Ronnie Dunn - How Far To Waco Lyrics

I pulled out of Los Angeles at two a.m.
Nothin' on the radio, mariachi band fadin' out and in
Blacktop in my headlights looks like it has no end
Only thing on my mind is gettin' back to my baby again

How far to Waco
Two hundred miles to New Mexico
Albuquerque by mornin' light
Six hours to the Texas line
Highway miles, they go by so slow
She's waitin' down the road from El Paso
How much further do I have to go
How far to Waco

Stopped at a Tuscon truck stop, Coke and a candy bar
Paid for the gas with the last of my cash, got back in the car
I can't wait to hold you, my darlin', in my arms
Goin' back to the love of that pretty girl that owns my heart

How far to Waco
Two hundred miles to New Mexico
Albuquerque by mornin' light
Six hours to the Texas line
Highway miles, they go by so slow
She's waitin' down the road from El Paso
How much further do I have to go
How far to Waco

How far to Waco
Two hundred miles to New Mexico
Albuquerque by mornin' light
Six hours to the Texas line
Highway miles, they go by so slow
She's waitin' down the road from El Paso
How much further do I have to go
How far to Waco

How much further do I have to go
How far from Waco

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Ronnie Dunn How Far To Waco Comments
  1. Matt Lidyoff

    Rockin the country w tex Mex
    This guys good 🎤🎸🎺🎷🎙

  2. Carole Kohlschmidt

    Absolutely gorgeous music. We need more of ronnie Dunn.

  3. TheKpm181

    Absolutely one of my favorite Ronnie Dunn songs. Have to turn it up, every time!

    Just discovered that there is a video to it, 7 years later. Opps.
    OK, the video is not the greatest, but the song remains AWESOME!

  4. Denis Parker

    I think Ronnie Dunn is great

  5. Gord Rude

    Love the song, but man he was all over the map, He definitely took the long

  6. agnelanna heavens

    then have bobby play hes jimjones the cult so long can Howie that stanbo

  7. Industrial Prostitute

    If she's waiting near El Paso...why drive to freekin Waco?

  8. Annette Koch

    Cool, I am from Albuquerque.
    I know route 66 well.

  9. Sandy Juntunen

    My husband was in a nursing home outside Waco about 25 miles. When I was well enough I'd visit, we'd listen to this and talk about how far Waco seemed with me here in Waco and him there. He told me I was the pretty girl who had his heart..although after 44 years I'm not a girl anymore, I loved hearing it. I buried him Monday. I'll never hear this without hearing his words. Music is such a gift.

  10. Hubetta Lear

    Love this!!! But Ronnie Dunn could sing the phone book and be a huge hit mercy man his vocals are all that n then some!!!!!

  11. Blackmary

    love that song! <3

  12. Chad Nicholson

    Excellence Ronnie! Country music's nose dive is because of the moron label execs. Keep pumping out the real stuff buddy!

  13. Danny Harper

    I LOVE THIS!!!!

  14. Macwench2006

    Took me back to summers in Roswell NM. The whole cowboy/Mexicali fusion sound. OH dancing under old xmas lights under that sky!

  15. Amy Kingsbury

    I think it's a fun song to listen to. As far as the geography comments-Hey, it's not a documentary.

  16. Mario Gandolfo

    Great tune man, you should have said f**k the punk and ran this song.m

  17. Patsy Reid

    One of your best....too bad the "suits" didn't like it. Great video.....

  18. Janie Carlson

    I had a guy drive 5000 miles on a motor cycle to see me. We should of married, but that’s another story.

    David Moore

    What did he do, drive across the country twice?

    Janie Carlson

    David Moore No he drove from Anchorage Alaska to Houma La.

  19. Sammy

    the best kind of country....alot better then this nightmare era we're in now.

  20. Bernie. Mclean

    I just love this song play it all the time when I get the chance and I'm from Australia.

  21. R. C. Duncan

    Me: "Oh cool, a song about my home town!"
    Also Me: "None of that stuff is in or even near my home town..."

  22. Ricky Gallegos

    Love how he includes Albuquerque in this song!!! I'm from New Mexico and he is one of the few singers who include such a beautiful and unique state like New Mexico in his songs.


    Ricky Gallegos ever heard of lights of Abq by jim glaserm

  23. Tara Ann Karl

    Dr Pepper Museum! ! I've gone further..from Brooklyn to Waco

    paul stroope

    Dublin, Texas

  24. Wendell Stafford

    Ronnie you can't read a map? Why would you leave L.A. and go NORTH to Albquerque to get to Waco? a GPS and keep singing!!

    Bruce Trites

    He also stopped in Tucson - This made me laugh.

