Roosevelt - Forgive Lyrics

It's way too late to forgive and forget
Keep wasting all my time
Holding back all this time
I knew you were going behind my back
I'm done

It's too late to turn around
Your mistakes keep coming back
It's too late this time

You think you'd notice
You know that it's over
You're far too blind to see
All this time
Out here waiting all alone
To make it right, I'm lost

Are we regressing? Are we in love?
So hard to say when you're never around
We keep on saying we'll be around
It's just a lesson we need to learn
Can't keep expressing
You're breaking my heart
It's so depressing how bad it hurts
I keep on waiting for it to stop
I think it's too late now
I'm stuck

It's too late to turn around
Your mistakes keep coming back
I can't face you one more time
It's too late this time

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Roosevelt Forgive Comments
  1. Aramys M

    Now we need Washed Out + Tame Impala

  2. Belladonna

    Heard this at Forever 21 while in the fitting room. It slaps.

  3. Chris Swartzwelder

    Great song.

  4. Random Guy

    most underrated baseline ever

  5. LホメナシキJ

    Wow i like this collab

  6. Özgür Çalışkan

    this is amazing. thank you.

  7. Me Again

    Makes me so happy!

  8. kelly

    heard this song playing in coach and luckily i shazamed it!!

  9. Sam I.

    Heard this song playing in Victoria’s Secret... had to Shazam it cause I had a feeling this sounded like Washed Out

  10. Janie Hernandez

    I need friends who like listening to this type of music.

  11. Michael Harvey

    Roosevelt's songs remind me of Neon Indian. Both great.

  12. Starla Blue

    Listening to this and watching X-Files on mute...trippy. I like it

  13. Me Again

    This track will never go out of style. Great production! I love the hint of Imagination : Illusion <3
    Edit : Oh and by the way I was introduced to this track and your work at chilltracks :)

  14. Ncukana Ricky

    I literally thought that Washed Out never collaborates with other artists. And it's the first time I hear of this Roosevelt. It's beautiful. I just imagined myself running naked at the beach and cruising late night with friends heading to either a club or back to the motel. It's so reckless and free

  15. Gav Kory

    Had a moment with my Dad going back 10 years. We were into BRMC and Cooper Temple Claus, we watched them at every venue in the UK. Time passed, 10 yrs in fact. Im 36 now thinking those days of being into a band have gone. Until one day the PS4 and Switch wasnt doing it for me. Searched the net for a new band thinking nothing will top what me and my Dad had. Well well well.... I found Roosevelt, introduced my 15 yr old son and roles have reversed. All those amazing memories came back. You boys are amazing, not a single track on the album we skip. Absolutely in Ore at what you do. Keep up the great music and PLEASE come to Manchester UK. ( u know Oasis, Joy Division, Stone Roses, Smiths etc....). P.S best song on the Album. 👍👍

  16. Damien Blackthorne


  17. Hannah H

    What a song.. What a groove. Makes my Day. Thanks🧡

  18. leila armeni

    ...another wonderful song by Roosevelt...

  19. drtyeyeball

    thought process on this song is intense

  20. Lecy Sousa

    Muito top isso!

  21. ChadGlassify

    this is awesome

  22. Daniel Castor

    Putain qu est ce qu' il assure ce gars ! 👍

  23. Narrew

    I find this song oddly satisfying. Can’t stop replaying!

  24. Bwabcat

    It is mind blowing to me; the fact that so many people are underwhelmed by this song. I can't think of anything in the world I would add or take away from it. This song is perfect to me in every way, and the fact that Washed out and Roosevelt worked together on a single project makes me so happy. It wouldn't be a disservice if this song played at my funeral. Perhaps one day it will.

  25. Aaron Kraft

    This is dooooope! Thank you!

  26. Melissa Figueroa

    This is like "You & I" meets "Far Away" meets "Straight Back"...MY HEART <3

  27. German Gonzalez

    I made a comment two months ago about this song, and honestly now after lestening 100000 times, this might be my new favorite Roosevelt song.

  28. erin furr

    I'm a huge fan of Washed Out & recently discovered & fell in love with Roosevelt's music... And both of them together? Awesome! ❤

  29. Yorf Yorff

    P E R F E C T

  30. catwoman Bad Cat

    Hello from Iran 😍😍💟 Roosevelt you are the best

  31. Stefanie Norman

    These dreamy vocals 😩❤

  32. Jimmy

    Wowzers!! 🌵😍😱😵🤙🏾😍🌵

  33. Guilherme Albino

    Musical gold

  34. Carlos Alarcón

    This jam needs its own video

  35. Kr X

    This Song hurts me so bad.. L. Please forgive me one more time. I know it‘s my fault but please let‘s Start again and forget everything. I swear I‘ll Never do this again. I Love you.

  36. Sweet Nothings

    Omg this is kinda like a Michael Jackson feat. Madonna moment right here! But in the indie world. AMAZING collaboration! It's smooth, it's chill, it's dancey, it's nostalgic? I'm just in love. So glad this happened!

  37. Cary Barnes

    One word ....masterpiece 👌 just a brilliant song and thank you 🙏 get this air play on max radio stations and watch it fly like it should it’s a chart topper guys 🙏

  38. 1234bmt

    The Collab we never knew we needed

  39. Melanie Thorpe

    I NEED to see them in concert

  40. Alejandro Eduardo Cárdenas Andías

    Roosevelt is a work of art for the universe, only for demanding ears, greetings from Chile 🇨🇱 !!

