Roosevelt - Getaway Lyrics

Don't act like a fool
We will be alright
Try to keep your cool
We will be just f‌ine

We'll f‌low like water in the wind
Just listen to the voice within

We can getaway tonight
We can getaway tonight

Can't stop it now
That we're on our way
We'll work it out
Trust me when I say

We'll f‌low like water in the wind
Don't you hear the voices from within?

We can getaway tonight
We can getaway tonight
We can getaway tonight
We can getaway tonight

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Roosevelt Getaway Comments
  1. Marvel Tutkunu

    Car ❤️

  2. Blacktop_Shady


    I know that sound from anywhere.

  3. מיטל חזני

    It's sooooo cool!

  4. Franck Pauly

    listen to this track (Fade Away) from Susanne Sundfor, faster tempo but there are strange similarities (bass and sometimes drums)

  5. Victoria

    I love you.

  6. Paola fernandez

    Perú <3

  7. Klaus Sinou

    Awesome album! like the previous one!

  8. David B

    This gorgeous, lush synth pop 80’s retro awesomeness takes my breath away, every time I listen to it. Makes me feel like it’s 1985 and I’m 16 yrs old again! Amazing.

  9. Cary Barnes

    Never a drop in you Marius 👌 one after the other brilliant songs from start to finish 👍 keep up your talent and fly to the top your music is loved reach out to your fans and recognise as they love ya !!! Well done you 🙏

  10. Talia Cortes

    Love you from Mexico

  11. TheOnlyAndOne

    Wunderschön! (100% Perfect)

  12. AYU

    so so gut!💖

  13. Raymond Genesse

    Roosevelt's music is always amazing.

  14. New Alternative 40 Chart

    "Getaway" debuted at #38 on the New Alternative 40 Chart this week!

  15. Tony Clifton

    Lied hat Paua.

  16. Thomass Ieka

    Sound like LCD Soundsystem

  17. CopperRaven Productions

    Every time I try to sing a Roosevelt song. I sound like Kermit the frog choking on honeycomb cereal.

  18. Tinkeroftime Little Seed

    3 days late for such an awesome track! Loving the video game like vibe and again I go, ascending, transcending, limitations be gone when i'm listening to the power of great music!

  19. Landon Sylvester

    Great closer!! Perfect way to sum up "Young Romance" for sure

  20. Barbara Cosmic

    I noticed the guitar in the end. Kills mir everytime

  21. William Domansky

    Roosevelt se tornou um dos meus favoritos! Come to Brazil :)

  22. Vanderley Vivas

    Beautiful song and definitely "synthier". In my crazy head it sounds like an impossible mix between Ride's "vapour trail" and Futurecop!'s "into your heart"

  23. Breanna Dennison


  24. Martini Corona

    Your's song's are wonderful!! Come to Mexico please!🙌🙌🙌

  25. SCI FU7E

    Nice and it's good for relaxing ♥.
    That you always have fun to make music and never give up ;)

  26. Annie Carmona

    i love it youre the best

  27. 9 28


  28. Chiorbaciov satira

    Italian tour?

  29. Alex P 123

    Please release on Spotify! This sounds awesome great job

  30. Florijo

    JA Man!!! Hammer Track! freue mich schon dich endlich live zu sehen! Die vinyl auch schon vorbestellt :)

  31. Atan Bhardwaj

    Feels like rainy sunrise💛

  32. Андрей Зиновьев

    The intro reminds LCD Soundsystem- Baby, but there is nothing bad at it, your song is magnificent

  33. leo gambotto

    Argentina! 😸

  34. Marina Polinovskaia

    Simply amazing 😍 see you in Berlin!!!

  35. John Lichtenberg

    I have a feeling im just going to accept this album as a "Roosevelt can do no wrong" sort of thing and just put it on when im cleaning the house or something.

  36. Akshay TechnoBoy


  37. Fen Afbleck

    Always with the grooves!

  38. sKiiTs8

    I'm feeling like this is a "day" album and the debut was a late night kind of album

    Dávid Hegyi

    exactly what i thought after listening. this one is perfect for driving on the highway. thenagain his every track is.

  39. Micah Young

    Classic. Love It!

  40. Oiram Lara


  41. Luca Kaleb

    80s back!

  42. JAM

    Please come to Colombia I found your music such amazing!!!

