Romantics, The - Love Me To The Max Lyrics

I give you all of my loving
I give you all of my heart and soul
And in return I get nothing
I get you hot but you treat me cold

So come on-baby's holding back
So come on-give me all you got
Love me to the max

Come on to me so inviting
You try totell me that you're so shy
But when I get you excited
I see the fire burning in your eyes


I'm making love to you all of the time
I tell the world-this girl is mine
But it ain't nothing 'till you're loving me back
So come on baby-love me to the max


I give you all my devotion
I give you all of my heart and soul
And all I want is emotion
I get you hot but you treat me cold


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Romantics, The Love Me To The Max Comments
  1. Jamaican Funeral Director

    Can you get a more 80s title than "Love me to the Max?"

  2. Furry Beaver

    Just crank it!!!! Great freakin album!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Ernesto Pretto

    Buen tema!

  4. carter mcafee

    Love me to the max chicas

  5. carter mcafee

    To the naysayers, and trash love me to the max, cuzZ

  6. carter mcafee

    Them romantics, they truly got me where they want me, and that's listening and digging it's 😂🤗

  7. Tom Rowan

    Huntington Beach & Dallas played this great group A LOT!

  8. Roosevelt McCarter

    From The LP "In Heat."

  9. icm65

    Probably one of the five best albums of the 80’s. Every track rocks, you can listen to it front to back, never get bored never skip a track.

  10. Lefty21

    Their best song!

  11. Michael Smith

    this band had so many great dance songs--my friends in Austin played it--it got a good response--the old band the Occupants on 6th st. back in late 80s
    so much fun we had then

  12. Omar Silva Romero

    Amazing!!!!!! Full percussion,

  13. Jeff Lynn

    LOve this song!

    Gypsy Chick

    When you coming to Visit the Forest I miss ya .. Im at dennys working .. all is Swell I am trying to rent out my back room and Live here too .. :) come see Me :) on Hardy well party 

    Jeff Lynn

    @Gypsy Chick  Not staying at your place this summer eh?

    Gypsy Chick

    Im Feeling Romantic 

  14. indiodormido

    The Romantics in heat a classic album

  15. TheLegacyRadio

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