  41. Wanderson santos

    Adoro roosevelt ❤

  42. pineapplepeanuts

    Fan of both bands! They make a natural collaboration. Good stuff.

  43. visionidistorted


  44. Crying Ed

    Sin duda Ya quiero el álbum

  45. Vivi Zazueta

    Of course they collaborate. I love it!

  46. jessica

    can't wait omg ♥️✨

  47. Space Rock

    Good job, Roosevelt!

  48. Arczi Sss.

    Ear-gasm! I'll never get over this song!!!!

  49. Vyolet Rose

    Will you waltz in through that door again? Stealing my breath, stealing my world? Because I still wait by that window..waiting to see you drift in once more 💜

  50. David Barksdale

    I never knew i needed this collab until i saw it

  51. Zampini B

    I Can't believe this. I must be dead and in heaven bc holy shit this is amazing 😍😍😍

  52. German Gonzalez

    New Roosevelt coming omg! This tune is fireeeeeeeee, i bet the álbum is going to be crazy gooooood

  53. Денис Стахеев

    Did you sing together?

  54. Andrew Frost

    Great sounds. Really dig this collaborative work. That said, the tune is rather reminiscent of WO's 'You & I'...

  55. mateus soares

    suas musicas são simplesmente perfeitas abraço!!!!

  56. panchito1993eljc

    damn this shit FIRE my son...

  57. Javier García Sánchez

    Listen to Camilo VII is kind of the same but in spanish haha

  58. Roddric Cabigas

    The 12 people that dislikes deserve to burn in hell.

  59. katekat

    it's like my dream come true

  60. DCLXVI

    come to brazil


    no. come to brazil

  61. New Alternative 40 Chart

    "Forgive" debuted at #17 on the New Alternative 40 Chart this week!

  62. Miriam Guerrero

    The best team!

  63. Michael Larsen

    Extra extra grøtete :D

  64. Hennimore

    Oh wow, I wouldn't have even dared to dream for such a collaboration. You guys need to do more!

  65. Mert Demirel

    Roosevelt gives me some kind of self confidence. In their blurry songs i feel stronger and authentic

  66. Lj Cali

    I love u kcrw

  67. sneakysnickersnoopy

    going back to your roots nice job!

  68. Joe Mac Pherson

    This is my idea of WOW. I'm so ready for that new album!

  69. Duvew

    An awesome mix of both the artists styles

  70. Cool Lyrics

    is he standing in Miramar, the PUBG desert map?

  71. Kelvin Vazquez


  72. Nastya Tru

    Roosevelt and Washed Out - two bands I like so much. The trek didn't disappoint!

  73. Any Chb


  74. Luigi Rivas

    Not gonna lie, almost shat myself when i heard Greene's voice chiming in! I was like wait what? And then I read the whole title lol. They are two of my top 5 favorite artist along with small black and neon indian and wild nothing. Great collab!!!


    ya vi en vivo a small black y neon indian, en octubre veo a wild nothing muy buenas bandas carnal

  75. Enrique Romero

    One of the best artists from the chillwave and synth-pop genre. When I saw these two on a song together I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT!! They are really the dream team! I guess Roosevelt fans don't like Washed Out but they are extremely talented and make amazing music. This song wasn't made to its full potential but its still enjoyable and gives off a fun, hopeful vibe!

  76. ddrgt

    Sounds like a missing track from Daft Punks album Random Access Memories. Love it!

  77. Dubos


  78. Pamela Castro

    me encantó <3

  79. Kevin DellaVecchia

    Featuring washed out!?!?!? I was not ready for this emotional rollercoaster!

  80. woah11ify

    I’m really surprised by the amount of people who appear to be unfamiliar with the work of Washed Out. Both artists basically are cut from the same cloth so I would have figured if you’re familiar with Roosevelt’s music, you for sure would have known of Washed Out and his style of vocals. Personally this song is exactly what I hoped for when I heard they were collaborating. It’s both funky and chill which is something both artists are great at. I’m so excited to hear what else comes from this album!

  81. Andrea Guzmán

    Chill as fuck! come to México!

  82. Courtesy of Perception

    uffff hermosa

  83. Talia Cortes

    Love it!!!! ❤️🎧🤩

  84. danne

    Amor total 😍😍😍😍 México 🙏

  85. Sammy Jimenez

    YESSS Can not wait for the album, sounds amazing so far!

  86. Jesus

    omg i wanna cry
    this is so beautifull. thnxs for all the goods trips

  87. Taylee Je'nee

    Yesssss!! I love you guys! My two favorite!

  88. almarcha95

    ¿En algún momento canta Marius? Solamente distingo la voz de Washed Out

  89. Robert Jazz

    Best collab I've seen

  90. Jordan B

    I love washed out. I love roosevelt. This has made my day. Can't wait to see you in Hamburg soon :D Please please please play Montreal!

  91. kim d

    Fucken Bad Ass Jam

  92. kim d

    Please add TEXAS to the tour date

  93. Sal Paradise

    This one‘s a grower for sure

  94. Miles Dolding

    Smooooth af. Looking forward to the new album!

  95. 土台納