Ronnie Dunn - Outstanding Lyrics

From a whole 'nother planet (planet)
Ice on my neck dancin' (dancin')
Ice on my neck prancin' (prancin')
Got these lil' hoes glancin' (glancin')
Ice on me outstandin' ('standin')
Baby girl so demandin'
Say she is my SANDAS

Boy, yeah, I'm so fancy
Fuckin' these hoes, outlandish
I need a ho like Randy
I'm eatin' them cookies like candy
I'm eatin' them cookies like candy
Swear them tools come in handy
Handy just like Mandy
These niggas shrimp, you a scampi
Shrimp, baby
I'm gettin' choked by chokers
Cough drop me, my throat hurt
Ice on a bitch [?]
Playin' cold, we colder
We get cold 'til your nose hurt
She suck dick 'til my toes curl
Then she burp, yeah
These niggas ain't seein' me
Came from the bottom [?]
Now these bitches on my weenie
Niggas small, yeah they teeny
Ice on me outstandin'
Money keep expandin', do you understand me?

From a whole 'nother planet (planet)
Ice on my neck dancin' (dancin')
Ice on my neck prancin' (prancin')
Got these lil' hoes glancin' (glancin')
Ice on me outstandin' ('standin')
Baby girl so demandin'
Say she is my SANDAS

[21 Savage:]
21, ice on my neck go bling (bling)
Fairy tale, sell a ho a dream (God)
25 racks on the ring (bling, bling, bling)
Yeah, VVS' on me, they water, yeah
I don't want your bitch, I bought her, yeah
You can get her back, I borrowed her (21, 21, 21, 21)
Ice on my neck like puck, puck
I'm a big dawg, you a duck, a duck
Fuck her like a dog and get stuck
Every, every car I ride in need a green card, foreign
Foreign bitch pussy good, I bought a green card
But I swear it get so wet I wish I had a surfboard (21)

From a whole 'nother planet (planet)
Ice on my neck dancin' (dancin')
Ice on my neck prancin' (prancin')
Got these lil' hoes glancin' (glancin')
Ice on me outstandin' ('standin')
Baby girl so demandin'
Say she is my SANDAS
From a whole 'nother planet (planet)
Ice on my neck dancin' (dancin')
Ice on my neck prancin' (prancin')
Got these lil' hoes glancin' (glancin')
Ice on me outstandin' ('standin')
Baby girl so demandin'
Say she is my SANDAS


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Ronnie Dunn Outstanding Comments
  1. Tim Davis

    Brooks and Dunn are some of the best musicians of all time....they are the best country singers ever period

  2. Invista

    He did it almost better than Jennifer, which is amazing...! Even Jennifer is stunned hearing him sing.

  3. Zeb Ritchie

    Will always love you regardless. Z&S 4eva

  4. Old Crazy

    Simply amazing.

  5. La Mac

    Wow, just wow❤
    Love this!!!

  6. Brian Zaborowski

    Jennifer looks as great as Ronnie sounds here!

  7. Derek Messimer

    Instead of “In Case Of Eye Contact Flush Eyes Out With Water” bottles of hand soap should just say “Listen to Ronnie Dunn sing ‘Stay.’”

  8. Leonard Rick

    Damn, where was Jennifer Nettles at 40 years ago when I was Single?? She is Beautiful!!!!

  9. John Acker

    Awesome job mr. Ronnie dunn always deliver my friend

  10. T DAWG

    Nitalia Howard. Thank you. After all that I did for you for us and for the kids. Ungrateful. Loyalty has an expiration date. This Man hurts too. My ❤️ is yours and you used it. I forgive you.......

  11. Linda Frost

    Is anyone still here in Oct 2019?

    Linda Frost

    I am currently listening to these tunes but all the comments seem old.

    Daryl Flauta

    Just uou and I


    Dec 19 here.

  12. truedandy1

    Simply outstanding, breathtaking! What a voice!

  13. stereotypea123

    If this clip ever gets removed I will burn YouTube to the ground

  14. Vince Ryan

    "Justice" accomplished!

