Ronnie Milsap - Stranger In My House Lyrics

There's a silence here between us
I've never heard before
And I can't find the love
In her eyes anymore
There's some changes going on
I'm beginning to understand
When I'm holding her
I swear I feel the presence of another man

There's a stranger in my house
Somebody here that I can't see
Stranger in my house
Somebody here trying to take her away from me

She sits staring out the window
A million miles away
And when I ask if she's all right
She never has too much to say
Is it somebody we both know
Or somebody she just met
Is she loving him in her mind
While she's lying here in my bed

There's a stranger in my house
Somebody here that I can't see
Stranger in my house
Somebody here trying to take her away from me

Suspicions lead to questions
And questions to alibis
Is it just my imagination
Or has her love turned into lies

There's a stranger in my house
Somebody's here that I can't see
Stranger in my house
Somebody here trying to take her away
Stranger in my house
Somebody's here that I can't see
Stranger in my house
Somebody here trying to take her away
Stranger in my house
Somebody here trying to take her away from me

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Ronnie Milsap Stranger In My House Comments
  1. Rebecca Calhoun

    Who's still listening in 2020? Timeless country.

  2. ALF Raydough

    I looked at his Net Worth should add a zero after it! Definitely in the Underrated Category!!!

  3. bill frankl

    Is it me or do others see the irony of a man who is blind singing there is a stranger in my house somebody here that I can't see

  4. Elizabeth Taytay

    2020 aaaaaah 😘

  5. Gabe luke

    Its 2020 and its still good

  6. Teresa Wallace

    Love Ronnie, have listened to him for years

  7. Marc Eibel

    Brilliant song. Unforgettable.

  8. Lee Bemis

    This is country music I have all of his songs

  9. Rad Fat Daddy

    This song gets funnier if you picture some dude sneaking around Ronnie, who's just getting pissed.

  10. Randy Hills

    Got to luv that Victorian sofa.
    This is the second song off of 680 a.m. I only got the last verse.
    I guess a.m. radio plays nothing but good ol country music.
    Stranger in my house, man good tune🍺

  11. John Mildner

    Ronnie Milsap...... Classic Gold !

  12. Holland Moser

    His name is sun vega lol

  13. aramanth

    *Back in the 80s, I Used to Cheat on MTV!* 👢👢
    Sometimes I would switch to TNN (The Nashville Network)
    and see videos by Ronnie Milsap, Kenny Rogers, Highwaymen,
    etc. There were some great ones like this video!

  14. ginny white

    super guitar intro and solo

  15. Stephanie Burkeen

    Love this song

  16. Chris Melton

    I heard this when I was really young. I have a lot of greats from Ronnie Milsap

  17. Janet Mercer

    One of the best

  18. Matthew Crowson

    the haunted tweaker song

  19. Tristy Price

    “There’s a whore up on my man “ is my version to this song 💯%

  20. Anita Bartos

    I loved it tht I grew up to this music. What's NOT to love💞

  21. Iangku Syiem

    Any one listening in January 2020

  22. Filmation77

    This was very 80's country

  23. Erwin Miranda

    I first heard this song in a movie .true story of a woman who was being attacked by a sexual demon and the husband who was trying to save her from these attacks.

  24. JasonL77

    I remember when my Mom would put on the Country Music station as she was cleaning house, this song would occasionally come on. This was also around the time I was learning about “Stranger Danger” in school. So whenever Ronnie sang “Stranger in my house”, I would always think “If there’s a stranger in his house, why doesn’t he just call the police?”

    Cut me some slack. I was six.

  25. Matej Frelih

    still listening in 2020!

  26. Hugh Mungus

    2020 and forever.

  27. Brenda Latham

    He is AMAZING

  28. devin willoughby

    Heard it on the radio and loved it

  29. Ray Mccue

    Was this TG🎛️ Sheppard originally?

