Romantics, The - Rock You Up Lyrics

You know, you look a little lonely
Well, I can keep you company
You want to make it with somebody
Well baby, won't you make it with me

I wanna have a good time, it's all right
Oh baby whatcha doin' later on tonight
I wanna rock you up
Rock you up
Rock you up
Rock you up

You want to do a little dancing
Well, music never let you down
But if you're ready for romancing
Well, honey, better hang around, yeah

I wanna have a good time, it's all right
Oh baby whatcha doin' later on tonight
I wanna rock you up
Rock you up
Rock you up
Rock you up
I wanna rock you up
Rock you up
Rock you up
Rock you up

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha

You know, you look a little lonely
Well, I can keep you company
When I see you move your little body
Well, don't you know you put me in heat, ha

I wanna have a good time, it's all right
Oh baby whatcha doin' later on tonight

I wanna rock you up
Rock you up
Rock you up
Rock you up
I wanna rock you up
Rock you up
Rock you up
Rock you up
I wanna rock you up
Rock you up
Rock you up
Rock you up
I wanna rock you up
Rock you up
Rock you up
Rock you up
I wanna rock you up
Rock you up
Rock you up
Rock you up
I wanna rock you up
Rock you up
Rock you up
Rock you up
I wanna rock you up
Rock you up
Rock you up
Rock you up
I wanna rock you up
Rock you up
Rock you up
Rock you up

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Romantics, The Rock You Up Comments
  1. mrmojorsn111

    The Romantics and The Knack never received their just dues as excellent rock bands.

  2. Keith Ferrilla

    Detroit. The rock capital!


    I always pictured this the perfect first song a band should play .

  4. Jim Puerner

    Just saw the Romantics in Las Vegas and they opened with it. It's a great live song.

  5. Роман Капітанеч

    One of my favorites by Wally Palmer

    He is Ukrainian just like me

  6. John Schober

    I'll be 54 in May,and my kids don't understand this is Rock n Roll!

  7. Fuckoff

    I used play this song really loud back when I was freebasing cocaina, but I don't that no more I quit. Don't mention the word cocain to me..... unless you got some

  8. Gregory groves

    Great song my favorite rock group!!!

  9. Maria Hewitt

    Very underrated song!

  10. Max Jovanotti

    Menos mal que esta canción no la prostituyeron como talking in your sleep.

  11. aswin kurniawan

    Who is still listening in 2018? Great song!!!

    It's My Life

    Yes, and in 2019 too. :)

    Fast Pony

    Yep, still rockin' up!


    In 2019! Yeah boi

    Philip Mangiovillano


    Tanner Payne

    aswin kurniawan saw them in Kelowna British Columbia Canada

  12. Scott MacLeod

    There are Playing July 28th Detroit Michigan --LIve 80"s Show(Cheyene Park)

  13. aswin kurniawan

    Great song of rock...real music

  14. Claudio Silva

    This remember me the dance drinking meant with gancia CHEERS IVY AND NICLRETTE THE R N ROLL IS COMIMG SOON

  15. Claudio Silva

    Have a nice night drinking whisky

  16. Claudio Silva

    Hi ivy ferguson we re so boring here in buenos aires do you want to come mmmmm l miss you0

  17. becky martin

    if ur not outta breath dancing to this shit,, then u dont need to be listening to it,,, damn it if i dont jam out every time i play this.............

  18. carter mcafee

    To me enemies, Love me to the MAX, CuzZ

  19. brenoldt

    listen to these guitars, might seems simple but its so much well worked beats

  20. Mario Alberto Manasse

    Check the Dave Electric cover. It rocks!

  21. Annette Williams

    Love that Harmonica

  22. bronco devil

    Guitars and drums, drums and guitars. Yeah!

  23. gokhansuan Suan

    thanks for posting such good songs. can you pleasr akso includ the text for non Enhlish speakinh people

  24. Enrique Ventura

    thanks for given me life in early 1980s .. was about give up then!! thank you!!!

  25. Ken Spurlock

    This is the epitome of power pop to me. One of the best live shows I have ever seen. Stumbled into a bar in Washington DC back in '81 (I think lol). Small joint - 2 sets - came out black leather, black guitars/drums. Second set was red leather suits, red guitars, red kit.  LOUD !!  Jaw dropper !!

    Sands of time

    Personally I've stumbled in on a few myself, back when. One night in Boston I came in out of the cold, and saw The Youngbloods just before they hit with "Get Together". Maybe a dozen other people there that night. Down in Key West one night on Duval St. I walked in to a joint and saw Tommy Tutone Jenny 867-5309. Sometimes it's just a matter of being in the right spot at the right time.

  26. rickbarry53

    Fine man!!! Good 80's!!!!

  27. Fred C

    aerosmith without that butt ugly face

  28. Sabine Wernsperger

    I love the Romantics. I love Rock Music. They guys were so pretty!!

  29. Matthew Simpson

    great song keep it up

  30. Jerry Toupin

    Let's ...rock....

  31. Gerald The Rat

    this song is a great starter to a day

  32. scoobbbbbydo

    great song

  33. Sands of time

    Damn Fine RnR Music.

