Rolo Tomassi - Illuminaire Lyrics

A tremulous motion of light
Measure these flickers with a delicate hand
It flows so readily, a deepened agony
Tender to the thoughts of eternity
The appearance of entirety
We search for peace in these pieces
Dismantling absoluteness.

Embrace veiled conflict
Unashamed to let this unfold
Its observations that have led us to this point
The nights we felt unable to shout
When cries are whispered into the depths of the dark
Scrawling out these sentences, etching onto reflections
Let these meanings disseminate.

Stillness ringing out, it starts up and astounds.

Let serenity resonate, project my ascent
Overthrow and illuminate, I will not relent.

Marked by the stars, balanced in the scales
Here it lies, glistening, there is no applause for this.

Radiate with ease, granted this relief
Resisted tales, drawn out in ink.

I will not relent.

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