Roosevelt - Around You Lyrics

You know I always been your love
Before I only lost my time to know you
My heart is always up above
Before I only saw the time without you

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Roosevelt Around You Comments
  1. Sergio Arroyo

    The music and the vocals sound angelic

  2. P W

    Vc viaja ao som de Roosevelt, que músico extraordinário.

  3. Daan

    net kanker plakband om me kanker vinger gedaAQN

  4. Jesse Pinkman

    Anyone have tabs for the bass? PLEASE??

  5. Christian hagenow

    His best times 💪😤

  6. Joshua’s Care

    Great to listen to this song on the autobahn in a bmw

  7. shanke300

    Within 3 seconds I gave a thumbs up. What can I say, these guys deliver cool songs.

  8. Versolutions

    What genre could this song fit in?


    Nu disco / Indie dance

  9. Luis Suarez

    The views on this song are just strange, it’s my favorite of their songs. So many no talent bands get 100 million and here’s a little hidden gem in the YouTube universe.

    Nick Iverson

    lol it still has a million views bro. I think a million views is quite a bit higher profile than "a little hidden gem in the YouTube universe"

  10. чикиран сабан

    ватофффак песня просто лайк и
    золото серебро

  11. TheZeallions

    These guys are deep house masters !!!

  12. MrJaimeNewen91

    vaporwave version

  13. Adan Delgadillo

    I know it's a still picture. However I still feel this guy can jump out of the screen at any second.

  14. Nadine Perez

    I love roosevelt!!!! ❤️😘

  15. Reese Bearden

    this song has similar cord progressions as Lange - I Believe (Dj Tandu Mix)


    good song like to replye


    add to sound cloud music

  18. LホメナシキJ

    Roosevelt songs makes me cry but at the same time dance

  19. Krishna Murti

    Dancing on my own. So good!

  20. Antonio Campos


  21. Mandel

    I discovered this song in 2017 on my first trip visit to Europe. I made the trip alone. Another first. I was beyond depressed about a breakup, and made the trip to "find myself." This song came on when I was on high speed train in Italy. There is NO song that could have been more perfect for gliding over 140 mph through a beautiful and foreign land. Just me. My thoughts. And the music. I must have listened to it 40 times. Thanks Roosevelt. This one will forever be truly special to me.

    Justin Allen

    Mandel how funny. I just discovered this band on a European (Austria) excursion to get away from a breakup.

    Yarin Orlev

    Well said. SALUTE!

    Tom Elliott

    I had a similar experience riding buses round Norwich listening to Elliott Smith's "Tomorrow, Tomorrow" after a heavy night where a gin bottle was taped to my right hand.

  22. Daniel Romano

    For a Crush

  23. RGA

    I am not sure if this happens to you but this sound has something that makes you feel blue from the past: 80s or something. That's pretty strange.

  24. MR. A-Z

    Finally 1M views

  25. Gerardo Morales


  26. Robin Smith

    great music

  27. Ulises Cruz

    El mejor grupo 😍

  28. Blunt Cósmico Records


    Fiorela Santana

    Sería cool que Veltrac músic los trajera ,según yo sé que en facebook ya hay un club de fans xd

  29. Wanderson santos

    Amo roosevelt,❤

  30. Sebastian Marin Hernandez

    I think that Around You and Montreal are The best songs of The all Roosevelt Career

  31. danu

    I feel like shit that i found this song right now..

  32. Max Ramos

    Any Peruvians here🙌🏽❤

  33. circularcubes・゚*

    María, si llegaste hasta ésta canción, te mereces el cielo ah~

  34. Unnique 69

    Guess the sample is taken from Europa by french house musician Rawman aka Roman seo

  35. Miko Ramljak

    Roosevelt and Tame Impala need to meet


    Miko Ramljak isnt roosevelt electronic pop

  36. Catherine Hutchison

    Can't wait to see this marvelous energy master in Boston <3
    Loop it up!!

  37. z z

    come to my shitty south american country

  38. Juhst Goh

    this song woke me from a dead slumber, just to groove and return to whence I came, moments afterward

  39. javier perez

    come to brazil

  40. FilmGuy

  41. Yapo Jaquez

    Is the guy supposed to look cute? WTF???

  42. Wesley Berger

    This song is sexy af & I want to write with him. I get it.......

  43. 15 Inch Digger

    Summer happiness love......:)

  44. Arturo Mares

    ven a México Roosevelt!!!!!
    come to Mexico Roosevelt !!!!

  45. Dylan Milne

    I played this today and the sun came out. I don't think it was a coincidence.

  46. Marinda Lanham

    Roosevelt got a new fan today

  47. Exgecko

    These guys are so talented! Please don't tell me they've stopped music.

