Ronnie Milsap - A Woman's Love Lyrics

A woman's love goes deeper than the man's
Into a place only she understands
It's a healing touch, it's a blade of a knife
But so much love, a woman's love that gives you life

A woman's love is stronger than a man's
But it can hold your heart in the palm of its hands
It'll keep the faith through the long dark night
It takes a woman's love, a woman's love to see the light

It'll make you fly, sink you like a stone
It'll leave you high or leave you all alone
If you believe her word, no matter what you've heard
Anybody say about it, there's no life for you without it now

It'll make you fly or sink you like a stone
But it'll leave you high or leave you all alone
If you believe her word, no matter what you've heard
Anybody say about it, there's no life for you without it now

If a woman's love ever finds your soul
It'll break your will and take control
'Cause the very thing that your heart cries for
Is a woman's love, this woman's love and nothing more
It's a woman love you're living for

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Ronnie Milsap A Woman's Love Comments
  1. Marvin Begay

    Love this song wow

  2. Gáborné Kiss

    Very nice and nice song ... I love :)

  3. dhc rockburn

    subscribe to my channel please and thank you dbelleburr.

  4. brianbearco

    Tracy Lawrence Sticks and Stones song has a sample from this song listen close :) steel guitar or reg guitar. I love Ronnie and Tracy both!

  5. Test Doang

    2018 why ?

  6. Aleisa DeMichael

    I’ll show u all bipolar watch me

    King Cole

    You single?

  7. Linda Thetford

    saw this amazing man the other night on his farewell tour which is so sad. he was amazing so sad that he didnt do this one as it is my favorite :( however i am NOT complaining because he got up there just recovering from flu and sick and still did his best. love you ronnie!

  8. Kim Highley

    Love Ronnie love this song

  9. Alba Martinez

    that is the truth...good song..for those awesome guys out there that know there lady..

  10. Mike Maynard

    good song

  11. Ivan Martinez

    This is my favorite song from Ronnie Milsap, I'll never get tired of listening to it.

  12. Misti Long

    belle you should find Button Off My Shirt

  13. Gus Gutz

    My favorite Ronnie Milsap song.

  14. Tiffany A

    Great Playlist!! just what I was thinking about. You!! 💚💜❤💙

  15. Cathryn G

    I forgot about this song but when I heard him sing it live last night....oh boy. What a great artist with so many fantastic songs! Very thankful I got to see him live on his farewell tour!

  16. Trevor Fawver

    Lol...that "ahhh the no calls"
    It's a little southern for some people, but the correct lyrics are '" I oughta know 'cause" I've held a few'
    Subtle , but I got a kick out of that...

  17. Lalhmingliana Hnamte

    Ronnie Milsap has always been one of my fav country singers ! He's got a great voice !

  18. Lars-Eric Pettersson

    I miss one song with "Ronnie" from you "Belle" and I think the title at that song is "20 - 20 Vision" or something like that.
    I can't find it on Youtube but I have it on a very old tape.

    dbelleburr    the sound quality is really bad .. I will remake this video tonight and repost

  19. Dave Wollenberg

    Thanx for another great lyric vid, Dody. Still prayin' for your complete deliverance from cigarettes. I KNOW you can do it!

  20. bbman2011

    I always have loved Ronnie Milsap's songs I thank my dad for listening to it with me in his 96 Silverado when I was little.

  21. Lisa Keller

    the only country act that I would pay 1,000 for & worth it


    AGREE :)

  22. Albert Koenig are a Godsend to all of us Ronnie Milsap fans....thank you for posting all these great songs!!

  23. Ali Afzal Mughal

    Milsap the one and only country legend.

  24. Albert Koenig

    Love this man's voice & style!!!

  25. i5705b5705j5705j

    There are so many songs titled A Woman In Love, from Frankie Laine to Barbra Streisand, but this got to be the best.

  26. Jimmy_Volmer

    Now I've been a life long Milsap fan. Met him back in 75ish. I was 4 or 5 back then. Got to go on his tour bus and play with his kid for about 10 min. I remember when I actually was face 2 face with him I was trying to see his eyes through his dark shades to see what they looked like, but I couldn't see shit. lol I was wondering if anybody else did this song? I'm sure someone did but can't remember who.

  27. Omar El

    i like this song.....thanks for share.....

  28. Dave Wollenberg

    Thanx again, Dody, for another great post. ACC's #39 song of '90. God bless ya, sweet Dody, for postin' it. Have a blessed weekend!

  29. Kelton King

    This Would Be Ronnie Milsaps last #1 hit in the u.s. anyway but it went to #1 On 12-23-89 Stranger Things Have Happened was really his last #1 hit.

  30. john wayne

    Go Ronnie!

  31. DreamShot961

    thanks for sharing this :)

  32. tracer28583

    now this is a powerful love song it says things we want to but can't thank you for the great songs to who ever you are keep up great work

  33. blindangelsin

    a woman in love :)