Rory Gallagher - Keychain Lyrics

I need a keychain, to lock up all this trouble.
I need a fast train, leaving on the double.
I'm going someplace, that's hard to follow.
Got that feeling, that I should be long gone.

I'm as bad as I can get, playing Russian roulette.
I need a keychain, baby right now.

I'm playing no games, this ain't no water pistol.
Ain't it insane, there's no chance of missing.
No one holds me, you ain't got my number.
If you see me, just run for cover.

Well I'm as wild as I can get, I'm playing Russian roulette.
I got no keychain, baby right now.


Well I'm in a guided missile, and I'm lost in the sky.
I won't be returning, until things feel right.
I got a poison pen letter, ain't that all I need.
Some pretty woman's, trying to make a ghost of me.

I got no keychain, to lock up all my sorrow.
I need a fast plane, I'm leavin' in a hurry.
I'm going some place, where you can't follow.
I got that feeling, that I should be long gone.

Well I'm as mad as I can get, I'm playing Russian roulette.
Need a keychain, baby, all mine.

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Rory Gallagher Keychain Comments
  1. Martin Hasson

    He should have wrote songs like....

  2. D Lee W

    Rory = Great

  3. David Teissier

    JUST BEAUTIFUL !!! 😍😍😍😍😍

  4. jean-pierre Platet

    Rory..........................................Irlande soul !!!

  5. Enzo Sallu

    sensazionale ed epico ,,,,,,,,,,,,, r i p Rory,,,,,,,,,,+,,,,,,,,,,, una stratocaster da paura !!!!! isuna magka ,,,,,

  6. bannork

    Powerful hard blues rock, no one riff running throughout the song,, plus Rory always had a tune running over the compulsive and urgent bass. Anyone who wants to be a rock guitarist should learn from him the ingredients to successful songwriting. Like Hendrix we can't copy but we can be inspired.


    He was the biggest influence of mine... to this day after being into so many different genres and playing so many different kind of bands. This is the core of my inspiration and style is Rory. Miss him so much!!


    he shouldn't have gone so damn early, he needed an Irish wife to sort him out- ' Rory, get down to the doctor's now!
    'Hell I saw him live in the late 80s and his physical deterioration was shocking. Sad he wouldn't listen to anyone.still he left us such inspiring rock- 'Crest of a Wave' as fresh today as 40 years ago.

  7. Farabegoli Morena

    Bluesy and Megadethy heavy at the same time,great great

  8. Mahd my

    kikin joyfull 


    Best all around musician there was. Gone but never forgotten

  10. Μητσος λε Γκρικ

    lustfull guitar tone...

  11. classic7890

    Bluesy and Megadethy heavy at the same time