  48. Aisyah MS

    does anyone agree that 2:58 onwards is heaven

    Krishna Murti


  49. Henry Mateo


  50. Herb Funky

    how did i find this in 2018 with less than 1 mil views? What a great band!

  51. Lucas N

    Re piola wacho!

  52. Marta Estrada.

    Roosevelt are AMAZING! Just discovered them today and I'm already in love. Great tunes...

  53. Pillsinmyshoes

    Not gunna lie I thought that drum tower was a really shinny cake for the first 15 times I listened to this

    Aisyah MS


  54. FearHater

    Oh this is favorite !

  55. zilia hui

    Plag 0.75 best

  56. zed'stube

    This is fucking amazing.

  57. Andre Feitosa

    Woah! It's amazing!!!!

  58. Blue Ghost

    Absolutely great song! Have it on repeat!

  59. kapacha

    I feel like the guy blinks every time I look down to read the comments

  60. Jobe Jacobs

    Remember jamming this in 2013 when it came out. Roosevelt had classics under their belt

  61. Up All Night

    Chile, NEED YOU !

  62. Nicolas Spat

    Un daft punk mas frezco! Muy buenos!! La era del.sintetizador...excelente!

  63. เอนกพงษ์ ศรีประสงค์


  64. Haryel Toretos


  65. Ale E.V

    This guy is soo talented! I can't stop listen this EP! it's amazing! Now one of my favorites forever!

  66. Santiago Garavito

    I like more Beat!Beat!Beat!

  67. Isaias Navarro

    How can I get that pad sound from 3:10? Is it a Juno?

  68. david chavez


  69. Ethan Newman

    looks like the dude from All American Rejects

  70. Dexter

    forever alone! but i have a great music taste

    Leo Geronimo

    feel ya

    Daniel Rieger

    +Dexter Watz crackin bro! u are never alone, this Song is always with you <3

    Big Bud

    You got deedee homie.

    Yarin Orlev

    LOVE IT :D


    😁✌🏼 same...

  71. Master Zero

    Listen to song at x1.5 speed cures depression instantly


    Master Zero. I think it sounds better at x0.75 speed.

  72. Leionkey son


  73. SOSIKSON 666

    kinda makes me depressed lmao. just cause i found out about roosevelt from my ex and she left me cause she just wanted to be friends😧

    Sir Chaderick

    SOSIKSON 546 Totally feel ya bro.

    manza na

    At least she showed you good music, don't feel sad

  74. Diamantidis31

    this indeed is a great classic electro groove song.

  75. Christian Albert

    Parabens Mr. Lauber... Você entrou pro TOP 10 e esta em 1º Lugar na minha lista de favoritos. Congratulations!!!

  76. Don't Like this comment

    it kind of sounds like a vaporwave song.

  77. Oriana Isabel


  78. Lecy Sousa

    A competência musical de Roosevelt é extraordinária. Certamente ele sabe disso.

  79. 95 fernando

    es como escuchar a wild nothing con daft punk en una misma cancion

  80. Francisco Cerda S.

    estoy descubriendo un lado muy bonito de youtube conchemimareeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Jacob Ellis


  81. Roosevelt Coopling

    very nice

  82. Ivan CG

    ¡Qué buenos acordes electrónicos! Hoy lo escuché por primera vez, hoy me hice fan. :D

    DREAMpainT what evert you want

    Iván Cortés me to

  83. r mell

    This dude is awesome

  84. Brave lord

    Só agora fui conhecer
    que delicia de sonoridade

  85. Diogenes' Lantern

    Needs more cowbell...

    Vince Evans

    He’s definitely wearing a gold plated dieper

  86. Zelmira Pinazzo

    genioooos ❤

    elpopo poposin

    genios mis pelotas

  87. Hondacb500Gijon

    Reminds me of Daft Punk...

  88. Leo B

    I hope they success!!! we need more of this!

  89. David

    Thanks youtube, I hit the jackpot with this one

  90. Yosafhat Cuellar

    Plz come todo México dude!!!

  91. William Domansky

    Como não conheci esse cara antes, ta loco, mto bom!

  92. hgvelasquezp

    nos recuerda a daft punk


    pienso lo mismo

    elpopo poposin

    ami me recuerda a tu mama con tanga y chupandome un huevo

    Santiago Sandoval

    Henry Giovanny Velásquez Peña nop

    Jhon Bnites Huamán

    c mamut

  93. Gaze Love

    come to peruu

    Blunt Cósmico Records

    Ya somos 20

    Franz 17

    23 👍

    Gaze Love

    Sale grupo de Wsp ?

  94. Sascha Müller

    Too bad that this masterpiece is not part of his track-list anymore. Concerts still amazing though!

  95. Osmar Beltran

    Me gusta demasiado!

  96. Maty Ssss

    Can´t get rid of that orgasmic bass lineee

  97. redcandy


  98. thetthtiss

    super bien!!!