Roosevelt - Soleil Lyrics

Take us back into the sun
I know your heart is out to run
If only I could see the time
But now I'm bleeding by your side

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Roosevelt Soleil Comments
  1. jessica

    this song makes me so happy 🤗🧡

  2. Ryan Darnell

    Incredible <3

  3. Charles Fisher

    This is amazing! Is it filmed in Aix-en-Provence?

  4. diecinuevemx

    Love this song's up again <3

  5. Alles Schöne dieser Welt

    What a wonderful video! Great!!! 👌

  6. XaileyMc

    Thanks! You are the only one that have this song


    That means it is not blocked in your country congrats man! Thanks for stoping by

  7. Francesco Passoni

    Fantastic video for a stunning track!