Rosanne Cash - Black Cadillac Lyrics

Rosanne, baby come on

It was a black Cadillac drove you away
Everybody's talkin'
But they don't have much to say
There was a black sky of rain
None of it fell
One of us gets to go to heaven
One has to stay here in hell

Now it's a lonely world
Guess it always was
Minus you and minus blood
My blood

It was a black Cadillac

Like one you used to drive
Now you were always rollin'
But those wheels burn up your life
Oh, it's a black heart of pain that I'm wearin'
Suits me just fine
Oh, there was nothin' I could do for you
When you were still alive

Yeah, it's a lonely world
Just a numbers game
Well, a hundred years
Will find me feelin' just the same

Yeah, it's a lonely world
I guess it always was
Minus you and minus blood
My blood

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Rosanne Cash Black Cadillac Comments
  1. Eric Hauser Sr.

    awesome song..!!!
    awesome voice..!!!
    such a beautifull lady.!

  2. trappist07

    Production on this album and "The River and the Thread" from husband John Leventhal is spellbinding

  3. Jane Doe

    @jefftate Well, The List is an album full of her father's favorite songs, often in his style. Do you find her style different?

  4. jefftate

    to bad she didn't stick to her roots. she could have learned alot from her step mom and dad. who's going to feel there shoes when all the good ones are gone. pop goes the country. what a shame.

    Kenny Dobbins

    There are still a few traditional style artists.