Ronstadt, Linda - Don't Cry Now Lyrics

If you've ever been taken for money
If you've ever gone down with your pride
If you've ever stood up for a good friend and lost
You know that the river is wide

Like a painter who waits for the sunrise
With a picture in both of his hands
It's like part of your life is already begun
With something that you don't understand

But don't cry now
Oh don't cry now
Don't cry now
No don't cry now

When you're lying alone in the night time
And your loneliness turns into fear
With the words of your memory failing and falling
You're drowning in a river of tears

But don't cry now
Ooh don't cry now

If you've ever thought much about freedom
You might find yourself caught in some door
With somebody you love more than (incomprehensible to my ears)
And you've been weeping but you don't know what for

But don't cry now
Oh don't cry now
Don't cry now
Ooh don't cry now
Don't cry now
Woah don't cry now

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Ronstadt, Linda Don't Cry Now Comments
  1. Rick Hartline

    Too bad her politics are so whacked..otherwise ....Love your music sweetheart.. You really never knew what you were doing did you Linda.

  2. Phil Cardenas

    Larry Carlton did the guitar work on this? Dude's a legend! One of the best guitarists of the 70s

  3. tom johnston

    sometimes I lie alone in the night time and my loneliness does turn to into fear and I wonder will true Love come to greet me or will I drown in a damn river of lonely tears ...oh Linda oh JD yes yes yes so sad so damn sad.

  4. MattDsellsKzoo

    She truly was and still is the queen! The world still loves you Linda!

  5. Angel Emerald

    Great song. Beautifully sung.

  6. tom johnston

    gosh darn it that JD Souther could just write a broken hearted passionate longing lonely song when he wanted to could he not ? somebody give me a hug cause my loneliness sometimes turns to fear and I too wonder when true pure love is gonna ease my worried mind and that kind Knight of beauty and truth and sincerity will rescue me...sup JD I love ya man

  7. randall scott burress

    Easy for her to say? I'm boo whooo in

  8. 1959kashik

    A Historical '70's masterpiece of the US music ! Linda's prime voice, Wendy 's harmony, dream rhythm section by Dennis St. John and Emory Gordy with Spooner Oldham on kbd,who released "potluck" album on family pro,,,and awesome guitar
    and pedal steel guitar harmony of Larry Carlton and Buddy Emmonds,,,Great,Great,Great,,

  9. Dion1957

    J.D. does not get the credit he is due. Great Artist.

    Phil Cardenas

    So true. He is really one of the great songwriters of the 20th century. His solo work, collaborations with James Taylor and the Eagles are some the best songs ever written.

  10. randall scott burress

    I have to cry a little each day to make me human????????????????????

  11. Jennie Anderson

    Everyone hold on...and "Don't Cry Now!"😢

  12. lindalovesmusic

    my first real broken heart.. I listened to this over and over... I had my big brother just pick up the needle and start it over while I cried and cried..

  13. markv mv

    Another great Linda Ronstadt performance. She is truly a great singer.

  14. TheDeadhead56

    loved this song and album

  15. David S.

    Crying in your beer music -- beautifully sung and orchestrated.

  16. gian paolo Puglisi

    Thanks !