Rory Gallagher - Shin Kicker Lyrics

Well, it's a shin-kicking morning,
Gotta kickstart today,
Wind up my machine and I'll be on my way.

Well, a burning fever
Woke me up at the dawn,
I didn't have a choice, I had to carry on.

Well, my engine's overheating
And I'm running out of gas,
I only got two speeds and it's slow and fast.

Well, I got to find a town that's got some action,
Got to find a place that's open late, right away

Well, I got to find a town that's got more action,
Got to find a place stays open late, right away

C. C. Mama,
Motorcycle queen,
I'm gonna catch up with you with my lightning wheels.

It's cold, black coffee,
Eggs and grease,
Stop in at the truckstop, I don't want to sleep.

Well, it's a shin-kick morning,
I'm gonna turn up the heat,
I'm racing all the truckers and I got them beat,
You know I'm racing all the truckers and I've got them beat,
Racing all the truckers and I've got them beat.

Wind up my machine and I'll be on my way,
Wind up my machine and I'll be on my way,
Wind up my machine and I'll be on my way,

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Rory Gallagher Shin Kicker Comments
  1. Adrian Rijkeboer

    2020 you still ROCK SLEEP EASY RORY XXX MARGO💖💖💖💋

  2. D Guitar

    Now that’s how to start a gig - play like it’s the last number of the night!

  3. ViAaRo

    Rory Gallagher WAS rock'n'roll



  5. Jim Rollins


  6. Ezio Auditore

    Best version ever.

  7. tom bekkholt

    its easy to see he really loves playing...1:22

    jak mak

    Lovin' it 😋

  8. Britta Rothe

    Great Man! Wonderful! Splendid!

  9. Tom Toweli

    This is the best version of this song!

  10. Cristopher Lucero

    Rory gallagher...un maestro. Saludos de chile

  11. ChooK Lawng

    I never knew "Andre the Giant" could play bass guitar.

  12. Adrian Rijkeboer

    The eight wonder of the world Mr RORY GALLAHER on stage a human hurracain in life a shy soft spoken IRISH MAN RIP RORY TED MARGO 🎸❤❤❤🎸🎼🎼🎶🎶🎙

  13. T M

    Rory Gallagher is the Guitarist by which all others are Judged.....Nuff said.... Period!!

  14. Simon Stitt

    they once asked Jimi Hendrix what it was like to be the best guitarist in the world - he answered he didn't know and they should ask Rory Gallagher - here's the proof.

  15. Karen Joanna Warwick

    OMG The man is on fire , YT needs a love button , great 5 mins and Rory is truly beautiful inside and out

  16. Chris Hart

    Wow so great

  17. Adrian Rijkeboer

    Legend never got to see RORY live my loss RIP RORY XXX MARGOT SLEEP

  18. Bill Holmes

    Absolutely the worst dressed rhythm section of all time. But HOLY EFFIN HELL is this band on fire! Miss you, Rory!

  19. Adrian Rijkeboer

    My goastly husband ❤❤❤💋💋💋🍀🇨🇮

  20. Gene arbogast

    A meteor streaking across the entire horizon and beyond......RIP Rory

  21. Adrian Rijkeboer

    24yers ago the earth was a smile less Heaven a smile richer SLEEP EASY RORY MARGO 🎸🎶🎵🎶🎸♥️♥️♥️☘

  22. unclekennymusic

    nothing fancy here just a denim jacket, well used fender guitar and passion!!!

  23. Alfredo Alvizo

    no one else gives it up like Rory did

  24. Irish Boy

    Love Rory’s music great stuff

  25. dfh1950

    Who are the 29 IDIOTS that gave this a Thumbs DOWN!?!?!?

  26. Paul Bradnick

    Absolutely godamn outstanding.

  27. Glynn Duckers

    Makes my hair tingle to ask jimmy h

  28. robert sinnett

    true irish talent......

  29. Space Truckin

    rory u legend, u live on

  30. Gary Giampa

    hi sounds great I love it the best thank you rock on

  31. Adrian Rijkeboer

    Happy St Patricks day to all RORY fans Margo ROCK ON IN heaven RORY XXX ☘💚☘💚☘💚

  32. Sheri’s Shenanigans

    This song rocks!!! You feel it in your veins!! Love it!!!❤️❤️❤️

  33. Kenny Milne

    They broke the mould after they made Rory Gallagher, just a brilliant musician , and when you'd seen him live you just knew you were witnessing something special , Gerry Mcavoy and Ted McKenna also deserve a mention

    Michael Parker

    Too damned straight. As great as Rory was, he was able to be so good because Ted & Gerry held the rhythm for him and they were tighter than a duck's backside.

  34. Adrian Rijkeboer


  35. Adrian Rijkeboer

    With a tear in my eye i read that Ted all so passed R I P RORY TED MARGO

  36. big tone

    There you have it in 5 minutes, a supreme exhilarating guitar masterclass from the genius that plays from the heart and nails everything he plays.

