Romero, Nicky - Human Lyrics

We don't wanna know your name,
Just be yourself and there won't be a need to see your face.
Underneath we're all the same,
We're only human from birth till the final breath we take.

[Beat Break]

We don't wanna know your name.

[Beat Break]

We don't wanna know your name.

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Romero, Nicky Human Comments
  1. Edmond Snake


  2. Haji84

    I’m here from Nicky’s birthday tweet to Zedd
    I’m surprised how much the music industry has evolved in 6 years

    Elisa Rodríguez

    Same 🙆

    Nacho Natalino

    The good edm bro

    Piero Sair

    Nicky and Zedd 💪😲🔥

  3. Mia Lugs

    yall should check out the raggae version to this its💣

  4. DJStarKiss

    Great track :) one of my top favorites of zedd

  5. Yan Fagundes

    The D's in Zedd look like condoms!

    Keneil Small

    @Yan Fagundes looooool

    Carrie White

    What the fuck!?

    Yan Fagundes

    @Carrie White well don't they?


    No wonder zedd changed his logo😂

    Yan Fagundes

    @DJStarKiss really? LOL



  7. Evan Wunder

    I hate that fart synth!

    Josh Phillips

    LOL. You better not here acid house music!

    Carsten Kuehn

    Then I have no idea why you are on a Zedd video

    Ato Zentou

    Well, don't listen to his album Clarity !

  8. James Thomas

    Zedd's logo kinda looks like two condoms. 

    James Thomas

    i found someone with a similar name!!

    hoarish goat

    +Gaming lol


    Fuck you i cant unsee that now

    Ricardo Pasini


    Pensacola Pictures

    Shut up edm fans gonna hate you

  9. rank ten

    @Ricardo Varela yes, the drop is Nicky Romero's style 

    Ricardo Varela

    @t strat That doesn't mean is Pop, actually, i mean Nicky made the same shit all over and over again and the same shit as those i've mentioned to you. 

    rank ten

    @Ricardo Varela what do you think pop means?

    Ricardo Varela

    @t strat i already said it on my last comment

    AnGi Wood

    @rank ten you can hear both of them in the drop. In fact you can hear both in the whole track, although the vocals are definitely Zedd's work. Zedd's a musician, Nicky is a producer, which you can clearly tell by listening each one's music. I love them both, but let's be objective Zedd is classier by far. And when you are doing this for a living you have to be pop and mainstream sometimes.

    rank ten

    @AnGi Di Romero
    yea i am more familiar with zedd's older work now, so i can agree it's both of them

  10. christopherbekos

    then don't press like :P

  11. andres viteri

    That does not hide the fact that your first joke is too used ¬¬

  12. arthia Mbalelo

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  13. Romulo Felippe Freitas

    Who said you need anything? gtfo

  14. Ana Maria Djinovic


  15. Chase Heigle

    he was most likely a big help with creating the song with zedd so he is mentioned

  16. MrSietse12345

    the drop is like, his mac froze :D shouldnt bought a mac :D

  17. Reaann Rahman

    And we need to know this why?

  18. Reaann Rahman

    Why do we have to know that?

  19. André Jongh

    hell, this is so good

  20. Anggel Mora


  21. radlegend

    ...adn the moral of the story is??

  22. Kaori F

    Zedd's Ds look like condoms.

  23. WizardofLove

    the top comments make me cringe

  24. Romulo Felippe Freitas

    D from zedd looks like a condom lol

  25. Adam Elvis Laura




  27. alejandro sanchez bengoa

    1:33 tuve un orgasmo

  28. Suman Patra

    My freakish uncle was able to make the most incredible stripper I've seen in my life fall in love with him because he used the Cupid Love System (Google it). I wish I found myself happy for him but I want such a beautiful young lady to fall in love with me. I'm seriously envious. Does that make me a bad human being?

  29. GADAMER Sound.

    1:37 sounds like a electrocution

  30. Donatella Holland

    Shut up

  31. MichaelShadowflame

    Get out lady gaga.

