Rolo Tomassi - Stage Knives Lyrics

I pulled up the roots just to see
I've felt differently since about disappearing
I placed myself back in the weeds
In echoes in alleys I'm reminded

(As close to close as we'll come)
As close to composure as I've come

I'd immersed myself in beauty and find it all vanishing
Empty, longing and vulnerable
Sharpen your knives

Neither a pawn nor a king
I am nowhere, I am nothing
For this betrayal that's how I should be seen
Wearing scars I deserve, on a throne of nothing

Ethereal and haunting, the wandering and yearning
Characters I've kept, plotless and neglecting
The architect and monument
Neither here nor there, forever elsewhere

And so it goes
There's consequence
To these vowels and consonants
And I came as close to heaven as I'll come

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Rolo Tomassi Stage Knives Comments
  1. the large f

    3:15 is just pure, unbridled ferocity

  2. the large f

    The ending to this goes so fucking hard, i swear it's not even legal

  3. Koen Leijten

    still gives me the feels

  4. Aaron Hock

    its as if the darkest void of reality meets the loneliest mortal soul, transposing all enigmatic fallacies into a dense singularity of chaotic rhythm and angst. I feel as though its deeper than death and lighter than air. There is so much humility to this song that it feels as though destruction couldn't be anymore euphoric.

  5. Hannah

    Go to 3:33 for the sound of the earth being torn asunder by an unholy titanspawn erupting into the world from a fiery chasm, amidst a howling tempest of evil and woe, made tangible by the darkest of wills.

    Coup de Grâce

    @Party Wounds You are awesome!

    William Lingual

    +Party Wounds That's my favourite part of the whole album!

  6. Drew

    Listened to the entire album from the link Rolo provided on their twitter. Sooooooo good!!!! I think it's some of their best stuff yet. Some tracks have kind of a Sunbather feel to them which i really love. This is a MUST-BUY on 6/1. Hopefully they will tour the U.S. someday, and bring Employed To Serve ;)

  7. Hiroshi Schoch

    OOOOOh that ending makes me hard every time I hear it !!! :)
    Excellent work, waiting for the album release :p

  8. Domingo Gabriel

    Aahh! this band is so fucking awesome! great work you guys! XD and greetings from Venezuela! :)

  9. Dillinger Spaceman

    awesome as always, God i love Rolo

  10. mrkuelo

    que buenos son

  11. Satan's Dad

    1:03 -1:19 is absolutely sublime, eva spence"s voice is pure sex

  12. Brandon Woodward

    The url in the description doesn't go anywhere (yet?) hope I didn't already miss the pre-order...


    link should work! x

    Brandon Woodward

    @holyroarrecords thanks thanks. I'm a bit... underwhelmed with the preorder options. The sweatshirt and t shirt are ugly as fuck (just they album cover slapped on one side, RT logo on the other). Guess I'm just not a fan of the album art. Will go for some marbled vinyl cause I want to support the band ;)