Rolo Tomassi - Cosmology Lyrics

A romance to bleach the soul
A restlessness beyond my control
We love to rot and rot for love
And history repeats and haunts us
Is it enough? It this what you were thinking of?

Sometimes it's threadbare but you know I'm still here
Same mistakes forever but you know I'm still here
With memories best left to neglect

Trying to banish these thoughts instead of them following me, broken into some already structured symphony

I'm lost but you know where I'll be found

Tell me what this means to me.
Speak freely from your heart.
Art for hearts sake

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Rolo Tomassi Cosmology Comments
  1. Paul Wes

    Some Twin Peaks vibes

  2. faultfinder9

    Para viajar un rato.

  3. Jade Herman

    This song is so beautiful!

    Koen Leijten


  4. LetzterAufruf

    interesting.. never thought of this that way..

  5. Jessica Gutierrez

    Favourite song from the album

  6. Alfredo Pereira Suarez

    Gran banda! va con doble mm igual el apellido .Es la posta!

  7. Gatugatuno

    And so...wonderful. The day I have to die, I wanna be listening to this

  8. Seryigs

    so... relaxing

  9. Jack Elkington

    I Totally know what you mean :O