Rolo Tomassi - Raumdeuter Lyrics

Separate me from what creates balance
To deserve to be let down
What soaks up and sobers?
The prison of twilight
Peace will not absolve this

Cut these cords. Let it unravel
Let it flood through every floor
Teach me a lesson
Build upon my disgrace
The unbearable flaws of it all

Torrents crash without warning
Unlatch from the notion that this is binding
Figments strike out in passing
To be parched always eternally

Here lies what we've feared
Just let it pass
Take cover from the all-seeing sun
Bewitched by the glare
Let it wash over you

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Rolo Tomassi Raumdeuter Comments
  1. Rits Crackers

    fuc k THSI gay ass nigga 🙁

  2. Fotolog


  3. EdFrankBlack


  4. Lee J Wayne

    My favourite Rolo song <3

  5. Pet Shop

    One of my favourite bands. Keep up the great work! I miss the chaos of the earlier albums but I will always love what you guys make.