Roosevelt - Colours Lyrics

You fall to the ground just like the sun
Go, 'cause your heart has just begun
You feel this time, with no one by your side
You fall to the ground just like the sun

'Cause when you left, you took your colours with you
To make them last
When you left, you took your colours with you
'Cause when you left, you took your colours with you
To make them last
When you left, you took your colours

You fall to the ground just like the sun
You know that you've always been the one
Bring back this time, when I was by your side
You fall to the ground just like the sun

'Cause when you left, you took your colours with you
To make them last
When you left, you took your colours with you
'Cause when you left, you took your colours with you
To make them last
When you left, you took your colours

'Cause when you left, you took your colours with you
To make them last
When you left, you took your colours with you

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Roosevelt Colours Comments
  1. bud thedog

    gonna put this song on my toast

  2. Lauren Johnston

    impressive; late to this party but never going home.

  3. Robert Sacks

    Roosevelt you are so good. You are the future 80s in the future. Keep up the infinite fresh beats please...
    This song is my favorite. Reminds me of my powers...

  4. Salkin Sretep

    @1:32 that’s how I get out of bed every morning

  5. shtoksy

    Absolutely randomly I got to this artist called Roosevelt! Only by youtube suggestions! <3 Now I'm listen to him already for an year and still can't stop to play agian and again all the tracks! THANK YOU, Roosevelt!

    Matias Valdiviezo

    I'm very fan of anjuna and also ended up here


    @Matias Valdiviezo That's because anjunafans know what is good! <3

  6. Danial Howe

    some songs need more cowbell, others need more nipple... this one however struck the right balance lol

  7. Jede2865 Pff

    Great song

  8. Holzmann

    1:01 Nipples protruding. Very disrespectful!

  9. Algernon Campbell

    I like the transition from Colours into Movin On....You don't hear that on the Debut least not on YouTube. The guy with the curly hair and moustache reminds me of the guy in Doritos commercials in the 1970s.

  10. M Ppp

    To make them last.............

  11. Jet Black Octane

    The way this song starts just makes you want to get up do some shit. Not sure what exactly...But something. lol

  12. Dendi Handian

    Dude, that transition is the best

  13. Annie O

    Is there anywhere I can get the last bit of this song but extended?


    Here you go

  14. Annie O

    The more I hear of this band the more I like. Hope they come to So Cal soon

  15. kata.tabanyi

    awesome as always

  16. St3vEn BaDu

    Jamiraoqui vibes anyone?!?

  17. 조시은

    is it just me this song reminds me of "Reflektor" by Arcade Fire? Awsome by the way..

  18. Shériff Fais-moi-peur

    Good vibe!

  19. Patricio Morales


  20. LホメナシキJ

    Nice mixxx

  21. The Flight File


  22. matt carroll

    this is sampled from somewhere just can't put my finger on it !!!!! its driving me crazy

  23. Nicasiete Nicasiete

    Where the hell has this group been all my life?

  24. shanke300

    I listen to Roosevelt every night before I fall sleep. Uber cool band.

  25. Luan Barbosa Oliveira

    Muito bom!

  26. Shari Silvers

    This group has a real smooth 70's n 80's sound and yet todays as well. Amazingly moving! Its takes you to another plane spiritually some how

  27. M W

    liking the mix into night moves

  28. Lane arndt

    Beautiful early duran duran vocal production!! Awesome!

  29. Michelle *

    Searching for a new feeling a
    ll around with nothing to find
    different from the mundane lyrical tunes,
    then one day by accidental destiny
    I came across this secret,
    a musical treasure .
    Love your Music
    Your style and energy.
    M.L musical genius.

  30. Nacho Vidal

    The great musician. Catchy and deep sound!

  31. Friar Talk

    Nice visuals, even made that retarded hipster dancing look ok-ish, most importantly the sound is great.

  32. Dina Mansour

    Your music is heaven <3 <3

  33. JudgeHill83

    I think this is the best track on the album

  34. dawnofangrybls

    When you left you took your carrots with you...

    Miller Heileife

    To see in the dark

    M Ppp

    To make your carrots last...

    Mateo Viano

    can't unhear now

  35. Jheriko uzuriaga

    El tipo se mueve como un Argentino bailando latino XD

  36. çatıdandüşenkedi i

    where is the red curly hair man in "moving on"?

  37. Adrian Alonso

    wonder what instrument is used at 4:03 because it sounds soothing

  38. Pedro Nevu

    didnt know that Paul Finch from american pie could sing that good

  39. hasmize

    2:48 why do i see a penus ?

  40. Jon Ardon

    Is curly ponytail guy on MDMA? Some good shit

  41. Kaylan Hardin

    Hey I have that book.