  30. Ben Walker

    👀Who's that stranger👀

  31. J Jordan

    Ronnie Millsap greatest voice ever no other sounds the same

  32. Chester McDaniel

    I grew up listening to this man. Believe in God or not. HE IS a gift from God to help keep us from going insane.

  33. Xavier Ortiz

    Now that's a Guitar solo

  34. Joseph Black

    They don't make music like this anymore I love classic country

  35. Georgia John

    Play bi Billy Cyrus songs

  36. gcjbhar

    I have a story that I'm sure no one would believe but can back up everything I say!!! I was 18 and In June of 1988 my Grandfather, Pastor Ronald Holland died. Of course I went to his funeral and was even one of his pall bearers. After the funeral or wake as it is called in the south, we were at a reception and I noticed a blind man sitting at a picnic table and decided to talk to him. I was 18 and had never listened to country music in my life. It just wasn't my thing at the time. i introduced myself ,Greg Hardin, and asked him how he was. He said fine and asked me how I was related to Pastor Holland. I told him he was my Grandfather on my mothers side. He just smiled and said "boy I could tell you some stories" and laughed out loud! He then proceeded to tell me how he was named after my Grandfather and that my Grandmother, Bessie Holland drove 4 hours one night to pick him up from school when he was slapped by a resident advisor of a school he was attending. He stayed with my grandparents for almost a week because he was terribly afraid to call his grandmother to let her know he had left school. We talked for more than an hour and he told me things about my Grandparents I never knew. I got up and walked away after some time and my mother stopped me and asked me what we talked about. I told her about his stories and she just chuckled. Then she said "You do know who that is don't you?" I said no who is he? She replied "that's Ronnie Milsap" I said who is that? She just laughed and walked away!

  37. William Kimmer

    Oldie but still a Goodie 👍👍 Enjoy the video also

  38. Yolanda Suggs


  39. Michael Gastineau

    Real country music

  40. wheelmanstan

    1k dislikes? that's the biggest mystery I've ever seen

  41. wheelmanstan

    he never saw it coming...

  42. MrBigrobmjca3

    Not fighting. This song is NOT Country. It should have been referred to the pop music radio people. Would it have done good on the pop charts, we’ll never know. Country was pushing the envelope in the 80s’ (Angel Of The Morning, some Earl Thomas Conley stuff (good stuff, rip.), but as someone who has listened to country, played it on the radio, and did actually study it’s history, I believe that this particular song pushed the envelope too far on the synthesizers.

  43. gneisenau77

    Totally awkward wedding music...

  44. l2string

    Should have just called this "I Can't Stand It"

  45. carolyn allen

    Always loved Ronnie Milsap. What a talent! It is sad what passes for talent these days in country music!

  46. Czolgosz, Workin' Man

    There's a good friend in my house
    Somebody here that I can't see
    -Ronnie Milsap

  47. Barbara Binsack

    There will be a stranger in your house when your jobs and everything is gone

  48. Christy Rowland

    I always think there r strangers in my house, from blue.

  49. Maria DOLORES Rodriguez Ferrere de MERCADO

    why don't you stop ads with Latin singers in the middle of wonderful music.. ada are SOOOO annoying,..yes you want to COLLECT money to do that

  50. SoCal Outdoors73

    That guitarist....

  51. Christy Rowland

    This is what I was brought up on ya all.

  52. Bonnie Mcneil


  53. Jackson Greiner

    I'm here from that crackhead video stranger in my house lol

  54. Caffeine and Hate

    I despise country music, but I love this song

  55. harrydoyle

    1000 people don't have a clue about good music!

  56. Robin Funk

    Hes mostly blind, singing about that what is being hid from him. And pretending to go along with it feeling the truth unseen

  57. xbenzon

    Get it, it’s because he’s blind

    Anne Baskerville

    xbenzon hahaha I got that the first time I heard this song, roughly 8 years ago.

  58. C McA

    The lyrics always make me wonder if he was poking fun at himself; somebody here that I can't see

  59. Camilla Aguilar

    Awesome video

  60. Michael Griffin

    Real music

  61. Malcolm Wilson

    Dude can rock for a blind man!!