  15. gospel Gibriel

    This is a song I can easily relate cause I've been there. It hurts like hell. But now a better person and off with it for the rest of my life.

  16. voccmoccer

    He got Soul, he got the Voice, he is Country.

  17. sta aries

    now its 2019 and im still watching

    Justin Buchanan

    You bet. Still enjoy this song so much

  18. Mike Huston

    3:23...Carrie is lost in the moment...awesome job by the best male voice in the business.

  19. Christy Eckert

    Could listen to him all day

  20. Sean Hughes

    Amazing voice!! Not many singers can draw you into the song the way Ronnie Dunn can anymore!!

  21. Chris Bowling

    Just as good if not better, and that's hard to believe.

  22. Rus Varyag

    I've had the pleasure of seeing him sing live. The guy is out of bounds. Might be the best country singer out there. Them TEXAS boys get it done.

  23. Daniel Carlos

    have you heard jennifer nettles sing acapella. She can make anyone cry. her voice is amazing.

  24. Mark McGranahan

    Mic Drop

  25. Paul Robinson

    Ronnie Dunn could sing a message from a fortune cookie and win a grammy.

  26. Bruce Farris

    Ronnie Dunn could sing the ingredients on a cereal box and I would run out and buy some--super talent !!

  27. Michael Thul

    Just one of the reasons Kix Brooks said he was blessed to be paired up with the best singer in country music . Awesome job on this .

  28. Robert Helton

    Great job ronnie. Nobody could have done it better...u nail it..been listening to u. Since u started singing....allsome

  29. Lisa Helton

    Breath taking let me tell u
    I love them both
    Such a true song

  30. Joyce Marsh

    Love Jennifer and Ronnie xxxx

  31. Walter Scharff

    You did it justice

  32. ken carr

    one of the greatest

  33. gerri campbell

    Wow Ronnie and Jennifer awesome pairing!

  34. liz

    that's a hard song and he not only slayed it but made it sound like it was made for him to sing. incredible

  35. Steve Rogers

    Now that's country

  36. Chris McMillen

    Fucking killed it!! Awesome job!

  37. Mr, Private

    Man he can sing,,what a great voice

  38. Cindy Kocialski

    His voice cuts straight through to my heart....

  39. Sunny n Friendly

    Without a doubt "The Greatest Country Male Singer Ever." Everyone knows this. BTW: Reba is the greatest female Country singer ever. Both from Oklahoma.

  40. Jerry Mullins

    WOW!!! My God in heaven... Ronnie Dunn nailed this!!!

  41. Jeff Allen

    master craftsman

  42. Shawn Ratcliff

    Top 10 singing voices all time.Ronnie Dunn

  43. Vernon Huffman

    Ronnie Dunn can sing the alphabet and it would be on the top 40. But I LOVE that they looked at each other at the end and Ronnie was like “Not bad right” and she said “ beautiful” Such a beautiful moment I’m glad I got to see.

  44. Keith David

    This sounds like he is the husband who knows his wife is cheating and he is begging her not to go.

  45. Robin LaBouche

    Brooks & Dunn are brilliant singer/songwriters !!!!!

  46. ken taylor

    how about 2019 ???

  47. Michael Brandon

    When he has the crowd shook

  48. Daniel D

    As far as a pure vocalist.... I dont know if there us anyone better! My lord!

  49. adambmabe atgmaildotcom

    I'm still watching in Dec. 2018. I come back to this video a lot. It holds its own special place in my life. It's a clear example of what songs of this nature do for me. They allow me to process feelings that I can't otherwise handle. We can all handle just about anything for 3 or 4 minutes; this song, this video, allows me a fleeting moment's visit with some of the most beautifully remarkable pain I've ever attempted to interpret.

  50. Kaye Forester

    I could listen to Ronnie Dunn 24/7💕💕💕💕🎶🎶🎶💯💯💯💯

  51. Jennifer Dijames

    JENNIFER,nice outfit.

  52. Jennifer Dijames

    GOOD job Ronnie. Where is Kix Brooks?

  53. J. Rick

    Even with him singing the song~ She still cries. Such an Emotional Song. I cry every time I hear it. Been There.

