Rolo Tomassi - Kasia Lyrics

Enchanting ourselves and trying to preserve
The signals we transmit through fingertips
It does not do to dwell on dreams
Desperately seeking to find something real
The hours are lingering losing momentum
Dismembered a memory of what once was close to me
Enchanting ourselves and trying to preserve
The signals we transmit through fingertips

Without a doubt, I am complete
This is unbroken, there’s no defeat
I am not abandoned, we have belief
I am blessed

To hold tight and fight
Following all our own advice
Treasuring time, as time well spent
No distance will disturb this
Gathering the pieces
Making the montage

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Rolo Tomassi Kasia Comments
  1. Daniel Haigney

    this tune is from tha best space album eva:-)))

  2. Daniel Hogue

    I saw these on Sunday in Sheffield and I've physically not been able to stop listening to this since.

  3. SPW Commish

    This is Prog Rock and wen im blunted makes me feel kinda"Trans dimensional"haha awsome Rolo Tomassi have got massive knackers:-))

  4. Rowan Cooper-Davies

    Fit lead singer and ex bassist!

  5. Rowan Cooper-Davies

    i love this band!
    SO much!

  6. Liam Douglas

    This is the song that made me realise how good this band actually are, love it!

  7. Kasia Kay

    Kasia is my Name xD


    Lol what a coincidence

    Alessandro Bicego

    Kezia would me more epic lol

  8. Youthbl00d

    I'd have to admit this is one of my all time favourite songs. Rolo Tomassi have changed how I look at music. Cliché, but true.

  9. κύριλλος

    The synths on this track reminded me alot of the 70's prog band Camel. Rad stuff.

  10. Matt Roberts

    god this song is so damn good

  11. Rachel Jones

    Hearing this song live COMPLETELY changed my opinion of this band, so beautiful!

  12. Molly x

    saw them last night, wasn't looking forward to it, but they were actually decent. i liked this song. c:

  13. Endorphin

    In all honesty, this reminds me of a little bit of Between the Buried and Me in a progressive way. Don't get me wrong it has its own sound and name to it. overall I am saying that this is awesome.

  14. Majevshadowsong

    @yr06jcrawley I can only click the refresh button so many times before I need to sleep! :<

  15. MorteaFae

    I love this song its my fave her normal singing voice is so beautiful

  16. Shaunography

    epic live song. i got goosebumps both times i saw this song live <3

  17. iamwarwick

    @yr06jcrawley I KNOW :O for such a fucking amazing band, more people need to hear about them :(

  18. Jack Crawley

    How has this only got 4,100 views? Wake up people!

    Naglfar 1349

    Jack Crawley sad but true, im from Spain and here everyone listen reguetón and electro latino......trash like despacito and something like that. Excuse me because my english is really bad

  19. James Thompson

    her dance is fucking sexy live to this one!

  20. Davy Ker

    hello OSCAR MANN!!!!!!

  21. Davy Ker

    @sarah6667 o2 academy?

  22. Jessica Kennedy

    love them to death <3

  23. sarah6667

    amazing live at leeds