Ronettes, The - Born To Be Together Lyrics

The moment I saw you my heart knew it was forever
You touched me and I swear I knew then and there that I'd never
No I never
Want somebody else to hold me
Let another's arms enfold me
Never never want nobody but you

And then you kissed me
And whispered tenderly
Darling I love you, I love you, I love you
And I knew we were born to be together
We were born to be together
Baby we were born to be together

I never said a word but I know you heard me sighing
You held me to your heart and I almost started crying, almost crying
Baby I'm so glad you found me
Put your loving arms around me
Say you want me just the way I want you
And then please kiss me and softly answer me
Darling I love you, I love you, I love you
I'll know we were born to be together
We were born to be together
Baby we were born to be together

Baby we were born to be together

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Ronettes, The Born To Be Together Comments
  1. backtracksradio

    There's nothing that makes me feel more nostalgically warm and fuzzy than when I hear this gorgeous, soaring, atmospheric wall of sound awesomeness

  2. hoctor

    the greatest

  3. Devin Fehr


  4. 邱偉立

    its not easy....their hairs are real but a little bit funny ...they are not famous here in to me they are new no more old.....many songs I even never heard

  5. George Bobb

    50 year anniversary , October 11 2018, John Elton Candy, Langhorne Pa., PFC , USMC, KIA, Quang Tri Province, RVN.Loved this song. Sang it frequently aboard Randolph CV15. Wish you had said goodbye brother!

  6. Savadorason1

    -The early to mid 60s certainly, absolutely, positively COULD NOT have existed without the left over late 50s-early 60s r&b doowops, the RONNETTS, Motown & Beatles. There would have been a giant gap if not for them all !!!

  7. Michael Koon

    Wow...this clip is AMAZING!! Ronnie is so GORGEOUS!!! No one has a better voice!!

  8. Michael Hughes

    A live performance. Great!

  9. Eric Andresen

    Thanks for ALL of the videos of the Ronettes....they blew me away when I first saw them on tv, even the b&w of the age...still blown away....I"ll never forget...they were of that magic period in our country....amazing!

  10. Dashawn R

    She sound like Stevie Nicks in the beginning!

    Tommy Truth

    No, Stevie Nicks sounds like Ronnie.

  11. Nathaniel Smith

    The one on the left is pretty cute

  12. Andraste Reminiec

    Ronnie's voice sends chills down my spine!


    same as

    Tommy Truth

    It is one of a kind. Pure talent.

    Allen Kracalik

    Saw her in person at a Chicago club AND THEN SHE KISSED ME--if you get a chance to see her, stay down front where she can get her hands on you. More than a few spinal chills guaranteed.

  13. wayne hall


  14. wayne hall

    barry gordy was more harmful to the supremes as a hole but both group is in the R and RHOF THE RONNETTS ALBUM IS CONSIDER A COLLETERS ITEM

  15. Jim Ervin

    Obviously a B side song to me but still delivered with style and grace. When they did The Best Part Of Breaking Up, that song defined passion and total sincerity to me. The same guy couldn't have wrote both songs.

  16. Bradley Scarton

    There is a big difference between the Supremes and the Ronettes. Both groups had different approaches to their style, appearance, performances, etc. The Ronettes were more of a rock out, wild girl style, but still could be ladies and have elegance. The Supremes, on the other hand, were groomed to ladies at all times in order to have the crossover success and it worked because they became the most successful girl group of all-time. Both groups were influential and extremely talented, but the Supremes had Motown and Berry Gordy's attention and that was a MAJOR advantage over every other girl group. The Ronettes had Phil Spector and even though it was through him we got some incredible music; he was a curse which led to their demise.

  17. Eammon Peregrine

    Estelle descending the staircase is/was her classic way of disguising tiny but, delightful little foibles (and we ALL have these-I'm not casting aspersions on this wonderful woman),namely that she did not have the same sense of balance as Ronnie or Nedra. She compensated by mastering slower movements of grace during her performances,resulting in a thing of beauty. When I watched them on T.V. back in the early sixties, I had no Idea...She overcame/disguised this masterfully. I watched only Ned.

  18. jennifersenn

    True; I think she was a very mild-mannered gentle person. She would have made a fabulous model, though!

  19. promerops

    Perhaps she was just too gentle a person to make it on her own in the dog eat dog world of the music business; after all look what Motown did to artists like Martha and the Vandellas when Gordy decided to move everything from Detroit to LA. I always thought at the time that Estelle would become a fashion model (not tall enough?) or a movie star (beautiful women of mixed race was probably a concept too far ahead of Hollywood at that time).

  20. jennifersenn

    Estelle could have been a real star on her own after the group broke up if she could have signed with Motown or some other big record producer. She deserved sooo much more than she got in the end.

  21. promerops

    It seems that Estelle just had this natural grace, class and poise - right from the day she was born. Ronnie mentions it in the first chapter of "Be My Baby".

  22. jennifersenn

    The Supremes just stood there and sang, but these girls could MOVE. I heard that they would really cut loose on stage at their concerts -- a lot more than they were allowed to on their T.V. appearances. The audiences went wild (especially the men!). Wish I could have seen one of their shows.

  23. A Person

    The Supremes stole the spotlight. They only had one big hit.


    so they were still better than the supremes!

    Tommy Truth

    Much better.

  24. jennifersenn

    I love how Estelle elegantly starts descending the stairs with all the grace of a Miss Universe Pageant contestant! They could have had so much more if that idiot Phil Spector had not purposely done everything in his power to destroy them.

    Pierre Lefèvre

    Il a profité et a détruit les Ronettes et a surtout détruit Estelle. C'est scandaleux.     He took advantage and destroyed the Ronettes and especially destroyed Estelle. It's scandalous.

    Victoria Cabrera

    I'm a Miss Teen contestant and I'm using the Ronettes as my inspiration

  25. ronetteloverz

    Fabulous posting of a great song and video!

  26. dpohunter

    Another inexplicably low-charting effort by the Ronettes, early 1965. Seems like their Top 40 activity ended once Spector took on the Righteous Bros., just as when the Crystals hit-making run ended once he became involved with the Ronettes. The earlier Philles days were different, with simultaneous hits in the Top 40 from Darlene Love, Bob B Soxx & The Bluejeans, and Crystals

  27. Paul DePace

    You are the man Ned.... Quality, all the way.