our Love Is Strong
But Sometimes I Just Wanna Let It Go
But The Next Minute Were Under Covers
So Lets Take It Slow
Hoo Ha - Hoo Ha
Why You Got Me Sayin
Hoo Ha - Hoo Ha
What The Things You Doin
Tell Me Why You Playin
When You Know I'm Stayin
Your Elevator Love
Keeps Me Elevated

[Chorus x2]

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