Ronstadt, Linda - Colorado Lyrics

Hey Colorado
It was not so long ago
I left your mountains to try life on the road
But I'm tired of that race
It was much too fast a pace
And I think I've found my place
Colorado, I want to come home

I had a man there but I left him far behind
I could have loved him if I'd only had the time
Ah but I stopped along my way
Just long enough to say
That I'd really like to stay
But my baby
You know I have to go

I was too young
To know what I'd done
I made my plans
But I was wrong
Yes I was wrong

Is it too late to change my mind
I've done some thinking
And I'm trying hard to find
A way to come back home
Cause I've been so very long alone
Won't you take care of your own
I think I'm coming home
I want to come home
Let me come home

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Ronstadt, Linda Colorado Comments
  1. Dani Sullivan

    Home Sweet home . She did us proud with this Beautiful Song.

  2. Michael Wilkinson

    I drank from a styr o-foam cup that Linda R. was drinking from when I was 18 (an alcoholic beverage) and kept the cup in my dorm for three years until I woke up one day said "shit, it's just a styro-foam cup", so I threw it away....

  3. Acoustic Shadow

    Small wonder this album went Gold ~ Colorado, Love Has No Pride, Silver Threads, Desperado...vintage Linda!

  4. Greg Parry

    Beautiful song from the greatest female voice I have ever heard. Never heard her sing a bad one!

  5. N Nardone

    A fav since Kit shared with me... (this is really a message for Kit xo)

  6. Ed Halfen

    Check out The Flying Burrito Brothers version as well.  a great sid by side...

  7. HAL9000

    Her voice is so beautiful. Why can't female vocalists sing like this today? Linda Ronstadt will be praised in the future as America's greatest songstress of the 20th Century.

    Andrew C.

    Good question.  I think it's not prized.  Fame is the goal instead, and no wanna be vocalist (or any other kind of artist) seems to realize that even a gift takes development.  I don't hear much beauty in popular music.  In some singer-songwriter stuff, yes; but much of what I hear rumbling down the streets seems anti-beauty, anti-elegance.  Fashion is the same way.

    John Terrino

    I agree Andrew. The loss of beauty, as you say, in the music is noticeable to me too. I am grateful to have grown up with it.

    Vera Worley

    HAL9000 amen!