Roosevelt - Take Me Back Lyrics

Howling at the sun
It's been my way
Always on the run
So take me back
Mirrors on the wall
It's been my way
Never been the one
So take me back

Howling at the sun
It's been my way
Always on the run
So take me back
Mirrors on the wall
It's been my way
Never been the one
So take me back

All the things I tried to mention
Are fading back again
All the time I tried to tell you
It takes me back, takes me back again
Takes me back again

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Roosevelt Take Me Back Comments
  1. Beezy

    The intro to this song sounds like Michael Jackson's Thriller intro.

  2. Kevin Najera

    For a moment, that electro piano sounds like a “thriller” intro of michael jackson

  3. Lucas Souza

    I want this music in Asphalt 9 Legends !!!

  4. vignesh

    One word... underrated...

  5. Jet Black Octane

    I walk to my car
    Open the door, get in
    start the engine...this song plays.

    Why do I feel like such a badass right now?

  6. VVS Sricharan

    I was introduced to the album in Lufthansa airlines... enjoyed my flight.

  7. swashim

    OMG right above it says upcoming show in San Francisco, turns out it's some dj set! Don't tease me like that!!

  8. ItsCrisp

    I cannot handle this tune. It's too good!

  9. M. H.

    Hey world outside, ever listened Howard Jones...

  10. Damien Blackthorne

    Das goood!!

  11. Андрей Федоров

    When the Time Comes

  12. OnezioBonarroti

    I discovered You something like 10 Mins ago. I Think i'm your great fan

  13. fatih özger


  14. isela ds

    Podría durar más para ser más completa

  15. Zetman

    you should do a collab with Rob Swire

  16. Guadalupe Martinez

    Yo los veré el 15 días jaja 😍👌🏼😜😭

  17. jhonn ivan hidalgo arcos

    Buen trabajo, felicidades

  18. N O Z Z A

    I killed you in fortnite

  19. friso130

    Great intro tune for the album if you ask me. Reminds me of Holy Ghost! - Crime Cutz

    Mario alvarez

    well, its not a reminding, it's the exaaaact same tune.

  20. Canal Dherma

    Si alguien no lo impide, estamos ante el 'Álbum Pop Del Año'. Extraordinario lo que has grabado en el "Young Romance". Un saludo desde Sevilla/Spain.

  21. Zhak Sully

    Too short, please make a loop 24h ;-)

  22. Mike Lavariega Backshall

    This is magestic

  23. andish purplish

    Ven a México por favor !!! 🇲🇽

    Diana Diaz

    X2 ya ya ya!!

    Armando Zaragoza Oficial

    😃 Lo sé es un gran proyecto.
    Saludos para todos.


  24. Sergio Rodriguez

    Hay algo mejor que Roosevelt, no!! No lo hay, por que este grupo es el mejor!

  25. Robin Farges

    All this album is a gold nuggets.
    Love all songs

  26. Simon Dando

    1st track on the new album. It’s brilliant.

  27. Seb B


  28. Luca Kaleb

    80s BACK🔙🔝🔚

  29. nina niin

    This song is too good to be true

  30. Adrian Cordero


  31. ericore67

    j'adore !

  32. j a n e t h ;;

    Gran disco. ❤

  33. Daaavelt

    What a tune, exactly what i expected from roosevelt

  34. Jônatas Couto

    Contagiante!!! Boa demais!!!

  35. Antonia T. I.

    Wonderful! Please please please ROOSEVELT LOOK AT THIS: PLEASE COME TO CHILEEE 😍
    I been waiting you since 5 years!👀

    Rodrigo González

    Same here :3

    Mateus Flores

    me too :)

  36. Andres Garcia

    Fuck yes

  37. Emmanuel Agostini

    demonios si escuchando todo el disco

  38. Ioana Comanici

    Amazing song