  37. Ángel Ramone

    Pero que bueno que era....

  38. Jimiplayscobo

    This a great version of this song Rory R.I.P. To the 28 who dislike this song for some fucked up reason show me why please. It takes all kinds. You must be a Deaf Mute all 28 of U. Even one of you step up to the plate. Nothing against Deaf Mutes just these 28. :)))

  39. Amy Howlett

    He was so friggin exceptional! Awesomeness!

  40. Jack Hammer

    Ted McKenna, drummer , died.

  41. Justin Rowland

    Man, I couldn't find this for a while on here. Thanks a lot. Zee best.

    Jack Hammer

    Rory Gallagher drummer, Ted McKenna is dead.

  42. 1973saoirse

    Go raibh maith agat!

  43. James Doyle

    Gentleman on street ...ANiMAlL on stage

  44. Gary Snow

    I hear a hint of Joe Satriani in that guitar playing but Joe Satriani was not around in 1978

  45. Siller87


  46. James Doyle

    Wouldnt like to be following that.😁

  47. Jose GM

    se le ve feliz tocando y ahora, con el paso del tiempo ,me lo hace sentir a mi. GRACIAS, RORY GALLAGHER.

  48. Jutta Guettler

    One of the really great Rory songs - ho plys like nobody else.
    Have i told that Bonamassa went to RG Home and asked the people there if he can play one time on his guitar
    He is a great fan

  49. Jutta Guettler

    Not copy- i try to bring it to
    The channel of dons tunes - he has RG - i never thought that but rory is a rocker who loves the blues too - dont know how to get this brillant guitarplayer to this channel - i think it doesnt work

  50. motorfredde

    Pure Rock'n'Roll.

    Deborah King

    Of all the bull shit I've put my self through in the last 64 years the constant has always been Rory Gallagher and Gary Moore .

    Ben Wayde

    Deborah King same its laurel and hardy , peter Sellers, rory Gallagher and Ritchie blackmore dio era

  51. Adrian Rijkeboer

    Magic all said Margo R,I,P, RORY

  52. Jutta Guettler

    You tube do that on dons tunes — that is the other music RG did — he made such great rock in montreux jazz festival

  53. TheBeaver50

    @ 1:09 i wish i could have an orgasm that good! My gawd that man could put on a show!

  54. Adrian Rijkeboer

    Wauw, RORY what a Legend, R,I,P,

  55. Sonja Martens

    His Wife : The Fender .

  56. Sonja Martens

    The REAL - King for me on the Fender.

  57. lucien camille

    que d'un bonheur dommage qu'il soie un mort si jeune

  58. Caroline Lockie


  59. teandsyrup ._.

    Hendrix,clapton etc. Top That.

  60. james bradshaw

    Nobody that ever lived on Gods green earth could shin kick like Rory could, he was the world champion shin kicker. he would shin kick even in flight and playing a mean guitar solo.

  61. Paris Cortez

    WOW, Rory was on fire...!!! Great Respekt to Rory Gallagher!
    This is Rock`n`Roll, OMG, great, great Rory! - SUPER!

  62. motorfredde

    THIS is Rock'n'Roll!

  63. Lee Maddison

    One of the few guitarists that genuinely makes the hairs stand on end. Genius.

    Linda Smith

    You got that right!!

  64. andreas hering

    ganz stark

  65. Scott Bryant

    how can 27 people not love this?

  66. erkan müller

    Outstanding Bass Player

  67. james bradshaw

    I will shout out my highest praises for our man Rory Gallagher every day of my life for the next 287 year whilst i am still on this earth, but it is very unfair that we do not also heap great praise on all the boys in Rory's band they were all very brilliant every single one of them with very special praise for Rory's side kck and Rorys another guiradian angel when on stage, Jerry the main on bass

  68. Tony Tothe

    Force of nature! I loved him.

  69. Spentmore Yearly

    When Mick Taylor left the Rolling Stones Rory was auditioned but Keef knew he'd met his match and nixed the deal. So good old toe-the-line Ron Wood got hte gig.


    Rory didn't like the Stones ill discipline and drug taking. He spent a week with them before he decided he didn't want the job. The Stones wouldn't have been able to keep up with him.

  70. Adrian Rijkeboer

    A humam hurricain our Rory sleep easy Margo,

  71. Marcus David

    Amazing sound! What a rhythm section...

  72. Bernard LARRIEU

    Sacré Rory ! Ça envoyait un max ! :-)

  73. Toastian

    Utter, utter, rip roaring brilliance !!!! on my fiftieth viewing ! Awesome !

  74. Adrian Rijkeboer

    Rory the legende

  75. Adrian Rijkeboer

    Wauw,all said,margo

  76. fifthof

    Julie Gordon from Hull. You mentioned to me about this guy decades ago and you were so right. M x.

  77. Andrea J.

    Mr. Rory, deine Musik ist unseres Erbe. Danke!