  42. schizoki

    Undure Raded

  43. AlisÍnger

    The people appearing in his music videos are always so relatable, I dance like that all the time:P Love his music<3

  44. Martin Meare

    It's a class UK dance producer/ band...... and I mean CLASS x

  45. Manos Seferidis

    I listen to this just because I love the transition to Moving On

  46. depecheddurand

    This band is a mixture of simple minds , depeche mode , a-ha ,duran duran , smiths and new order.

  47. Haris Shah

    Awesome stuff just curious what the meaning behind this video is tho lol very eccentric

  48. Martin Meare


  49. Kil-0

    Looks like Calvin Harris son XD

  50. Guadalupe Ortiz

    Otro pedo otro mundo 😎🗣

  51. Guram Muradov

    What's dancers name? He's amazing!

  52. Magnavox

    Esta sí me gusta , ES TOTALMENTE PSICODÉLICA :)!!!!

  53. Capture L'instant

    Heaven starts at 5:00

  54. G Camomile

    He aquí una nueva fan 🙋❣️

  55. Miguel Gutiérrez

    When you left you took your callous with you

  56. Paloma Lobaton


  57. esvewftg99

    Лучшее, что я слышал

  58. Rully Arya

    Im fan from Indonesia~~~

  59. Franck Loddo

    electonic bernard sumner marr good feeling

  60. Scar F.ZNiper


  61. break

    Se parece a uno de los románticos de zacatecas 1:12 (Manzanas)

  62. Colossus

    Dope dope dope

  63. Malky24

    One thing you can always rely on with a Youtube music video is that someone will say that the song is perfect to get high to or it is perfect to drive to.

  64. Alejandro Eduardo Cárdenas Andías

    Rossevelt is a work of art for the universe, only for demanding ears !!

  65. Sebastian Galvez


  66. Manos Seferidis

    I just love the attention to detail with this band. Even the mix of the two specific songs is so smooth and meaningful.

  67. Theo 18300

    Dimanche Ligue 1 Bein sport

  68. karem lizeth rodriguez aranda

    Amazing music, some retro vibes and fabulous beats. Love it so much. Makes me feel happy.

  69. Prabhodya Singh

    IVM likes ?

  70. Bruno Tomaz

    Perfeita / perfect song! The great!

  71. In Your Face Media Production

    Why is moving on so short? Where is this from, why are the songs combined. Is there a DVD release of the album 1hr long music video? Need more info ;p

  72. terrorBanana

    From 4:05 it's even better

  73. FilmGuy

  74. Andrew Myers

    Where'd you get the Eames'?

  75. Zebra2U

    Wow! This is awsome!

  76. Malva

    siii!!!!!!venir a M É X I C O! !

  77. Rodrigo González

    Cuando te fuiste, me dejaste en blanco y negro :3

  78. Anton Art

    Does anyone has a clue why Roosevelt decided two merge two songs? Video clip too long?

  79. Doom Mandrill


  80. D A

    I couldn't help share your brilliant tracks with everyone and it's an instant favorite! I hope you get the deserved attention soon. Keep up the awesome work. Love from India!

  81. swashim

    This is just a tease and is missing the second half of Moving On which is the best part!! Do your ears a favor and go listen to the entire version.

  82. Eri hernandez

    Come to México

  83. Nikusha Khujadze

    hello happiness

  84. B Smith

    The one dude looks like Cisco from The Flash.
    But the dancing man bun needs to be hit by a car.

  85. 15 Inch Digger

    Super band.Just NICEEEEE!!

  86. iEatyourbrain84

    This song never fails to draw a huge grin on my face

  87. iEatyourbrain84


  88. SunnySimonEG3

    mhm ... Name of the Book pls ... thanks.

  89. holiwars13

    03:33 Yo bien drogado ;'''''''''''''v

  90. bertrand1678

    Remix of this track exist ?

  91. Paul Mateescu

    Very nice indeed. But I don't think there is a single masonic symbol left unused in this video.

  92. jon hillman

    the director of this video must have gone to design school cuz it looks real purty. i love these songs because the bass and guitar blend really well with the synths. i listen to this every day.

  93. Gabrielle

    good god dammit Moving On gets me grooving so hardcore

  94. Exgecko

    ROOSEVELT IS MEGA TALENTED! Please keep it up can't wait to buy your next album!

  95. M K

    someone uses the same beat at 2:10 and i need to figure out who

  96. Eis Zeit

    Sharon Stone kisses Carlos Santana 🍉🍉🍉 😉 " Joke " !

  97. All Matzus

    Dani Parker