  62. Malcolm Wilson

    Sure can rock for a blind man!

  63. Carl Looney

    I hate to say it but been there done that.It’s a hard thing to deal with but it’s a great song. I was fortunate enough to be around when this song was released.

  64. James Sawyer

    there's beer in my his song has me worried about who might drink my beer

  65. missvalerie93

    Just saw him in concert tonight- he still sounds great!! 💕

  66. Chris Pollard

    Hall of fame

  67. yatta yatta

    Heck ya! 2019 ! November!

  68. Joe Jeffries

    4:00 mark, remind anyone else of the "united breaks guitars" video?

  69. Lionheart Forever

    Beautifully written and Roni did a great job singing.
    This is true country man. Can we bring this back, I don’t think so. RIP county music you are dearly missed.

  70. Joshua Brooks

    This would be a perfect song to play while you're driving around on Halloween night trick or treating. Anyone agree?

  71. Kenneth Dillon

    The song "Artists Of Then, Now & Forever - Forever Country" brought me to listen to this song.

  72. Marva Custer

    One groovy singer

  73. Bernadette Schneider

    My Aunt passed away recently. On 9/12/19. This is one of her favorite song and singers. This song helps me to cope with my lose. Thank you so much

  74. Simply LW97. UTTP

    I always thought this was an Eric Clapton song

  75. Kevin Englebright

    very underrated singer. real country not the trash today!! love Ronnie's music. y feel his pain!

  76. Joe Cornelius

    Rick Hunter pilot episode brought me here

  77. 1VaDude

    Truly a great song!

  78. Anne Baskerville

    Okay. I have skimmed through the whole comment section. There was a comment that I loved reading. I can’t find it again, so I’ll just go and say it: “Ronnie, I have been listening to your songs for a few years (I think about 6 years.) I love them, and can’t seem to get enough. I didn’t realize that you were blind until I searched your biography. It touched me in so many ways, that I can not explain. I love and miss you (as I’m sure we all do). Thank you for sharing your gifts and talents with the world. All the best to you and your family.

  79. Albert Orozco

    This music were words that me and my late wife could not come up with. Words from a heart.

  80. Kermit Muppet

    No one:

    Blind people:

  81. Christine Greene

    Just thinking of u MYYYYYYYY lov!

  82. Scott Duff

    Mike Reid wrote this great song and Ronnie Milsap was the perfect artist to record it!! Love them both!!

  83. Iris Elizabeth

    Since 2004-2019

  84. Iris Elizabeth


  85. Iris Elizabeth

    Im being held with out my 2. kids, the re not rockys,hores

  86. Nicole Skeets

    He was @ Fire Rock Casino a couple of months Gallup NM. Show was epic!!!

  87. Brian Henegar

    One of the greatest songs ever written. (although it’s always interesting to consider the irony that you have a blind man singing the line “somebody here that I can’t see“)

  88. Bully Billy

    stranger danger..

  89. miles pitts

    ronnie was on his way back to the blind school and stay overnight with his grandmother here in morganton,n.c...he said that the house pop and crack during the night sounding like someone walking around...

  90. John Mcconnell

    True true classic song very good video 😄😄😄

  91. George Davis

    That's amazing Ronnie and Ray Charles is 100 percent blind and put out so many hits they wrote themselves

  92. MarsNeedsMartyrs

    So sad, so sad, especially when it's your story......

  93. Robin Alberti

    Was....there was a stranger in your house

  94. BloozeDaddy

    While the video might be a bit cheesy, this is clearly one of the best damn songs to ever come out of the 1980's. Ronnie's great singing and Bruce Dees' rockin guitar solo make this song a classic. This should be in the set list of every cover band in America.

  95. Vanessa Rodriguez

    Blind guy

  96. James Bukovec

    I cant remember church hymnals but i can sing along word for word with these classic country songs haha! Great stuff.

  97. Jackie Lewis

    You're one of the greatest