Rory Gallagher - Wayward Child Lyrics

Well you always were a problem
Always running wild
Trouble is your middle name
You know you're the wayward child
You always get your feet wet
You always play with knives
Watch that you don't cut yourself
You know you're the wayward child
They call you the wayward child
Well you've always gone your own way
Sometimes you play with fire
Well can you run forever
Before you run right out of time
Will you run right out of time
Nothing's gonna change you

It ain't no use
Well who is gonna tame you
Tie you in a noose
Well no one's gonna change ya
Ain't no use
And no one's gonna tame you
Tie you in a noose
Well you always were a problem
Never meek and mild
Life is just a street fight
Well you know you're the wayward child
You always get your feet wet
You always play with knives
Watch that you don't cut yourself
You know you're the wayward child [x3]

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  1. giorgos papadopoulos


  2. Jimmy Strange

    Best material out~Thanks m *

  3. diego ribeiro

    absolutely amazing period

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  5. Özer Altun

    (0:38) Rory showing Bonzo how better rock guitarist than Mr. Page is look like! MONSTER!

  6. Bryan Kerr

    Where's my time machine?

    Aparecida Mendes

    Bryan Kerr
    When you finally find your time machine, please take me with you!

  7. Tom Belanovic

    You can see here how the metalheads loved him dearly too. He was across the board musician. Hard Rock, you had it, Blues, the master, Folk, also thrown into the "mix". He could play some serious jazz stuff too, especially back in the Taste days. He would throw in some funky bits here and there too. Like the writing my wife & I left by his graveside: "They don't make 'em like you any more". Well, they don't, do they?

    Patrick Murray

    That’s for sure

  8. alarmfannh

    Mr. John Bonham on the right.

  9. Jimiplayscobo

    Nice Intro with Billy Connolly and Rory shines on this :) Peace

  10. patch1415

    To me, the greatest player ,ever.

    Sonja Martens

    For me too

  11. Paul McAteer

    My favorite guitarist being introduced by my favorite comedian!!

  12. Barry Hayward

    Great performance from Rory, typical of those days tho, that they end the programme while the band's still playing

  13. Yassine Ghaffouli

    RIP Rory and Bonzo

  14. Nicoly Alves

    subtitles in Portuguese please, in interviews too !!

  15. A. RUBIN

    Rory once again show why he is in the top ten greatest guitarists who can sing and play rock & blues. I would put him in the top five of the ten. This is amazing footage. Thanks for posting this. I would have to say 1979-80 was Rory`s most amazing years. Because he had great songs from Top Priority and Photo Finish which had his best crafted songs. Calling Card is also a master work by Rory and his band. Ted is one of the best Bass players around. What a team him and Rory made. It is now legendary.

    Tom Belanovic

    Ted? You mean Gerry (McAvoy). Ted McKenna was the drummer.

    Aparecida Mendes

    A. RUBIN
    Yeah, this gorgeous irishman was the whole package - amazing as guitar player, singer, songwriter and performer.
    And never forget that above all, Rory was amazing as a human being.

  16. John O'Shea

    This is the absolute best version of Bad Penny on YouTube...thanks a million for uploading....

    Ignacio Campos

    Yeah lml

    Brain Stormer

    The Montreux 1985 version is pretty tasty. Better video sound quality too.

  17. Rich K

    Never knew that ‘Ol Rory could incite such vicious head banging back in 1980! If they’d gone to an Iron Maiden gig instead, they’d probably go into convulsions! Never mind if they got ahold...hit the FF button, oh never mind 🤘

  18. Oregon Patriot

    Love Roy!
    LMAO at the 'front row head shakers' though.


    One guy had a Rush jacket on. I remember when Rush used to back up Rory :) Peace

  19. Ryan King

    Now THATS a crowd!!!!

  20. bronyr

    Oh my gosh!!!! Thank you for this beautiful clear recording of that legendary night.


    It would be lovely if you were able to post a cleaned-up version of Billy's interview with John :)

  21. Tony Sergakis

    Is that John Bonham with Billy?

  22. ᚺᚨᚾᛋ ᚹᚨᛚᛏᛖᚱ ᛃᚨᚲᛟᛒ

    The unique ❤️🎸

  23. Santiago Acevedo

    5:55 Rory'ed

  24. Mark Rogers

    Rory is brilliant as always & man those 70's Premier mahogany shells sound fantastic!

  25. tiponin23

    Beauty! Thank you for this!

  26. Michael O Brien

    Absolute Gold

  27. NiftyPlymouth

    Great stuff!!!

  28. john smith

    RIP Rory and Ted brilliant music always Rory

  29. diamondback

    Rory band total quality !!! Awesome ,Thank you.

  30. John Amaral

    Thanks RGb fan, top quality video, and sound, of Rory...what's not to like! Glad to see and hear it! Great to find "new" old recordings of the great Rory come out. Like 51,C10, V321. /:-)

  31. Martin Hasson

    Saint Patrick's Apostle

  32. Loesjeoneyear

    Super Rory * MY HERO!

  33. Paul Vale

    See his greatness lives on and JSYK he was included in Johnnie Walkers' Sounds of the Seventies juke box on Sunday (10.03.2019). Excellent post RGBF, thanks.


    Many thanks from Greece.Love Rory forever. R.I.P.

  35. Blues Rain

    Rory Gallagher All Right Now, Tyne Tees TV, Newcastle 1980💕

  36. AZ Mick


  37. MsLEHMANN69

    Finally a decent version of this recording on YT...many thanks to Rory Gallagherblues fan !!!

  38. Jay Downey


  39. Miss Led