  34. Cheops2112


  35. karla sandoval

    buenbuen grupo atodo ritmo pummm

  36. SongsMyFatherWrote

    I remember when I worked in Ferndale, MI, circa 1995, The Romantics practice & recording studio shared a wall with the research lab that I was working in.  They were doing quite a bit of touring at the time, and when they prepared to go on the road,  they'd come and practice in their studio before heading out on tour.  I remember this particular song would shake the whole lab when they'd practice it.  It was cool.  I also remember talking to them about all kinds of music whenever they'd sit outside while on practice breaks.  They were really nice guys.

    Billy P

    YEP>.i am originally from Hazel Park!!!!

    Dave Pett

    I used to hang at the jukebox on Woodward and 14 mile they showed up a lot on Thursday . Super nice guys

  37. Jill Davies

    Awesome old songs love it

    Gabrielgabriel Gabriel

    de los años 79 al 86 que cerro LE PARADIS de temperley yy toda ka moda y musica ochentosa

  38. woff92s

    when I see you move your little body, doncha know you put me in heat - hah !  Words to live by !!!

  39. Leonardo36

    Vamos por fin encontre la desgraciada cancion!!!!!

  40. Maxharddrive64

    Early Beatles mixed with a little Motown = Romantics

  41. D Edmunds

    4 guys making music....nothing better

    Jesus Campos

    D Edmunds

  42. Dandy Don

    real music

  43. becky m

    i wanna rock u up,,rock u up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. 455Transam

    Did JIMMY MARINO ever get back with the ROMANTICS??

    Matthew Nadeau

    A couple of times, yes. I don't think he's currently with them, though.


     They've played a few gigs here in Detroit 

  45. Dman X

    The Romantics are pretty damn good! Never knew that, but I do just adore "Talking in Your Sleep," so I downloaded this!;)

    Steven .Wilkes

    This Greatest hits album is being sold pretty inexpensively on eBay right now :) I got a great one for under $5 :D

  46. ruben cruz

    Just turned the Big Five-0 and had this jam at my party. Felt like I was celebrating my, good times baby....gooood times!

  47. indiodormido

    El rock es la esencia de la musica por lo que nunca morira.

  48. Frank289100

    I tell the younger generation about those good times and how things were back in those days. It was sick but an unbelievable time.

  49. Nissen S


  50. OutOfTheirSkulls

    The O'Jays/ The Romantics

    Season 13 Episode 26

    Aired date: Jun 9, 1984

    Plot: --The O'Jays ""Put our Heads Together"" and ""I Really Need You Now"" --The Romantics ""Talking in Your Sleep"" and ""One in a Million""

  51. anitadavideduo


  52. Siva Prasad

    fantastic,superb,thank u!

  53. raythackston1960

    Their drummer left and started his own band...The Motor City Rockers in the late 80's early 90's. My old band did a show with them and they did rock for sure! The rest of the band played off and on with a different drummer and they still play some here and there. Not sure if the drummer is ever been back with them, I think there was some bad blood between them.

  54. American Born Patriot.

    They even appeared on Soul Train. I wonder what song was that, I'm very curious.

    Mike Simon

    Talking in your sleep was the song The Romantics played on Soul Train

  55. CrispyBacon

    I think this is their best song.

    They are playing in downtown Royal Oak tomorrow night for the free New Years Eve show, c'yall there!!

  56. john smith

    This is such a great song.

  57. Nutwings1

    Detroit Rocks!

  58. Roque Valdez

    Que cancion mas volada ufff, full rock and roll para ir en un carro a 200 km por hora!

    Rodrigo Hermosilla Ahumada

    Roque Valdez rocanroleando a toda máquina

  59. FastPonyGT

    @whirrrrr Just checking in. Hey and thanks for the spellcheck. Actually, Blaupunkt was the word I was not sure of the correct spelling and I still am. Too darn lazy to look it up.

  60. indiodormido

    Tremendo rock. Nunca pasara de moda sin duda.

  61. john smith

    They made some good rock songs. I went and got all their cds and they are all great.
    This song in particular is one of their best.

  62. Jessica M

    Classics, classics, classics. Always the best.

  63. boxerlovers21

    Yeaaaa..... the Romantics!! love this song!

  64. Jim Cauchon

    america's best party rock band of the 80's...pretty close.


  65. avtorhan

    best band ever

  66. Larz Gustafsson

    I love this type of tunes.

  67. indiodormido

    Su musica fue y será importante siempre.

  68. fewjeeps

    garage rock at its finest. good song!

  69. inquiring mind

    Miss the fun 80's music. Love the Romantics! They seem so innocent compared to today's musical sewer.

  70. Roland Gabriel

    the momantics very good band
    alright now! ROCK AND ROLL
    THE BEST ALBUM is "In Heat" 1983

  71. stickylish

    always loved this

  72. indiodormido

    Tremenda agrupación pionera de su epoca en el verdadero rock. Los extrañamos.

  73. R.U. Kiddingme

    A staple in my group's cover shows back in the 80s. We got to open for them a couple times back in these days. No, we didn't cover them. We played our own stuff. VERY nice guys and totally ROCK!

  74. KEITH T.

    this is also one of my favorite Romantics songs the funny thing about it it also reminds me of Marshall Crenshaw also of the Detroit Power Pop era

  75. Maxharddrive64

    You can hear the MOTOWN influences. Very cool stuff TY for posting