  78. Rob Montier

    Credit to Jerry McAvoy and Wilbur Campbell (?) - Rory certainly knew how to pick his rhythm section!!


    Ted McKenna on drums

  79. Alfredo Alvizo

    god bless you rory you left such a big impact

  80. LadySingsTheBlues01

    God it is inhuman what he can achieve with that guitar

  81. Linda Smith


  82. luna

    Hermoso <3

  83. Δημητρης


  84. Marina Maccagni

    Rory rocks!

  85. Tomasz Mazur

    I Say C. C. Mama,
    Motorcycle queen !!!!!!!!

  86. James Doyle

    De dont play like this no more.....cos de cant ....

  87. off roads

    He's not underrated only. His stunts are also underrated, 3:02

    Hilbert's Inn

    "Homage to Hendrix- no fuck it, Chuck Berry instead."

  88. Red Star72

    After he passed away Rory's brother said he looked at his guitar and thought your poor orphan, no one will play you like he did.

  89. Забытый Талисман

    Rory = blues rock!!!

  90. Alex Reay

    Phenomenal! WOW WOW WOW this is ELECTRIC! I've watched this so many times. If there's anyone like Rory I'd love to know

  91. wozzlepop

    Cocaine. Or just "Irish clover" if you have access to that. I do. Its great but made my hair fall out.
    Also legend. Love love love. Respect. Hope to see you again soon Rory!

  92. tck roofing

    I confess that when I was younger in our school my head Master was Rory Gallager he was my Teacher and Educator in life. Rory was Gods guitarist, singer/songwriter and messenger of quality music on our earth. Back in our days, in old London town when we were young our parents did not have much money but they would send us to college gigs to see Rory Gallagher and his boys and get the education to last us a life time from this MASTER, been in his classroom was the very best thing that could happen, we came away knowing things which we have used all through our lives. When you have some spare time click on to YouTube and watch this human hurricane in action, The Master Musician Rory Gallagher and his boys going to town at full speed, shin kick going crazy suffering from the bullfrog blues and shadow playing at full pelt. What other person would walk on hot coals then at the end of a show go up to the front of the stage to thank his audience a million, he would say thanks a million to everyone. Rory Gallagher that's who

  93. Johan Staelens

    Miss You Rory ! This world ain't never gonna be the same without You !!!

  94. paulphaze

    There's summat' wrong wi' me, keep watchin' it, or is there?

    Adrian Rijkeboer

    Paulphaze no

  95. robert sinnett

    how ,bout a movie of rory,s genius...i,d name it

  96. vernon smith

    nd every one in on his side from the fist track amazing

  97. paulphaze


  98. Tex Willer62

    I like how he plays and smile.

  99. tck roofing

    I could tell you many stories about going to Rory Gallagher gigs and meeting the great man and having drinks but it would take me all night. There was no other like our man Rory, God gave him rare gifts that he shared with everyone who was luck to see him and his ban in action.
    When you have some spare time click on to YouTube and watch this human hurricane in action, The Master Musician Rory Gallagher and his boys going to town at full speed. There never was/is and never will be anyone like the great Rory. I was told he plays most nights with Phil Lynott, Garry Moore , Tom Pretty, Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix and John Bonham down in the Kingdom Hall. The place is allway packed to the rafters with Jesus up on the balcony dancing with delight, Jesus claims to have the best band in the universe

    shinkicker 123

    @Aparecida Mendes Take it with a pinch of salt. Might be lying. Sadly some Rory fans like myself have been taken in by fakes. One woman in California claimed to have had a 5 year "romance" with Rory. And that he wrote Moonchild for her. Her claims got more bizzare and she contradicted herself. Someone met Donal and he said he'd never heard of the woman.

    Aparecida Mendes

    shinkicker 123
    I understand what you mean; since I've never met Rory and neither saw a gig, I tend to believe very easily in some posts and act like a fool. . .

    Aparecida Mendes

    shinkicker 123
    I've already had read of that "I've dated Rory Gallagher for five years" tale, but her claim of "Moonchild" sounds even more hard to believe in. . .
    It's very easy to understand why Rory inspired those girls wishes of meeting hím, having a relantionship, becoming his "muse" or something like that, but such stories should be kept to themselves😞😞😞
    Anybody can create such fantasy and claim it's true.

    shinkicker 123

    @Aparecida Mendes Please don't be too hard on yourself. We can all be taken in. But these days when people make these claims I get a little cynical. Thanks for responding & have a lovely week. Rory on!

    Aparecida Mendes

    shinkicker 123
    Yeah, Rory on forever!
    And a lovely week for you too😉

  100. tck roofing

    Rory Gallagher and his boys going crazy and talking to themselves. What killer rocking tune and will sound just as good and fresh if played in 200 years time, I was at this gig, the memories are still completely fresh in my mind as it happened yesterday. The woodworks sneaked out of the timber on the floor and left the stage, they just could not take the volume and vibrations. Forget about time, Rory makes this totally timeless