    Marie Marie

    Ronnie Dunn also lives in N.M

  25. Randall Weaver

    sounds a little buck...or his buddy maybe?...

  26. Luther Carnahan

    Love this song.

  27. Luther Carnahan

    Waco, Tx. Lol.

  28. R797

    His goatee is the thickest this side of waco

  29. Tanya Greb

    What's not mentioned is that the all-female band behind him is an ACTUAL mariachi band out of Santa Fe, NM - quite possibly the BEST at what they do. MARIACHI BUENAVENTURA - incredible voices and musical talent in this group of gifted women!!!!!

    Mark Bures

    Yes MARIACHI BUENAVENTURA are very good, but not playing on this track. Trumpets are by Nashville studio musicians Steve Patrick and Mike Haynes.

    Ailani Varela

    My dad plays with that group

  30. KeeperOCats

    needs some geography lessons.
    Nothing in that video is from the Waco area.
    'Just down the road from El Paso'?... mmmkay- if you consider 9 hrs, 50 minutes "just down the road".
    Rt 66 does not go through or anywhere near Waco either.

    Janie Carlson

    We know we always say hours instead of miles if you’re a Texan!

    Jean Thompson

    Poetic license

    Day Dreamer

    Hi, a quote from Ronnie "The "label" told me that they were going broke so, I used my own money... called in some favors from buddies, went to New Mexico, stuck four lodge poles in the ground, strung white Christmas lights around the tops, rented a Honda Generator, found an all female Mariachi band on Google in Albuquerque, waited for sundown and rolled tape. "

    Amanda Bilger

    Does it really matter? Amarillo Sky was filmed in Illinois that doesn't mean it isn't a really good song. It's called Poetic License.

    David Moore

    Its a video, jeez. give it a break. its the music that is great

  31. paul stroope

    great song, love how he uses his writing skills, especially the way he went to Waco. 
    Love the Texas Ranger Museum in Waco. 

  32. Rob Potts

    play it again! :)

  33. Rob Potts

    man, I love that car, the video isn't bad either

    Gary Royals

    That car is what I always thought when I made it big I would be driving. Driving a Bentley GT now (LOL) but you get the idea Cadillac had us brainwashed in Texas

  34. jean shackelford

    Love this song!!!!

  35. connie cox

    Love this song. Reminds me of every guy who ever drove a hundred miles just to see me. Some memories never die.

    Rob Potts

    where you at baby? ....let's do this!  :)

    paul stroope

    reminds me of all the miles i have driven just to see beauties like you

    Dark Horse 3/5

    That's what the whore told me at the brothel....just kiddin...she wasn't that popular.

    Dark Horse 3/5

    @Rob Potts lol

  36. Kathy Lanier


  37. Dianne Petrina

    Wish I could text this...does anyone know how?

  38. Stiggy

    Fyi, liking country music does not stop you being a commie-liberal.
    yrs sincerely,
    A European Commie-liberal

  39. Gabriel Phil

    I live in las Vegas nm and are teacher ms miaestas is in this video

  40. Abby Sutton

    We Texans are as religious and friendly as you can get(: if I may say so myself

  41. Diddy1990

    epic song!

  42. JAwall86

    almosthas a buck owens/ marty robbins sound to it

  43. Paratrooper777

    Ronnie Dunn is one of my favorite artist. The combination of mariachi orchestration and C&W awesome. WELL DONE Mr. Dunn!

  44. Kaitlin Blake

    First song I listened to him without Kix.... Whoa.... Wow..... Uhm....... I like him better alone.

  45. SpanishFly75

    Two things on how Mexico is depicted on videos/movies: Yes, we have paved roads for Christ's sakes... And the sky's as blue as everywhere else, drop the sepia effect already... Heh-zoos! I mean, Jesus! ;)


    He's talking about New Mexico, not Mexico.

  46. diamonddave247

    I can hear a little Johnny Cash "Ring Of Fire", Dwight Yoakum, and Marty Robbins all wrapped up in this one catchy tune. Nice tribute to all those music "greats"! Greetings from the Land Of Enchantment! I hope to see you all in Mescalero, NM later this summer. Hasta la vista, amigos.

  47. diamonddave247

    Take your hat and boots off and stay a little while in Albuquerque. Its gonna be a long, long, drive to Waco...

  48. ZStomp he end up in Albuquerque? lmao

  49. ZStomp

    i agree with MrBassfishing25... what is wrong with the route?

  50. ItsJustRandomness

    Central Texas.

  51. Tucker

    Awesome music man.

  52. Chrome Rooster Productions

    Albuquerque to tex line is 3 hours.
    .. and how the hell did you end up in tucson

  53. Chrome Rooster Productions

    The route in this song holy cow.... dude needs to buy a map

  54. Joseph Smith


  55. Steven Baldwin

    Whys that wise ass?

