Rolo Tomassi - Estranged Lyrics

Suspend your disbelief, a loss or lack of faith
In lustful gloom, this lurking ache

A chase that never stops, attachment reoccurs
The shallow ways I'll prove my worth

Was your composure compromised?
Was your dignity sacrificed?

Are you staring in mirrors all smoke, cloak and daggers?
Ten Years on the run left me damaged and ragged
Each moment stark, marked with poignancy
I've grown tired of the city, and the city's gotten sick of me

A boring, endless catalogue of apologies
Shadow powers of recall, whatever brings you ease
Dealing in ignorance, a roll of the dice just to exercise conscience
An eternity to repent

Welcome doubt into your home, it's enough to stir the ghosts
Invite doubt into your bones, preempting that sting

I closed the door and kept the darkness in.

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Rolo Tomassi Estranged Comments
  1. EdFrankBlack

    This band is fucking incredible.

  2. Duncan Hutcheson

    How on earth did these guys fall off my radar?! they were sick with their first album. They have turned into absolute monsters! that autro is insane.

  3. Yurii Kotsar

    Awesome mathematical break at the end! The rest of the album is more hardcore that mathematical, though. Still good overall.

  4. TronPaul2012

    This song reminds me so much of Converge.


    Reminds me more of Dillinger, Funereal reminds me of Converge

  5. Rulax Lucker

    Rolo Tomassi <3

  6. wannyyydilliamsss