Rory Gallagher - Out On The Western Plain Lyrics

When I was a cowboy out on the Western Plain.
When I was a cowboy out on the Western Plain.
Well, I made a half a million,
Working hard on the bridle reins.

Come a cow-cow yicky. come a cow-cow yicky, yicky yea.

What was the greatest battle ever on the Western Plain?
What was the greatest battle ever on the Western Plain?
When me and a bunch of cowboys rode into Jesse James.

Come a cow-cow yicky, come a cow-cow yicky, yicky yea.
Come a cow-cow yicky, come a cow-cow yicky, yicky yea.

Now me and a bunch of cowboys rode into Jesse James.
When me and a bunch of cowboys rodc into Jesse James.
Well, those bullets were a-flying just like a shower of rain.

Come a cow-cow ylcky come a cow-cow yicky, yicky yea.
Come a cow-cow ylcky come a cow-cow yicky, yicky yea.

What was the greatest battle ever on Bunker Hill?
What was the greatest battle ever on Bunker Hill?
When me and a bunch of cowboys rode into Buffalo Bill.

Come a cow-cow yicky, come a cow-cow yicky, yicky yea.
Come a cow-cow ylcky, come a cow-cow yicky, yicky yea.

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Rory Gallagher Out On The Western Plain Comments
  1. Unknown 2375

    Balls of steel

  2. youcef melzi

    Rory's version is the best it's even better than the original edition!!!!!!!
    What a Man ❤️ 💘

  3. Amos Moses

    I'm from Dublin, but when you visit Cork it's like being home. They actually have a Rory statue and streets named after him. Love the place, and the big man himself.

  4. Nour al houda Terkzi

    Rory gallagher great musician no words no comment

  5. james bradshaw

    A lot of people do not know about Rory early life when he was a cowboy and hung out with the other cowboy Phil Lynott. Can you just imagine those 2 bad boys along with their pall Huddie William Ledbetter, Phil Lynott & Rory Gallagher out on the Western Plains robbing banks, smoking cigars, drinking cool beers, upsetting the local sheriff and his deputies, causing major havoc in town and have the times of their lives


    james bradshaw I'd like to think he and Phil are out on the Western Plains right now as we speak, in another dimension.

  6. The Man On The Stairs

    I saw the mighty Rory on two occasions.

  7. Syd Barrett

    This is heaven , bless him . R.I.P. RORY 😔

  8. Blues Rain

    Rory Gallagher -Recorded on the 2nd of March 1976 - Rory's 28th Birthday - on the BBC's Old Grey Whistle Test.💕

  9. David George Menard

    Excellent job of music work by Rory Gallagher! DGM/

  10. Wickedvoid96

    he was something else. very different,unique,good hearted, i think he finally wanted to settle down with somebody but in the end his music was his real lover. RIP bud

  11. Treasa Lynam

    Rory gallagher: 1860-1995 rip

  12. Charlie Thompson


  13. BluesBlava

    Great musician. Really missing.

  14. Eddie McGuinness


  15. kate davenporty

    i fuckin' LOVE you Rory!

  16. stevendphoto

    I was so lucky to see him twice back in the 70's. Once in support of the Irish Tour release and the was Against the Grain (I think...)...

  17. Dean Henry

    no words

  18. James Doyle

    van who


    That’s good😂

  19. TheWynos

    Rory does acoustic as well as his Strat!

  20. Linda Jones

    +lamb998......Why the need for comparisons? I enjoy many varied artists (including early Van) but there's never a need or excuse to knock Rory. The man was an exceptional talent and a beautiful human being who played (brilliantly) for the love of it, nothing more, nothing less. He's also my all-time favourite and about as far removed from "shit" as you could ever hope to get. Might I suggest you give Rory a further listen if you're not familiar with his material?

    kate davenporty

    well said Linda!


    rorty is one of my biggest influence in my guitar playing even in my day to day attitude.

  21. lamb998

    what is this shit, listen to van morrison's version

    Stephen Dedalus

    +Tony McDante I know... what kind of a person can't appreciate both Rory and Van. Both are geniuses.

    Illuminutteh _

    I guess we know who the fucking douchebag who voted this song a thumbs down now...Lamb998, go fuck yourself with something sharp...

    J PH

    you deserve ear cancer, so you can't enjoy either version

    Simon Barton

    lamb998 Declaration of musical ignorance.


    do i have to smack the dumb shit outta ya boy?

  22. Michael Montgomery

    "you might like this next one..." 


    Liam Gaule

    @Michael Montgomery right on, Michael, brilliant

  23. Hughe

    I hear his music and realize how empty is our world without Rory!!


    i get where your coming from

  24. invine

    Gallagher is God.

    kate davenporty

    hell yes!

    hide hide

    @kate davenporty Lol nice perseverence over the years, and hell yes he is God, the only god worth thinking about


    I’m next. It’s time for a blues revolution

    Marcus Liddington

    I was blessed to see this genius in 1977 at Sheffield City Hall...I will always miss him😢😢

  25. Fatima Bomfim

    passion , heart body and soul ....

  26. Karen Woods Duffy

    Always on my mind <3

  27. Brave Heart

    Viva Rory!

  28. June O'Reilly

    John Spillane did a song for Rory.. I can't post it here but just search youtube with his name and Rorys

  29. dimitris777

    the music is lonely with out you man...

  30. beanseeker

    Return of the G Man by Pat McManus

  31. dieter los

    don't you year a little error?

  32. bluesboydude

    what mistake?

  33. MørliHuber

    there´s an awesome song dedicated to rory by marcel scherpenzeel blues band called "last wave". album was, i think, called "dark hills are calling". didn´t find a youtube video to that though... but if you happen to find the album anywhere, just buy it, it´s great!

  34. vicent costa

    Thumbs up if you think Rory is the best guitar player in the history!

  35. dieter los

    AAh i found a little mistake @ 2.19
    but who cares


  36. 237philo

    @magiller2010 the guitar is tuned to DADGAD (low to high).

  37. Tommy .Gibbons

    yaa,soo good for the soul, stil have the orginal 8track

  38. Paul Mcgillen

    does any1 know the chords to this,,,absolutly imposssible to get, think its in drop D, please post if some1 does,crackin up tryin ta learn it

  39. tehcraigoman

    @AmericanDiaz Pat McManus has a song dedicated to Rory Gallagher.

  40. jim o neill


  41. louthleviathan

    @AmericanDiaz Pat Mc Manus pays tribute to him. "Return of the G man"

  42. English/Lionheart

    brilliant guitarist , the bass player was brilliant to

  43. English/Lionheart

    saw him at the liverpool empire around 1978 , best concert i ever went to ,only filled in for a mate and went with another mate who had 2 tickets,wasnt my music then , unbeliveable night ,brilliant ,ears were ringing for hours

  44. padraig314

    Just the Christ Moore song, i think it's called "Rory Is Gone (to Play the Blues in Heaven)"

  45. anitadavideduo

    A legend!!!

  46. Fruzsina Máté

    so great play. beautiful. respect.

  47. John Blues

    ... miss you brother :o((
    Always your ol' pal

  48. padraig314

    You're very lucky, i couldn't actually get to Ballyshannon though i really wanted to. There's always Cork in a few weeks.

  49. padraig314

    Yeah, it's up there in my list alright, i think the one on the Cork Opera House dvd is the best i've heard, although the other version i've posted from '88 isn't bad either, i'd say it's better than this one

  50. roor06

    wot a talented player ...