  32. Eugenio González

    Hey EDM and youtubers im 20 and i dont care if ur a dj, just stop to do spam!
    this is my oportunity hello mom :3

  33. Da Beatzzz MSC

    fuck you, didn't hear the build up what's ur point

  34. Francisco López

    Or my subwoofers are very powerful;)

  35. Merco Sage

    good guy ramon

  36. ORei Neymar

    1:33 Thanks me later.

  37. John

    I love a song that needs ONLY 4 lines to deilver its message and still sounds good!

  38. Ced

    ogm just... ogm

  39. Random Undead

    I don't think so :p

  40. Mr4oranges


  41. Adrián García

    best comment ever ramon ahahahaha

  42. V.Zoli

    Nicky Romero?

  43. Albert Tee

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  44. Jose Gonzalez

    jaja que zorro

  45. MrManne87

    Your neighbors got a really small house

  46. Ced

    People were too caught up in the music to notice the spelling error in the description. lol

  47. Деян Емилов

    Electro Dance House,Progressive and Minimal write this in facebook and like my page where you can find good tracks and good pics. :)

  48. Miguel Germanotta

    1:33 Fap Fap Fap

  49. ian tripp

    like fucking awesome badass WHOO 300 LIKES

  50. loren lopez

    YEAH..! :)

  51. jerson hernandez

    This video is supossed to have millions of views... why is it only showing mine ? (;

  52. Abe Kor

    badass as in good or badass as in bad

  53. Abe Kor

    this bootleg brought me here

  54. Edoardo Benincasa

    you are a fucking boss

  55. Aaron Simms

    This could have been a billion times better without that ugly drop.........

  56. Ajay Singh

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  57. DjNau7et

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  58. Slappers

    thats exactly what i said!

  59. Ablsonmusic

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  60. Andres Gomez

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  61. Corcuera

    WTF?! Nicky and zedd DAM my two favs and Im barely finding out! fml

  62. Oscar Solano

    That bass *.* !!!!! 1:33

  63. Rush sh

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  65. Simone Calloni

    Nicky Romero and Zedd are my favourite djs!

  66. Elesde2

    that doesn't make sense. your retarded

  67. Jair van Leeuwen

    check this is remix out of this song, its sick /watch?v=nwVdUj2A3VI

  68. Guilherme Reis

    3:48-Party Rock Anthem

  69. Jonathan Dow

    u r stupid

  70. MoonTheLoo

    Zedd makes badass tracks as well cause he can Slam the door.

  71. Thefrozen772

    end is like the start of scary monsters and nice sprites (Zedd Remix)

  72. Leandro Miranda

    Nope, had.

  73. DJSwiftwave

    Has Zedd not had a gud year aswell?? Come on people

  74. Nikita Sumnikov

    he's just being STILL THE SAME MAN ;)

  75. TGOT Official

    he's gonna have an even greater year :)

  76. xVucinic

    Nicky Romero - Toulouse (song) :)

  77. B R E A K M Y B O N E S

    That Voice Sounds like GaGa ^^

  78. Martin Corrigan

    great music great clarity keep it up **** the haters

  79. Wind Anemoi - LeZephyRus

    I Don't Get That?

  80. B R E A K M Y B O N E S

    my headphones are shaking XDD...

  81. Hermi0Taurus

    I hear a mash-up, by Stereotronique, that had this song in it: "I Rave Human"
    I think it's just as this one and Basto's "I Rave You". :)

  82. The Turtle

    Toulouse.. to lose

  83. funkypotato247

    he is creating a legacy

  84. Maarten Vorwerk

    i don't get it?

  85. dominacancolors

    naaa i can definitely hear some Romero in this

  86. yesnoskool

    hah that actually made me laugh

  87. Anthony Muniz

    i love you dude

  88. Francisco López

    Sorry for the dislikes.
    They are my neighbors.

  89. NV91

    user/MacrosoundOfficialTV YOU CAN THANK ME LATER LADS

  90. Huy Anh V

    JB's fan

  91. Psychedelic House

    It's not about the drop, it's about sending a message.