Romero, Nicky - Harmony Lyrics

I was stuck in the dark
You pulled me through the doors that you opened
I held on my heart to follow you
Now I am golden

So before we see the sun is up
Hold me in a dream
What a moment for the both of us
Only you and me

Take me out, show me the lights
Take me out tonight
Take me out, show me the lights
Take me out tonight
You're my key to the city
Key to the city
You're my key to the city
Key to the city

You're not afraid to let me run
Into the madness
Carry me well, the night is young
I'm feeling a magic

So before we see the sun is up
Hold me in a dream
What a moment for the both of us
Only you and me

Take me out, show me the lights
Take me out tonight
Take me out, show me the lights
Take me out tonight
You're my key to the city
Key to the city
You're my key to the city
Key to the city

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Romero, Nicky Harmony Comments
  1. Cáo Già Gaming

    Thích bài này ghê

  2. Shu Hu

    When im not happy with my current relationship,this is always what I’m craving for


    me hace recordar cuando estaba en el cole :c

  4. Ikram Danial

    You're my kitchen to the city 🔥

  5. Apurv Sharan

    Thought the dancer is one of those guys from Dimitri Vegas like mike

  6. Brian La Marca

    Is the guy dimitri vegas? XD

  7. Rodrigo Alfredo

    2020 y aún me motiva 🎉🎉

  8. Glnn /\

    Sophie Francis playing Axwell?! I like that

  9. shalon pieterse

    Here i have a playlist with 445 REAL progressive house from the past..

  10. shalon pieterse

    R.I.P. The real progressive house music..

  11. Carlos Fontes

    still listening this in 2019

  12. Nachito Galindo

    Hope you guys enjoying this song cos there’s no depressing until listen this song , without music this world means anything

  13. Jorge Ronaldo

    Noviembre 2019?

  14. Jose David Espiñal Zuñiga

    Singing ALONE ❤😭🎧

  15. katii Garcia

    Key 🎤🎶❤️to the cityyyy 🎵🎶🎶

  16. Samymouse *

    2019 3. November 11:50 a.m

  17. Samymouse *

    Hier irgendjemand deutscher😂? DER SONG WIRD NIE ALT!!!!

  18. Diego Corona

    Noviembre 2019 👀
    Amo esta canción!

  19. ivan aldana

    Yo lo he dicho nicky romero my respects!!!!!!!!!

  20. xtasis

    octubre 2019?

  21. Taha Music

    2019 Anyone? This Song Never Dies

    Samymouse *

    I will be here 2020 too

    Taha Music

    @Samymouse * Me too

  22. Alejandroo Barrientos

    Hoy en día que la música electrónica ha vuelto a ser para cierto grupo exclusivo o pequeño de personas, es Hermoso recordar este tipo de Temas ❤

  23. 정용주

    Oct 2019???

  24. Jonathan Armstrong

    This is better than wat you hear on capital or wat radio station you have Americans

  25. Emanuel Ecor

    Nice 👌😍

  26. Bob Jordan

    Can we get a Nicky Romero 2019 edit of this song?

  27. ポートガス・D・エース


  28. Jafet Andre Gonzalo

    the couple's dance is so sensual that I want to dance I love it

  29. Rita Revenaugh

    Nicky Romero and harmony i love the words beautiful song it touch my heart

  30. AOUSTIN baptiste

    Beatles songs

  31. FoxRealMusic


  32. Muhammad Nabil Hakimi

    2019 Everybody?

  33. gorgue ibiza borgore

    septiembre 2019?

    Leandro R

    hahaha brazil here

    Mike A

    here from mexico

  34. ncuenzo


  35. Emanvel Lvlo Valdez

    The music is perfect!!!! 😎😎😎🇵🇪🇵🇪

  36. Tamás Németh

    Na magyarok nem látlak benneteket... itt van az igazi minőség !

  37. Kevin Zalazniak

    gay song

  38. Rita Revenaugh

    Nicky Romero beautiful music and sonu touch my heart love is powerful it universe give genuine heart and loyalty is amazing it two person in love with pure heart angel love who is honest love love ever after good luck

  39. rikha amelia

    BEST SONG 2019

  40. KAMIL

    Anyone here in 2019?


    2019 8 22 still listen this is awesome

    Samymouse *

    Yep, youre right😊

  42. Adriana V. A.Y.

    Me encantaaaa

  43. Cesar Farfan

    2019 y suena calidad mai broter

  44. L V

    2019 anyone?

  45. Romario Quentasi

    Very good

  46. KAAZE 009

    Meus amigos eu lis apresento , o rei do progressive house, isso é q eu chamo de talento 👏👏👏👏👏

  47. Kなお


  48. L H

    1:13-Magical Sounds x Melody+2:46.

  49. L H

    12/7-2-From the Middle Outwards.

  50. TecnoGx

    Desde 2019!

  51. Mr.Kunlachat Suksawat

    2010 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️

  52. hudz

    2019 anyonee?

  53. Hig Records

    Volt _ State - Sandcastles ( T3M3NP0HAR5)Remix

  54. Mariluz Cogchi quispe


  55. Nicky Romero Fan Squad

    Here after Love You Forever??

  56. Nada Komelj

    Prfect and excellent 👉🔝👋

  57. Baiano do GO Ericson

    música gostosa da poha pra se dançar

  58. sarah t

    this is my favorite song, and that's saying a whole lot


    waoooo buenasa, XD



    Bulcsú Kállay

    Kb 1 napja tudom hogy egy magyar duo és mivel a progressive a befutó nálam így tessék, itt egy magyar

    Aron Bone

    Jól szólt a Soundon;)

    Gery Varga

    Há itt

  61. Taha Music

    Who's listening in May 2019? ^^

  62. Edoardo Ferrari

    Please stadiumx return in this style

  63. ayala shoshani


  64. Habib

    Im the guy dancing in the vid, who would like to be the girl dancing with me, im feelin it

  65. xboct Ocsa


  66. supakorn sriboonruang

    From Ultra Japan

  67. El Edi

    que chingue a su madre el america :v

  68. かおり


  69. BeAr 3

    Cool beat wanna dance along the road

  70. Grettel ML


    This song is still art :))

  71. BlastBeats

    This needs to make a comeback THAT ENERGY


    perfect XD

  73. Eddy Meza

    2015 <3

  74. gustavo beriguete

    INCREIBLEEE BEAUTIFULL, ojala llegar un dia producir asi.

  75. Lex Lush


  76. Animesウチハ N.F.G

    2019(?) 😍

  77. Zaira Ch


  78. kevyn milarch


  79. César Villegas Durán

    ... MICKY!!!!

  80. Victor Chino

    Woooooo, me encanta esta rola, describe totalmente a Giovanna González Navarrete....
    Es la canción y es el ritmo perfecto....
    En donde quieras que estés te recordare como la mujer que ame!!!



  82. Thanos Lab

    One of the best progressive house songs I've heard ever..

  83. Carolay Huaynalaya

    Pasan 4 años y no me aburro de esta cancion ...♥♥!! 2019!!

  84. Jonathan Brito Alvarado

    2019 ❤

  85. Kevin Mendoza

    No descargar nunca

    felipe garcia

    por que ?

  86. Valentino Gentile


  87. benjamin escobar

    Alguien en el 2019