Rolo Tomassi - The Hollow Hour Lyrics

If you knew what can cut
The terrible and pure
What can be saved?
Preserved in hearts, keep it

We believe we have control but
Time is terminal
The ache of our agony
Cutting through, let it sting

For nothing more may lie here
Cherish this weight
It's all that remains
If we're to go on
Let it stay

It's so tragic
Let it sink in

I don't know how this is
Supposed to be
Conquered and confined in
Clutching to memory

It's played out in silence
It's haunting
Can you feel it?

Reminders are mirrored
Can you feel it?

What comes to pass, when we
Ultimate darkness, playing out
In hollow hours, bring it to
Life has meaning here

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Rolo Tomassi The Hollow Hour Comments
  1. John A Barbera

    The part in the middle that’s in 10/8 is so sick

  2. Robert Oehler

    How have I not heard about this band before today? They are so good and talented. I've loved everything I've listened to so far

    Paul Lloyd

    They're awesome people too, I met them after a small club show a few years back and they were just hanging out with everyone afterwards and being cool. So nice to see bands like that these days.

  3. Lyrical Jones

    This song feels like sharp teeth coming in at light fucking speed.

  4. x0Lunacy.Fringe0x

    I couldnt love this more 🖤🖤

  5. Stéphane Keldan

    Youtube rabdom, drunk clicks, I get you, I love :)

  6. Tattered Prince

    Yawards. Dabest kaayu. Animala kanindot bai.

  7. Matt Allen

    this song is still growing on me even now after its release last march. i loved it then, now i love it even more

  8. Jorl Vigersnitch

    Really solid LP, probably my favorite out of their discog. I recently reviewed this album as my 50th review for

  9. Brdly Rbnsn

    With all of the listening going on, it is truly gratifying when the chance arises to hear something such as this.

  10. Dick Baguette

    One of the biggest bangers of the year

  11. znemyrkce II

    madly in love with this track

  12. TundraL5Z

    My favorite song of the year hands down, art

  13. Isaac Hunt

    My favourite track on the album, it's so perfect.

  14. FrostMonk

    I am very confused how such a masterpiece has only 16 likes and 616 views. This is truly sad :(


    au contraire, i love finding an underground band like this before they (obviously) becomes a household name, in the metal community. i can't wait to see how they'll stir up the scene + i have new awesome music, win-win
    and they do have a lil 80.-160 thousand ratio, on spotify ;)

    Vilifying Force

    Well, it's now up to 11914 views and just caught on to them.

    Junjun Khay

    I have heard people who listen to Ariana Grande and trash like that say: "Wow, I understand why this thing has so little views in this time, it explains a lot..."
    Does this explain the situation to you?