  56. cshgeo

    Hahahaha, I know why you are mad ... hahahaha!


    waco raised , least it makes waco look good, maybe it will get more people to come here and perform now all waco needs to do is build a big enough stadium,

  58. Steven Baldwin

    Fuck you... Commie Liberals???? Seriously, Fuck you!

  59. angry grandpa fan 2

    i like this song not cost of living it sucks ass

  60. MrMikeb1958

    7 people didn't use a map to find Waco.

  61. floridagirl20111

    lol ronnie dunn is sexy for a old man heheh

  62. vGRewindz

    i live an hour away from waco! ahaha

  63. Josafat Varela

    That vid was shot in New Mexico. The girl Mariachi band is from Santa Fe, NM.

  64. christian scholl

    @sgl49ers02 that and Brooks and Dunn doing themselves if they where still together

  65. Eric Moore

    @hateonyoubadly what if your girlfriend was from waco, you ass

  66. Joseph Smith

    @MultiCAllin lol yeah and how it says waco texas Route 66 at the beginning

  67. Joseph Smith

    @rblosser100 me too what part are you from?

  68. alan tanner

    Is this a take of of the robert palmer girls in addicted to love. All of these mexican beauties have their hair the same. weather or not it is a great video. I still miss brooks and dunn but after 20 years they dont owe us

  69. floridagirl20111

    i love u ronnie dunn

  70. 695Maverick1

    @hateonyoubadly You couldn't have said it any better, Waco is a major shithole. Screw the bears.

  71. Steven

    Sounds like somethin ol' Buck or Dwight woulda done

  72. Steven

    @MultiCAllin Yeah I know right., all of central Tx is nothing but green lol

  73. monkeyfist59

    @MultiCAllin Duh cause hes in new mexico most f the song.

  74. monkeyfist59

    @cshgeo Im gald you enjoyed it here!

  75. cshgeo

    I been to Waco, Dallas, and Plano - it was beautiful. The people are friendly, warm, and hard working. Plus they are religious and live for their family, brothers, and sisters. I am from Central California, but can't wait to go back and see Texas again - away for the Commie-liberals and fame driven. To the Republic of Texas!

  76. rooyesien

    waco a way,één van de leuke liedjes,waar we op dansen,nieuwsgierig geworden klik op rooyesien,voor meer informatie.

  77. Larry Whitworth

    The best vocalist in the business!

  78. Bill Hein

    Okay, I love the all-women mariachi band! That's so cool! Great song and album, Mr. Dunn!

  79. monkeyfist59

    Yeah shoutout from Waco,Tx

  80. 31lucian

    Sic'em Baylor Bears

  81. sarenraesbesthope

    I love him! I JUST saw him in concert, my first time hearing this: I used to live in New Mexico: he got his facts straight. My mom and I were like, HE'S RIGHT! HE'S RIGHT! in between verses!

  82. regan macdonald

    YES......great tune ...real singer

  83. vivian wilson


  84. D'Ascoyne

    Love the trumpets!

  85. Callen Chambers

    I love how that land look nothing like you find anywhere near central texas and Waco!!

  86. tom sawyer

    poor white folks, blacks rule,they took my wife

  87. JT Edwards

    What a good song im from waco and living in DC i miss it so much

  88. Awkward Dawn Investigates History

    @ut10rocks2005 LOL right! I actually live right outside of Waco as well.

  89. Awkward Dawn Investigates History

    @akjgo1994 Yeah a big tornado that trashed a thriving town and a wack job David Koresh. Not that big of a deal.

  90. akjgo1994

    @sheri0082 because of the history of the town maybe? do you know anything about where you live?

  91. bandd53

    @x0mellie that is so true

  92. LRMaestas

    Woooo hooooo! Go Emily! We are so proud of you!

  93. Awkward Dawn Investigates History

    Good song, but why Waco of all places? So many ppl talk about Waco in their songs. I live here and this town kinda sucks. lol

  94. WayneD34

    This is fun!!! Love it!

  95. Carolina Del Muro

    I'm a Mexican Cowgirl and I'm proud of that♥ God bless America & Mexico! ; )) we're all brothers,sons of the same God! yehaaw!!

  96. Tammy King

    I can't get enough of this song! I just love that little Waco shuffle he does toward the end!! <3

  97. Arliinda

    LOVE this!!

  98. jeanna2008


  99. jeanna2008

    @Dixiemom09 Gotta love that "teeny tiny mini-city" i was born and raised in.. Shout outs to Bellmead.. lol PS, could someone swing into Sonis for me?? Missing the YUMM food up here in NH..

  100. jarett2317

    it seems like every country singer makes a song about how their trip to Mexico