  43. Ricardo Rodrigues

    Greetings from Brazil. Thank you about your job, always great songs.
    I didn't know you have so many fans from Brazil. Congrats!

  44. Barbara Cosmic


  45. Andrew Downing


  46. shinobinsane

    Yaaawn. What happened to you man ...


    shinobinsane It’s a chill track. I’m sure he’ll have plenty of uptempo stuff in the album. Have patience my dude.


    @woah11ify I certainly do hope so man. Colors and night moves we're my favorite.

    Joe Magnanti

    Night moves 4 ever


    @Joe Magnanti it'll be hard to top that!

  47. sKiiTs8

    I love Roosevelt. Love that this is more heavy than his debut. Can't wait for the album

  48. Pranav Sinha

    Wow such a nice song. Roosevelt is amazing

  49. Leo Vieira

    Seu trabalho é lindo, Marius!

    Roosevelt's songs are incredible, Marius!

  50. Tarick Fernandes

    Spotify doesn't have this song -.-

  51. Johnny

    México pls ❤❤❤❤❤🙏✨

    Santiago Sandoval

    SK dios te escuche

  52. ICEKHZ

    Thailand 🌾 ชอบมากเลยอัลบั้มนี้

  53. The Interlude

    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. Luis Peche

    You're amazing man.
    Thank you for your art.

  55. Diego Ramirez

    *stops everything I'm doing to listen to new Roosevelt track*


    For at least 40 times xD

  56. Spencer Demets

    I see you're moving away from the Synth Vibe and into the more popstyle.

    Keila Barreto

    Exactly!!! I love Roosevelt but I miss the sound of the first album...
    Yet looking forward to this new one.


    It's just different. The first album was like late night summer night for chill, this one seems a little more heavy. I'm glad he's experimenting though, that debut album was INSANELY good, so I'd be scared this one wouldn't live up to that one if he went for the same style =)


    Spencer Demets I mean his first album has plenty of pop-sensibility. This track is the first from what he’s released so far that has a different feel from his previous discography. The sophomore album is always tough for artists because they want to try new things, but don’t want to lose what brought people to them from their first one. I like what he’s doing so far and I think fans of his first album will be satisfied.

    Chris Grady

    This track is completely littered with synths

  57. TheSylar1982

    I love your music so much it has such a summer night vibe to it

  58. pedrofredo

    I thought it was the blossoms remix you made 😁

    Mi S

    It's a great song and i think that's a great idea, include that version on the album with other songs that they remixed like "Summer Days" and "Out of Yourself" . Sorry for my english, it's so bad 😅😅


    @Mi S summer days was the first song I've heard from him so yeah that one should be included too, English isn't my main language so I apologise too😁

    Mi S

    Wow a person that can understand me. 😊 we think the same too


    @Mi S nice meeting you and let me say you have great taste in music 👌

    Mi S

    Wow thanks for that compliment 😊😊 nice to meet you too. You have a great taste of music too

  59. abdou nouali

    ooooooooooooooh nice i love this style 80 s

  60. Alvise Busetto

    Udine (italy) it's01:24 my daughter and my gf are sleeping .

    Your music is like a father's caress .

    Tomorrow they will receive a caress and i will think at your song .

    Chiorbaciov satira

    Allora c'è qualche italiano che li ascolta oltre a me

    Alvise Busetto

    Chiorbaciov satira li ho sentiti per la prima volta dove lavoravo , nell' Eurospar a Gemona e la canzone era Colours. Ho preso subito l' album e ho preordinato quello nuovo :-)

    Spero il 31 ottobre sia a Marghera (Venezia) così ci vado !

  61. Saosin TR

    BRASIL 😍🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

    Vinícius Mendes

    Tamo aeee

    Warllison Martins


  62. Alex Mattos

    Novamente Roosevelt com mais uma ótima música.....

  63. Vinícius Mendes

    Muito top!!!!

  64. Jared Davis

    Can’t wait for the 28th!!!

  65. Santiago Caamal

    Hola Roosevelt te amo saludos desde MÉXICO.

    Porfa si les gusta Roosevelt, escuchen mi proyecto “Sunset Young” en YouTube, Spotify y el resto de plataformas digitales.
    Los tkm❤️

    Jorge Garcia

    Rifate con clubz o wet baes carnal, traes el flow...