  54. Mary swords

    Wow... this is beautiful...

  55. Kaye Forester


  56. Mike Perry

    He can't sing a song wrong.

  57. Indy Custom Made

    I was thinking at first there is no way for a guy to sing that song. He hit it out of the park. Great job. Just wow.

  58. Richard Andrews

    How is she getting honored that quickly? She should be honoring Ronny Dunn

  59. Denise Hedden

    Beautiful song amazing vocals and amazing music Great Job Guy's🥀🦋🥀

  60. Nyoka Smith

    AWESOME !!!! Love me some Ronnie Dunn !!!!!!

  61. Stanley Belk

    Awesome just awesome

  62. boots snyder

    One of the best country singers! He has a amazing voice❤️

  63. Joey Culver

    Wait... Why are we having a Jennifer Nettles tribute?

  64. Marsha S. Harris


  65. jkel75

    Ronnie Dunn....... Nough said. No matter what he sings, he rocks it !!!!!!! Jennifer Nettles is awesome too!!

  66. bflandragon90

    I can't wait to finally see brooks and dunn next June 😍😍😍

  67. Downback

    Roonie and Jennifer Duet

  68. Jeff Stewart

    Rare voice he has. Like Don Henley. Can sing other people's stuff better than they can .

  69. Jason Perez

    That blew

  70. Layanice

    so beautiful i loved it xoxo

  71. stingray

    One of the best voices in any kind of music

  72. kyndakrazy

    One of the top 5 country voices of all time. He was incredible, again.

  73. John Rouse

    Why the hell did she get a tribute show? She’s far from a legend.

  74. Samich Haze

    I have never seen that !! It was awesome!!!

  75. Danielle Hogeland

    Ronnie Dunn sing good

  76. Travis Krause

    Thing about that song nobody can do it as good as she can thats for sure!!!

  77. BBBYpsi

    Ronnie's voice is so clear. What a voice. The only criticism is I think it lacks the emotion that Jennifer's did when she sings it. But absolutely stellar job on this song.

  78. Chandler Robinson

    I love this man hands down!!!!! He made me cry at 35

  79. Sandy Juntunen

    His voice is great, but the arrgmt and instrumentation is awful. Whoever did that sure messed up.

  80. Karl Hunter

    Gr8est performance ever! Ronnie took Jennifer's song & made it his own! U gotta luv t!

  81. AntiqueQT Tomes

    LOVE!!!!!!! brooks n dunn, Ronnie Dunn could sing to me anyday!

  82. Charles Barfield

    As expected beautiful job. Could have recorded an made platinum. ( hands down )

  83. Splintercell01

    They should do a duet of this at some point, it wouldn't be hard to do and it would be huge..

  84. AKWolf1 did not do it any justice!  No one but Jennifer could pull off that song.

  85. Tonetwisters

    Sure wish they had mixed his voice a little further out in the mix ...

  86. Katie Maniaci


  87. Snoop s

    Blake Shelton was like “oh boy this is aaawwwkkkkwwwaarrrdd”😂

  88. Cali 78

    Fucking EPIC performance!!!

  89. Parveen Sidhu

    Well done Ronnie Dunn!

  90. Guts

    What the hell is this?. Why does she need a tribute for? She hasn't been around that long.

  91. torogi shockman

    who's still watching this in 2018.


    2019 here!

    fizz gig

    2019 luv it.

    tony moberly

    2019 now

  92. Randy Farrar

    Damn!!!! Knocked it out of the park!

  93. Cory Cooper

    Lets see a pop star sing live and sound exactly like their albums, not a chance, they need computer editing to sound good.
    Not Roonie though, far out this bloke can sing!!!!!

  94. Ray J

    Blake sees what real country is about!!

  95. tynstaci

    A true Icon of country music that will last the test of time. Ronnie Dunn is a master of singing and the talent pours from him like rain from a cloud.

  96. Darren Headrick

    Need to put Brooks and Dunn back together. This crap that's being produced today...

    Dick Hammond

    Try Cody Johnson