Rolo Tomassi - French Motel Lyrics

There is no good
Shake your head at me and I'll shake mine right back at you
Disappointment isn't a desire of mine
Plagued with fragmented thoughts of why?
Too shameful to describe
With weary assurances I sit by
And await no reply
There is no good
(Digesting the oldest fucking trick)
Catch me if you can
Dipping in and out of disgust
(Smirk at the disadvantage, I know I did)
Try to keep up

Now let us convince
There's no desire
There is no desire
Now let us convince
Where is your desire?
There is no good
There is no goodbye

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Rolo Tomassi French Motel Comments
  1. bricolage_en_ ruine

    1 of my all-time favorite songs

  2. Kain Boyer

    Fucking sick!